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2015: The Year That Was 2015

December 27, 2015

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2015 will be over before my next blog post; this was, of course, a big year to me as it was the year I decided to resume writing mind control erotica. It was a decision a long time in the making–I never stopped wanting to write, it’s just that other things crowded it out in priorities until it slowly dropped off the list. But slowly, it crept back on. I’m not going to lie, part of what brought it back was Patreon. Knowing you have an audience–an audience who appreciates you enough to not just send you appreciative words, but to actually put their money where their mouth is and help to support you financially–it really helps on those days when you’re convinced you can’t do anything right and you’re just throwing words out there into the great big void of the Internet to be noticed by nobody. Nobody writes just for themselves. We write for you.


As a result, I’ve written twenty-eight and posted twenty-nine stories this year (and after I’m done posting this, I’m going to try to write another). It’s still a struggle some days; there are always important things that need doing, important people I need to spend time with. But I think that every writer struggles with that. I’m going to keep at it for you.


Of those twenty-nine stories, by the way, I think my personal Top Five would be “Naturally”, “Smoke From a Distant Fire”, “Georgia On My Mind”, “Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed” and “Baby Got Back”. At least, that’s what I’m picking today. It’s harder, I think, to decide what work of your own you like best, because writers are their own worst critics. But assuming you like triggers, lesbian sex, femdom hypnosis, breast enlargement, jiggling butts, lactation fetishes and masturbation, these five make a pretty good selection. And if you don’t, are you sure you’re in the right place?


But this year wasn’t just about me–I enjoyed a lot of the contributions of other authors as well on the EMCSA. A few standouts from a generally nice crowd:


The Ethical Slutmaker (and sequels): I’m always a fan of stories where mind control is used for generally “nice” motives even if the methods are somewhat morally dubious, and this series was a pretty good example of that. It’s also a good example of mind control through tactile pleasure-conditioning, which is kind of a fetish of mine, so I paid…shall we say particular attention to this one?


Absolution: I always pay attention to the red stories on the Archive–if you post something FF, you’ve got my attention for at least the first few paragraphs unconditionally. And with Madam Kistulot, a few paragraphs is usually enough to hook you. This one was incredibly hot and although it feels a little unfinished (it feels like there should be a final confrontation between all the various players) there’s so much steam in there that it definitely bears multiple reads.


Germination: Another Madam Kistulot story that I couldn’t help checking out, simply on the basis of the author, the description and the category. And it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a lovely, slow, sensuous seduction with an overtone of mind control, that turns into a serial recruitment sequence right at the end. If you’re a little squicked out by predation or bodily transformation, it may not be the thing for you (or you may want to imagine a more benevolent purpose behind the mind control than the one the story heavily implies) but this does bring the heat heavily and effortlessly.


Playing With Fire: I suppose you could say there’s an element of ego-stroking here, since the author, softi, mentions drawing inspiration from one of my old stories, but this one is just lovely in its own right. It’s a slow descent into brainwashed lesbian slavery, coupled with a serial recruitment aspect that the audience picks up on long before the poor, doomed POV character. The payoff is fantastic–the line, “You’re such an observant observer,” is guaranteed to set off starbursts behind your eyes if you’ve even got a hint of MC kink about you. I confess to reading this one pretty regularly, and squirming every single time.


Slaves to the Snake Goddess: This one is relatively recent, and I’ll admit that I include it with the caveat that I’m expecting future chapters where the mind control goes “live”, but I really liked the descriptions of a trio of college women losing their will to an old video and winding up helplessly masturbating to a recording of lesbian control. I’d like to see more of this one, which I’d say makes it worth recommending.


And that’s 2015 in the books. For 2016, I hope to provide you with fifty-two new stories (maybe more, if my Patrons come through with the next milestone!), ebooks, and more erotic enjoyment for your next 365 nights!