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Liner Notes for April 2017

April 30, 2017

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Hi all! It’s time for my monthly Liner Notes, where I take a look at the last month’s stories on the EMCSA and tell you a little about what went into making them happen. This month has a lot of stories, because the last two weeks of March were vacation time for Simon so a lot got pushed into April. So let’s get going, shall we?

Not Listening: This one feeds into one of my favorite tropes of the genre, the idea of being oblivious to the hypnotist’s presence or their commands but obeying anyway with the firm conviction that it’s all your own idea. I’d previously done something similar with “The Quiet Type”, but I decided that this one would be much more effective if the audience knew what the hypnotist was saying but the character didn’t.

It wound up having a very ritualized structure, with every paragraph starting with the command and the denial, and then the description of her following the command in the previous paragraph. That’s no bad thing, though; there’s an element of poetry to porn in some ways (if you don’t mind my being pretentious). You’re trying to create a flow of language that stirs strong emotions, so it’s kind of natural to get some sort of rhythm going in your form.

Bobblehead: I saw this title probably about a year ago, and I knew that it would make a good story about a trigger. There are so many pervertable associations with the word, from “blank and mindless agreeability” to the action of the head during an enthusiastic blowjob, so I knew that it would fit well into a story about a young woman who’s been turned into an “open access” hypnoslave.

The main thing I wanted to convey was that Nicole, while not having free will in the subject, is certainly enjoying the things she’s been commanded to do. I think a lot of people have a fantasy like this, because it’s a way to rationalize away wanting lots of guilt-free sex (“I would totally have said no to those three or four intense sexual experiences I had today, but gosh darn it, I was hypnotized! Drat that pesky trigger of mine…”) So since it is a fantasy, I want people to be able to wish they were Nicole rather than feeling glad they’re not.

Complicated: Now this is one I’ve had in the back of my head for a very long time, probably since before the hiatus that started in 2011. I had the opening image in my head very clearly, of two people at a party being asked how they met and saying, “It’s complicated.” Because if you spend any time in kinky poly circles, you’ll quickly find that a lot of the ‘how we met’ stories do involve lots of former partners, complex social arrangements, relationship statuses that evolve and change in ways that aren’t usually ‘friends/dating/engaged/married’, and tend to involve mental relationship diagrams.

Of course, there’s a long step between “an opening image and an idea” and writing the thing out, which is why it took so long to get to doing it. But I think I’m happy with the end result, and I do think it conveys the basic premise of ‘poly relationship map as confusion induction’ that I wanted it to.

Temptation Dice: This was one of those nice, easy premises that came right along with the title. If there are dice and temptations involved, and hypnosis, then obviously it’s someone being tempted to play a dice game with a hypnotic effect. And I’ve hung around with hypno-fetishists enough to know that we love adding consensual hypnotic triggers to games and conversations, so it made perfect sense that this was a couple (or as it later evolved, friends with benefits) who were doing something fun, light-hearted, and entirely consensual with trance.

I wound up pulling out some actual dice to write the craps scene; since I knew that Josie wouldn’t be able to resist rolling until she tranced out, and I didn’t really care how many orgasms she had before then, I decided to treat it like a real game. I wound up fudging the first orgasm when it was looking like she might go all the way under without even getting one good roll, but other than that the actual dice told the story. (The final roll was a ten, by the way.)

Virus: Like many of my odd stories, this one has an odd origin. One of the people I have chatted with on Tumblr (she’s since departed) made memes about submission on behalf of her owner, which she explicitly intended to get women interested in sexual slavery and submission to a dominant man. Setting aside the YKINMK aspect of that (which takes a lot, because I really find the whole “a woman’s natural place is submitting to a man” kind of wearying more than anything else) I found it interesting that she herself got into that angle of the kink from viewing memes about sexual submission. It occurred to me that you really could see the Tumblr memes as a virus that propagated itself as a pattern of information in the victim’s head.

So I wrote it all out that way. I wanted to describe it as medically as I could, really getting the metaphor concrete and solid so that if anyone who ever read the story saw a sex-themed meme again, they would imagine it nestling inside their brain, replacing their thoughts with the viral image and making them obey it. Which is hopefully hot even if the story isn’t.

