Why I Don’t Do Much Bimbification

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I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut. Let’s get that out of the way right now, because there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to make somebody mad with this particular blog post, and I probably shouldn’t even write it because hey, no kink shaming and you be you and I’m trying to build an audience of paying patrons and being really publicly opinionated is probably just a mistake.

But I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut, so let’s talk about why I am profoundly ambivalent about bimbification, even though the Venn diagram between “mind control kink” and “bimbification kink” is probably at 75%, easily, and I could really expand my audience by doing those kinds of stories. (A quick primer, for those of you unaware, bimbification kink is the fetishization of using mind control to permanently reduce the intelligence of a woman and convince her to undergo body modification to look stereotypically sexy.)

The best place to start is with the “no kink shaming” thing. Because I’m actually pretty much down with “no kink shaming”, even when it comes to bimbification. My problem is that bimbification is one of those places where the line between “kink” and “actual attitude about women” kind of blurs. If you have a fantasy about having a girlfriend who has trouble thinking about anything but sex? That’s your kink. If your actual play partner has a fantasy about being a woman who has trouble thinking about anything but sex? That’s her kink. If the two of you engage in consensual play where you act that out, using hypnosis to simulate reduced intelligence? That’s your mutual kink.

If you don’t like smart women because you’re only attracted to bimbos, or if you only like smart women because you’re secretly fantasizing about turning them into bimbos? That’s an actual attitude towards women, and it’s a sexist and misogynistic one.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone who’s into bimbification kink is a misogynist. But I am saying that bimbification is the kink of choice for genuinely misogynistic BDSM enthusiasts, and that those people can very easily use the protective coloration of their kink to hide those tendencies in a way that lets them prey on women. When you’ve got a whole subculture devoted to finding ways to describe women as dim-witted semen receptacles who should shut up and do as they’re told up to and including plastic surgery, how exactly do you tell when someone’s crossing the line?

These are the Doms who tell women that they don’t have a right to safeword. These are the ones who withhold affection when the submissive isn’t behaving the way they want instead of talking out the issue. These are the ones pushing for their sub to be “in scene” 24/7, or doing things in scene that weren’t discussed or agreed upon previously and not immediately stopping when asked. Basically, it’s an ugly truth that there are serial abusers hiding in the kink community because they can always use “no kink shaming” as a get-out-of-jail-free card for abuse, and they gravitate to the more extreme forms of dehumanizing kink because it gives them the most freedom to pull shit.

And so when I see bimbification on Tumblr, or in stories, or on FetLife, I always kind of wonder if that’s that person’s kink, or if they really believe that. I don’t usually have that issue with other kinks. So I don’t like it and I don’t want to encourage it. Even when I do things that tiptoe up to that line (and I have, just because by this point I’ve done damn near everything up to and including gelatinous brain colonies and a mind-control themed Gilbert and Sullivan filk) I think my ambivalence shows through. I’m not a fan of the kink because I think it’s not just a kink for some people.

(Plus, frankly, I can’t imagine wanting someone permanently dumb. What do you talk to them about after sex?)

So after years of tiptoeing around the subject and trying to be polite and not kink-shame, I’m just giving the ketchup bottle of my opinions a good old whack on the bottom and splattering it all onto the plate. I don’t like bimbification, I won’t be doing it, and I don’t really like public displays of it because they always seem to be a little too enthusiastic in their disdain for women. If this doesn’t apply to you, great! If it does, maybe avoid the scene until you can figure out why it is you feel threatened by women who are anything other than stupid and subservient? Thanks.

3 Responses to “Why I Don’t Do Much Bimbification”

  1. Archibald Baal Says:

    I agree on the “no kink shaming” bit, but for me it’s utterly simple: I don’t find dumb women hot. Period.

  2. Star Knight Abraxis Says:

    I’ve never liked bimbification because, well, I don’t find unintelligence hot. In fact, I’ve always really liked the much-harder-to-find opposite in my fiction — taking someone who’s not very bright and boosting them to genius level (along with increasing their libido and removing their sexual inhibitions, making them a wildly sexual genius, because hey, it’s still kink material). I just find it brilliant and horny so much more interesting than dumb and horny — it gives you someone to talk to before, during, and after the sex, after all!

  3. Eight Pointed Star Says:

    I think you’re over simplifying things. There’s a very clear border between lust and love. If you see someone on the street who has a body that is HOT do you love them? No of course not, they could be the worst person in the world. Fetishes, such as: mindcontrol, BSDM, bimbofication and even vore, are all sexual in nature and have little to do with actual partnership. Sure if you can find a partner who will act along with your fetish when having sex, great, but a fetish does not define a person, if it did anyone who read erotic mindcontrol stories would either expect their partner to bend to their every whim in order to act will-less, or act will-less (or something like that). I respect your opinion, but dont agree with it. Sexual preference, while playing some part, does not decide who you will love, and fetishes are simply sexual fantasies that can be acted out harmlessly during sex between willing partners.

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