Tasty Trances

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Some time back, I posted about how even though we think of hypnosis triggers as primarily verbal (“Sleep” being the most common, of course), there’s actually plenty of room for other kinds of triggers out there for you to share with your entirely willing subject. I mentioned scent-based triggers, but it occurs to me that even that only covers one additional sense. There’s also taste-based triggers.


Taste is a powerful sensory cue–it’s vivid, strong and immediate, and forms instant memories. A hypnotist can use this in any number of ways. You can link trance or submission or arousal to certain flavors, like peppermint or chocolate (as with scent-based triggers, you also want to make them situational, but that’s very easy. The wonderful thing about hypnosis is that it’s done with the unconscious mind’s complete consent, so you can make very elaborate triggers for intelligent subjects and watch them work perfectly.) Not only does this make for an added erotic charge to one of the best kinds of foreplay, feeding your partner morsels of something sweet, but it also means you can do fun things like surprise your partner with a trance by slipping a harmless flavor additive into their food or drink.


You can also use this for more mundane, practical purposes if you like. If someone you’re hypnotizing drinks herbal tea to relax or caffeine to become more alert, you can use hypnosis to enhance this effect. It’ll even help kick caffeine, if done gradually, because you can link alertness with the taste of coffee and then transition them to decaf while using hypnosis to overcome the difference.


But of course, the more fun uses involve things like turning cinnamon into an aphrodisiac, giving someone a mint and watching them slip away into a deep trance (and of course, you can combine this with memory play so that they’ll never remember consciously that the mint is a trance trigger but they’ll always want to accept one when you offer) and so forth. As long as the person involved gives enthusiastic consent to having triggers placed in their mind, the sky’s the limit!

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