Loose Ends: This one had its origins somewhere well back in the lost mists of time, a story fragment I read (I recall it being on the MCForums and not on any story archive) about a group of heroic telepaths who stopped evil mind-controllers. The premise didn’t influence me that much, but the story opened with the older and wiser telepath explaining to the rookie that lesbian mind-controllers always accumulated more victims than men because they didn’t have to worry about how many times they could get it up in one day.

I don’t necessarily believe that would be true (and thankfully it’s not testable) but it did stick around in the back of my head, and when I saw a song called “Loose Ends” it brought that fragment back to me, along with an old story of mine called “How Far We’ve Come” which is all about a mind controller lamenting the tedium of harem management. The two things blended together to create the idea of a mind controller trying to make sure that her enslavement didn’t draw too much scrutiny (Abigail’s not concerned, of course, but mind controlling a few people now avoids having to mind control an entire FBI task force later–she’s really kind of lazy, deep down) and finding herself adding more women to her harem with every conversation simply because she’s never had to develop impulse control.

And that’s pretty much the month, folks! Join me next week for another post, and next month for another Liner Notes!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “XOXOX”!

April 27, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Loose Ends”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA for publication when Simon returns, and to Literotica for publication this weekend. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “XOXOX”! (MC FF)

Azure isn’t your typical superhero; if you listen to her, she’ll tell you she’s not a superhero at all. But she’s got super powers, the Prime Minister has just been kidnapped on a state visit to Belgium, and she happens to owe a rather large bill for damages incurred in a late-night visit to Brussels. Can she track down the missing Prime Minister? Very probably not, which is why she calls in assistance from Doctor Phobos’ ally, Eris. The two of them together might achieve what neither could separately…or they might both be in over their heads. Here’s a taste:

Azure sat up, keeping the pillow carefully positioned between her and the window, and started rummaging around for her clothes. She wondered if she was in one of the countries that got weird about nudity. It still kind of surprised her that anyone got weird about nudity–back in her universe, lusty old Queen Vic had pretty much done away with those ludicrous taboos for good, but over here they all acted like that crazy old Puritan sect she read about in History class. “Um…do you speak English?” she asked, reaching for the sweater she wore last night. It was lying in a heap on the floor with tiny fragments of safety glass tangled in the fibers. That wasn’t a good sign.

“A little,” the policeman said. “Miss Azure, yes? The British superhero?”

Azure stumbled out of bed, grabbing a pair of leggings that had a wine stain on the thigh. (Wine, right? Please say it was wine.) She fumbled around for the wrist comlink she knew had to be around somewhere. “I’m not a ‘superhero’,” she said wearily. “I’m a podiatrist who keeps getting stuck in the middle of somebody else’s bad life decisions, okay?”

The policeman looked blank. “Sorry?” he said, perplexed.

She found the comlink, buried under a pile of men’s clothing that brought up vague memories of some life decisions of her own that she probably wouldn’t be proud of, once she fully remembered what they were. The piece of complex technology had seen better days; it looked like a piece of modeling clay that had been squeezed by a particularly petulant child. She had a sudden flashback to getting a call in the middle of the night and dismissing it with maybe a little more force than was necessary. “I’m Azure, yes,” she grumbled. “What do you want?”

The policeman smiled. Azure could tell he was about to ask her for help with something. “If you could please come with me, Miss Azure?” he said, gesturing toward the door. “The Prime Minister of Belgium wishes to speak with you.”

Azure staggered toward the door, wishing she had the kind of superpowers that let her metabolize alcohol faster. “I hope that means I’m in Belgium,” she muttered to herself. “Otherwise the Liberty Squad is really going to be pissed at me.”

Hope you enjoy it!

Character Bible: Adventure Girl

April 23, 2017

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my character bibles, so let’s take a quick look at a regular hero in my comic book adventures…Adventure Girl!

Adventure Girl

Real Name: Samantha Steele

Physical Appearance: Adventure Girl is a Caucasian woman, approximately 5’6″ in height and 110 pounds in weight. She has long dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes (the use of her “venture-powers” generates a very mild glow that makes her hair appear ash-blonde, helping her to conceal her identity). Her body is slender and athletic, small-breasted and narrow-hipped, and she generally looks younger than her actual age by a few years. In her superheroic identity, she wears a white spandex outfit with blue boots and gloves, and a blue skirt with white stars over it. She wears a red cape with two rows of white stars along the outer edges. In her civilian identity, she tends to dress in designer fashions, and affects an interest in clothing to distract people from her abilities.

