Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Wide Awake”!

So a small correction is in order–since Simon isn’t updating again until January 2nd, the story I teased last week (“Double Vision”) will appear on Literotica this weekend, and on the EMCSA a week from Saturday along with this week’s Sneak Peek, “Wide Awake”. Of course, if you’re one of my wonderful, amazing Early Bird Patrons, you’ll get the story this weekend instead!


The story in question, “Wide Awake” (MC MF MD), isn’t about hypnosis at all. It’s just about therapy. Lita’s up for probation, and the prison psychiatrist is working with her to help control her anger. Hypnosis doesn’t enter into it at all…


“So,” Doctor Butler said as the guard closed the door, “I was wondering what your thoughts were on attempting hypnosis.”


Lita sat down on the couch and shook her head gingerly. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, Doctor,” she said apologetically. “I just don’t feel comfortable with it. It feels weird.” She hesitated a moment. “That’s okay, right?”


Doctor Butler smiled. “It’s perfectly okay, Lita,” he replied. “I’ve already told you, I won’t hypnotize you if you don’t want me to. You can always be wide awake for me.”


Lita smiled and lay back on the couch, her eyes closing. “Oh good,” she said softly, worries she didn’t even know she had fading away instantly. “I’m so glad I can trust you.” She decided to focus her thoughts on Doctor Butler’s pendant instead of getting worked up over hypnosis that wasn’t even going to happen.


Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. anttony2016 Says:

    Hey, can you upload your stories to yourotica.net

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