Liner Notes for February 2016

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And now that we’ve got my rant over with, let’s talk about February’s stories!


Kissing Disease: I saw this title on, and I immediately thought of a mind control pandemic (a trope involving a virus that causes suggestibility as one of its symptoms as it spreads, and something I haven’t made much use of in the past). I was familiar enough to know that it was a cutesy name for mono, so that pretty much locked me into a strain of an existing disease. Luckily, mono is already notorious for mostly leaving you sleepy and exhausted, so it wasn’t hard to envision a strain that had less of the other symptoms and amped up the mental fatigue to cinematic levels.


After that, I pretty much just wrote up a list of pandemic tropes, random things I wanted to see happen over the course of the story, and arranged them into a logical order so I could have Carrie go through them all as events unfolded. I knew it would go pretty dark, because pandemics generally aren’t sweetness and light, and so this is one for my ‘pathic fans. Although I really do think Carrie will be well looked after.


Skeleton Key: I was actually looking at a completely different title when I came up with the idea for this one–the mental image of someone holding a key to a woman’s lips and watching them part involuntarily was so strong that I went looking for a song with this title just so I could use it. (Luckily, many artists have made use of the phrase.) After I had the image, though, I had to come up with a reason why this woman would be with the man, why he would know about the key and she wouldn’t, and so forth. It seemed like an appraisal of estate objects fit that bill nicely. (The stuff about the mother was mostly added for verisimilitude and to make sure that you didn’t feel too bad for her over being enslaved.)


The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall: For the record, this was actually posted out of order; “Zone Out” was actually the story I wrote after “Skeleton Key”. This one came between two stories I haven’t posted yet, “Learn to Fly” and “Can I Trust You?”, but I posted it early because several other people were posting similarly-themed works that week and we wanted to make it a…breastival? Breastapalooza? Breastacular? Something like that.


Basically, what happened was that someone posted to the MCForums requesting a story where a small-breasted woman dominated a large-breasted woman. I’m not really a breast fetishist…except in the case of a very specific woman who has brainwashed me into fetishizing Her breasts **cough cough** Goddess **cough cough**…but I’m a big sucker for power dynamic inversions, and the trope of “huge hypnotic breasts” is well enough established that the idea of flipping it appealed to me. Combine that with one of my all-time favorite things, that of using sexual arousal and desire to weaken resistance, and this is what I came up with. It’s really all just a slow burn to the final scene, but I think it’s worth it.


Zone Out: As I’ve said before, I try to do a hypnotic induction script at least once every five months or so, and I was about due. Luckily, I had this title in my back pocket–it instantly evoked the entire script in my mind, the idea of hearing but not really listening and spacing out and letting the words drift in. It was very easy to write, and I think it’s one of my best inductions.


That’s all for now, enjoy another liner notes next month!

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