History: Samantha Steele was the daughter of shipping magnate Jebediah Steele, and as a result grew up in a life of sheltered privilege just outside of Atlanta. Her mother passed away when she was only a child, though, and with her father frequently absent, Samantha found herself mostly raised by the family servants. She grew up helping out with chores simply to avoid boredom, and wound up refreshingly unspoiled and competent compared to the other young debutantes in her social circle.

Nonetheless, she was a deb, and was expected to participate in the debutante’s ball along with the other daughters of the wealthy and powerful. This led to a strange shift in her destiny, as Doctor Darke kidnapped the girls to lure the Rescuer into a trap. He siphoned off the Rescuer’s superpowers with an artifact known as the Parallax Key, which stored them inside itself, and imprisoned the Rescuer along with the young women he’d come to rescue. Most of the girls used this as an excuse to collapse into despair, but Samantha decided that the Rescuer needed her help. She assisted him in breaking out of the cell, and infiltrating the science lab where Darke stored the Key until he could find a way to safely transfer its powers into himself.

When they were discovered, Darke took Samantha as a hostage to prevent the Rescuer from accessing the Key. Deciding that she would rather be dead than allow Darke to kill the Rescuer and take his powers, Samantha Steele firmly gripped the Parallax Key with both hands and allowed its energies to flow into her. Instead of being disintegrated, though, she took on a number of superpowers similar to the Rescuer, and used them to defeat Darke, restore the Rescuer’s powers, and destroy the Parallax Key. Ever since, she has operated as Adventure Girl.

Originally, she worked in secret, revealing herself only to the Rescuer so that he could tutor her in using her new powers. The two of them worked side by side against a number of villains, but when Doctor Darke returned and brainwashed her using the Pendant of Persephone (“All She Wants to Do Is Dance”), she wound up briefly becoming lovers with both Darke and the Rescuer. Stung by the way both men took advantage of her diminished ability to consent, she has avoided romantic entanglements since. Even when the Rescuer proposed her for membership in the Liberty Squad, she still did not entirely forgive him, speaking privately with each of the other members to make sure that the offer was a genuine reflection of her skills and not merely a way to make amends. Having satisfied herself that it was bona fide, she joined the Liberty Squad and has been assisting them ever since.

Personality: Samantha Steele tends, in her civilian identity, to affect the same sort of grace, charm and complete inability to cope with even the slightest challenges that many associate with the “Southern belle” stereotype. She pretends an interest in fashion, young men, and social occasions. Only her close friends are allowed to see the determination and kindness behind this facade, and even they are unaware that she fights crime under the identity of Adventure Girl. In her superheroic identity, she feels free to show her true personality, empathetic and kind yet utterly relentless in her pursuit of justice.

She has developed a certain phobia regarding magic and telepathy, as while her body is nigh-invulnerable, she retains the thought processes of an ordinary woman in her early twenties and one of her few weaknesses is mind control. She also retains the normal sex drive of a young woman in her early twenties, which has historically not helped her to resist many of the means used to control her mind. However, when not influenced by supervillains into surrendering her self-control, she has proved to be a devastatingly capable combatant and has never let any struggle get the better of her for long.

Unique Abilities: Adventure Girl’s body has, as mentioned above, been transformed into a repository for a vast and seemingly inexhaustible supply of cosmic energy by the artifact known as the Parallax Key This energy gives her virtually limitless strength, speed, endurance and durability, as well as the ability to fly and to project beams of heat from her eyes (her so-called “venture vision”). She also has improved sensory capabilities, able to attune her senses to events both distant and extraordinarily small. The limits of her abilities are scarcely measurable save by comparison to other equally-cosmic entities, but it does appear that she is slightly faster and more agile than the Rescuer but slightly less strong.

Virtually no known entity within the laws of physics has been able to affect her, with the exception of the rare and difficult to produce compound known as “xenonite” (Xe2O) which, due to xenon’s status as a noble gas, can only be created under very specific conditions that virtually never occur in nature. Xenonite, which generally forms as a crystalline solid, interrupts the connection between Adventure Girl’s body and her cosmic energies, weakening her (and potentially killing him in sufficient quantities).

In addition, forces outside of the laws of physics (“magic”) can affect her, as these things operate on a symbolic and abstract level and not the mundane rules we know. Adventure Girl must always be careful when magic is involved.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Act Appalled”!

April 20, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week, albeit in a slightly complicated fashion due to Simon’s well-deserved vacation–“Virus”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA for publication when Simon returns, and to Literotica for publication this weekend. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Act Appalled”! (MC MF MD)

Sue has to tell Allie all the details of George’s shocking behavior on the class trip they chaperoned together. But as with any story, everyone always tells it the way they want to remember it. And everyone hears exactly what they want to hear. Here’s a taste:

“Busy day, huh?” George said, his voice seeming a little bit louder as it broke the stillness of the room.

She looked up at him, slightly confused. “Um…I mean, not any more than you’d expect, I…um…why do you ask?” She tried to get her voice back under control, conscious of the slight tremble to her fingers as they held the warm ceramic mug. She didn’t know why she was so nervous. She had agreed to this. She knew what it meant to be here with him. Didn’t she?

Unable to hold the stare, she looked back down at the hot chocolate, still swirling slightly in the mug. Clouds of foam drifted past her eyes in a lazy spiral.

“Well,” said George, seemingly oblivious to her nervous tension, “it’s just that you look tired. Your eyes look a little bit heavy, and you keep drooping your head down to stare at the floor, and I thought that you might have had one of those long, exhausting days. You know, the kind where all you really want to do once it’s over is zone out and not really think about anything in particular.” He chuckled. “Maybe just stare at the cocoa and let your mind wander.”

Hope you enjoy it!

Is It Hypnosis?

April 16, 2017

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It should be obvious by now that I take a lot of liberties with hypnosis in my stories. Let’s face it, we’re all in this for the fantasy of control more than the actuality of control–if you want that, there’s a convention coming up this July. So I don’t generally concern myself with whether something is genuinely plausible or just a fun idea. But just for the heck of it, let’s look back at a few of my stories, in chronological order, and discuss how believable the mind control actually is. (Sticking to the hypnosis ones, of course. It goes without saying that magical genies who can grant you the wish to be irresistibly charismatic isn’t that likely.)

I Melt With You: There are definitely parts of this that are plausible; an erotic massage could definitely make for a very good hypnotic induction. It’s relaxing, it’s pleasurable, it gets you focused more on touch and less on thought; it’s probably not something you’ll see in a therapist’s practice, but there are reasons that “person goes in for massage and gets brainwashed” is such a common trope.

The actual suggestions, though, are less likely, at least in the timeframe involved. I think it is possible to condition someone to enjoy doing something in the bedroom that they wouldn’t have originally thought of as enjoyable, but I think it takes more than one quick induction and then a little reinforcement while playing with their genitals. To say nothing of the later suggestions of female supremacy and apologizing to an ex. The suggestions take way too quickly and too deeply to call this one accurate.

Mickey: This one is a slightly harder one to judge, because it’s a computer hypnosis program, and…no, it’s really not. There are plenty of online programs that will make you any kind of spiral or pattern or visual you want, and give you all the suggestions you can type in there, and none of them are any more reliable than natural hypnosis, none of them can override your free will and force you into a trance state, and none of them can give you irresistible suggestions.

That said, it might be possible to disassociate yourself through long-term, repeated hypnosis sessions to create another personality, but you know what? I’m not going to recommend testing this, because it would be a terrible idea. It’s definitely inaccurate as written, though.

Who Can It Be Now?: This is another one where the timeframe is probably too compressed but the idea isn’t at all impossible. I certainly think that although it would be highly unethical to do so, you could lull someone into a hypnotic state without them realizing it. The dictation induction is probably believable even if I don’t intend to try it and I don’t think anyone else should either. And it is pretty clear that Clara spends quite a while conditioning Danielle to obey her. Again, this is a gray area, because you can’t really test something like, “How long would it take you to make someone a completely obedient slave using hypnosis even if they were resisting you?” because UGGGGGH.

But of course, the story comes down on the side of it not being possible at the end. It realistically depicts the idea that total, complete control would probably be impossible as well as unethical. Danielle snaps out of it, and resists going back under once her conscious and subconscious mind agree that it’s not what she wants. So there’s that then.

One Way or Another: Again, the idea of a stealthy induction is probably more realizable than any of us want to admit or are willing to try. Trance is a natural state of consciousness that we spend a lot of our day in without even realizing it, and it feels nice to be hypnotized. If your conscious mind is off-guard, it may be possible to get your unconscious mind on board with the idea of trance…although I can’t state enough that people SHOULDN’T.

Likewise, the story accurately depicts someone in a trance state getting a suggestion that they don’t actually want to follow and suddenly waking up in a state of high dudgeon. So for the first little while it’s probably depicting very accurate hypnosis indeed. It’s only the ending, where Stacy goes back under for the fortuneteller instead of breaking his nose, that it falls down on plausibility. (But really, how sexy would that be?)

(Um. Don’t answer that.)

A Question of Time: This is…depressingly plausible. Burke quickly moves to establish an authoritative, dominant relationship with Maggie, he puts her off-balance early by establishing that he knows about her sexual fetishes, he sets up a scenario in which she has to trust him implicitly for a long period of time, and then he proceeds to isolate her from her social network and put her through a lot of intense hypnosis that plays on her kink and her fantasies. All while establishing a good chunk of Stockholm Syndrome to boot. Depending on how long they’re “on the run”, he almost doesn’t really need hypnosis to make her feel psychologically dependent on him.

Again, not that I want this to happen to anyone (and setting aside the fact that whether or not the hypnosis is plausible, the plot isn’t–the sad realities of human trafficking are much more bleak and dependent on threats of violence than on sinister hypnotists who spend long months artisanally brainwashing their hand-picked victims). But could hypnosis achieve this kind of effect in this kind of situation? Yeah, probably. Which is why you should always be careful with your submissive’s minds. They deserve to be treated well.

I may visit some more stories later, but with over 300, you can understand that I’ll have to break it up into chunks. See you next week with another blog post, though!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Soft Kitty Warm Kitty”!

April 13, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Temptation Dice”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Soft Kitty Warm Kitty”! (MC FF)

Paige and Izzy have finally moved out from their respective families’ homes, and moved in together. Which means that they can finally express their feelings for each other…as well as a few very specific kinks that they never had the chance to enjoy when they had to worry about their parents walking in on them. Here’s a taste:

Paige came back into the room. Her clothing didn’t. Izzy was so excited she didn’t even know where to stare first for a moment, but Paige solved that problem pretty quickly. “Look what I found for you, kitten!” she cooed, holding out a wand with a small clump of feathers dangling at the end of it. And suddenly all the anxiety and nervousness and fear in Izzy’s mind simply fell away as she watched the little brown birdie sway and dance at the end of the line.

It wasn’t exactly gone, of course. There was still a part of Izzy that felt ashamed–not just ashamed but embarrassed at finding such an absurd fetish so unbelievably fucking hot–but it was already receding into the dim, distant recesses of Izzy’s mind. Paige had found her favorite kitty toy. Izzy was watching it dance and wriggle at the end of the line. Everything else seemed less and less important with each passing moment as her eyes helplessly followed its movements.

“That’s my good kitty,” Paige said softly, her eyes shining with excitement. “That’s my good little Izzy-kitten.” Her reaction helped steady Izzy’s mind and soften her thoughts into a state of peace and calm. Paige didn’t seem to think it was silly that she wished she was a cat. Paige wanted Izzy to be a good little kitten. Paige wanted Izzy’s mind to melt into a fuzzy, purring, eager little ball of fur, and knowing that made it so much easier to simply let it happen.

Hope you enjoy it!

To Get What You’re Looking For, Look For Something Else

April 9, 2017

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Recently there’s been something of a…kerfuffle, possibly even at some point to be upgraded to a fracas but let’s hope not…in the erotic hypnosis community regarding a post on FetLife (link requires membership) where someone asked first how to get female hypnotists “to be more available for men seeking women hypnotists?”, later rephrased to “I wonder how we can make more of them”. Needless to say, this elicited some discussion, most of which centered on the commodification of women in the scene and the lack of awareness involved in the original post when it came to the way entitled subs demand hypnosis from any woman who lets it slip that she knows how to perform such an act.

And of course, grasping the wrong end of the stick even tighter, the original poster said, “But what about the “nice guy” who doesn’t do that stuff and is now paying the price for the errors of others??? Any words of advice for that guy?” (Which, I’ve been seeing ‘nice guy’ used in a pejorative sense to describe someone who is only nice when they think they can get something out of it, especially in the context of sex and romance, for at least a decade now and it’s hard to comprehend someone who still thinks it can be unironically used without bringing along a whole fucking assload of connotations about entitled guys thinking that merely being polite to a woman somehow gives them free access to her body, especially in a conversation that’s specifically about entitled guys wanting to know how to get women to be “more available” to them…)

And let’s be clear–the only person having this problem is the Nice Guy. That Guy. This is not a problem that is universal to submissive men, because submissive men who are genuinely decent instead of performatively “nice” to people they want to sleep with really don’t have a problem finding women who are enthusiastic about hypnotizing them and dominating them. Because you give off different social cues when you’re doing something because you want to be friendly and helpful than you do when you’re insincerely making a huge show of how “nice” you’re being because you’re hoping to earn Sex Tokens from the only woman you’re paying attention to right now, and it’s far more obvious than Nice Guys think it is. In short–if you’re having absolutely no luck finding someone to hypnotize you in a social scene exclusively geared toward that shared interest, it is time to accept that the issue is not with every single woman in the general vicinity.

But as it happens, I do still have some advice for That Guy! Because that’s who I am. I’m a giver. My advice is very simple. GIVE UP.

Now, I don’t mean that in the harsh, “You are a jerk and a loser and you will die alone and unloved” sense. (Well, I don’t mean it entirely in that sense…) But I do mean that as long as you are bound and determined to see every woman as a potential play partner, romantic figure, Domme, Mistress, what have you, and you focus your interactions with them toward the goal of making that happen, it’s going to utterly repel every woman you come in contact with. Nobody likes to be seen as your Fill in the Blank, and if you’re treating every woman as a potential sex partner, then you’re basically saying you don’t care who meets your sexual needs so long as they get met. This is not an attractive prospect.

The solution really is to just stop. Not just “stop doing it until you find a better woman,” not just “stop doing it until you’ve put in enough Niceness Coins that candy comes out of her vagina”, but actually stop looking for romance/sex/hypnosis/kink completely and totally and treat it like it’s unimportant, unachievable, and unworthy of being your goal. Forget it. Leave it behind. Throw it away and don’t look back, and just treat the kink scene as you would any other social interest or gathering.

Now that doesn’t mean lying about who you are and what you like. Nobody’s going to be convinced if you tell them that you just came to NEEHU for the free cookies. You can tell people that you’re submissive, you can tell them that you’re straight, you can tell them that you’ve been associating hypnosis and sex ever since you were twelve and got funny feelings when you read ‘The Silver Chair’. But that’s just sharing something about yourself as a person with people who share that common interest.

Note that last bit: “person” and “people”. Talk to guys. Talk to women. Talk to people who fall elsewhere along the gender spectrum and get comfortable with the fact that a spectrum exists for gender identity and sexual orientation. Don’t exclusively latch onto the conversations of the woman in any group, don’t exclusively latch onto the attention of the woman in any group conversation. Get comfortable with making platonic friends regardless of their gender with no expectation of anything beyond friendship. (Good Lord if I could I would make that flash like a neon sign.)

And for fucksake, don’t just talk. Listen. Pay attention to what other people are talking to you about, get to know them as people, engage with them on their interests as well as yours. Try doing things they like to do (not sexual things–things like “eat Thai food”, or “read about art history”). Don’t do things just to impress them or please them; it’s okay to say, “Oh, art history isn’t really my thing, I’m more into military history.” But do do them to broaden your horizons, expand your worldview, and maybe find a new thing that excites and interests you. Open up your mind to what other people are willing to share with you, instead of demanding they conform to your favorite things.

And if you do all that, at some point, maybe, one of those people you’re talking to and listening to will really click with you. You’ll seek them out in a room when you see them, and better still, they’ll come looking for you. You’ll spend a lot of time just hanging out and chatting and enjoying each other’s company. And at some point, one of those people might say, “Remember how you said you were submissive? I haven’t been able to get that out of my mind…” And then you’ll find all sorts of fun things happening from there.

But the best part of this advice? Even if that doesn’t happen, you’ll probably find a lot of good friends and fun times anyway. Try getting that from a pick-up artist book.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Quiver and Quake”!

April 6, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Complicated”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Quiver and Quake”! (MC)

As is every so often the case, this is a pure induction piece, intended to be read aloud to a willing partner in order to induce a hypnotic state. It uses seismographic imagery (no actual earthquakes, but if someone is phobic about such things this may induce a little too much anxiety to work properly) and contains suggestions to disrobe, masturbate, and go under more easily to the same induction through repetition (which generally happens anyway but hey). It is entirely gender-neutral and can be used by folk who are trans or non-binary as well as cisfolk. And, you know, I think I did a really good job with it and it’s hot and I think you’ll like it. Here’s a taste:

“Because as you watch that stylus, tracing an unbroken line along the endless roll of graph paper, you’ll notice that already the arm is moving a little less. The peaks and the valleys are growing a little bit more shallow as you center your attention on the device itself and focus your mind on watching the arc it traces along the smooth, flowing paper. The line on the paper is tracing the shape of your thoughts, after all, and the more attention you pay to that line, the less you think about other thoughts and the smoother the line becomes. And the more you notice the line smoothing out, the less you think about anything else.

“You may notice a few spikes every now and again, as you find yourself excited by the anticipation of going into a deep, hypnotic trance for me. But those spikes aren’t things you’re feeling anymore. They’re things you’re watching. You can observe your thoughts with calm, peaceful detachment and allow them to pass by, rolling along until they’re curled up in the nested loops of the drum. Captured and held and out of sight, the same way your attention is captured by the slow and steady motion of the stylus.

Hope you enjoy it!

Fixated on Fixations

April 1, 2017

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One of the best things about hypnosis, at least for someone who’s visual like me, is the fixation induction. There’s something so wonderful about the idea of locking my eyes on something compelling and just staring in blank, blissful happiness as the voice of the hypnotist curls in around my thoughts like sweet smoke and ensnares me without my even noticing it. (And it’s about this point that it occurs to me that writing this at 12:30 in the morning might have been a mistake.)

Of course, anything can be a focus for a fixation induction–a good hypnotist can use their tone to coax someone into paying special attention to just about anything, and once you get to a certain point it sort of takes off and it doesn’t matter what they’re ostensibly looking at because they’re not really seeing it anyway. I’ve seen someone literally go under to the sight of a ham sandwich. But there are a few classics I love more than any others.

Spirals, for example. The spiral is the classic hypnotic zapper, to the point where I know quite a few hypnosubs who simply…stop. When presented with a moving spiral image. I’m not quite that bad; most of the time, if there’s no one to take advantage of it, I let it draw my eye for a second or two and move on. But if there is someone to take advantage of it, well…Goddess didn’t even need to use an actual spiral, the first time She tranced me. She just told me to stare at a spot on the wall and imagine a spiral, and I went under in less than a minute.

Goddess has also used the pendulum fixation, or as it’s more commonly known, the “sparkly thing dangling just above eye level” fixation. She’s done crystals (shiny and sparkly faceted), crystals (veined polished stone) pocket watches (Thrall blogged about the time She hypnotized both of us with the same watch because if you were going to give someone their first ever hypnotic experience, you have to go with the classics), and a really nice pendant/necklace that has a tiny pocket watch at the end to neatly straddle all sorts of categories.

And of course there’s my all time favorite kind of fixation, the body part fixation induction. It’s the home of the classic “Look into my eyes…” hypnosis, which is always OMG hot to do and to have done (Goddess has the most beautiful eyes, I could stare into them for hours…well, no I couldn’t, because after about five minutes it always gets too hard to keep my eyelids from drifting shut, but I still see them in my mind even after my eyes close…) But it also includes fixation on your favorite erogenous zone (breasts, buttocks, cock, pussy, feet, whatever turns you on) which feels like such a sexy way of hypnotizing someone because they’re literally staring at something that keeps their mind firmly focused on sex while you hypnotize them for erotic purposes, which just feels like the best kind of synergy.

But the best thing about fixation inductions is that the sky’s the limit. (Clouds! Hey…) Seriously, as long as it’s attention-catching, you can hypnotize someone with it…again, as long as they’re willing, DUH…so you can play around with whatever is interesting to look at. Your watch, your finger, the test pattern on a TV screen, anything your imagination brings to mind. And if you keep using the same thing, it’ll just keep working better and better as the subject gets more and more accustomed to expecting it to hypnotize them. And really, isn’t that the best part of the best thing of one of the best things about hypnosis?