Character Bible: Adventure Girl

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my character bibles, so let’s take a quick look at a regular hero in my comic book adventures…Adventure Girl!

Adventure Girl

Real Name: Samantha Steele

Physical Appearance: Adventure Girl is a Caucasian woman, approximately 5’6″ in height and 110 pounds in weight. She has long dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes (the use of her “venture-powers” generates a very mild glow that makes her hair appear ash-blonde, helping her to conceal her identity). Her body is slender and athletic, small-breasted and narrow-hipped, and she generally looks younger than her actual age by a few years. In her superheroic identity, she wears a white spandex outfit with blue boots and gloves, and a blue skirt with white stars over it. She wears a red cape with two rows of white stars along the outer edges. In her civilian identity, she tends to dress in designer fashions, and affects an interest in clothing to distract people from her abilities.

History: Samantha Steele was the daughter of shipping magnate Jebediah Steele, and as a result grew up in a life of sheltered privilege just outside of Atlanta. Her mother passed away when she was only a child, though, and with her father frequently absent, Samantha found herself mostly raised by the family servants. She grew up helping out with chores simply to avoid boredom, and wound up refreshingly unspoiled and competent compared to the other young debutantes in her social circle.

Nonetheless, she was a deb, and was expected to participate in the debutante’s ball along with the other daughters of the wealthy and powerful. This led to a strange shift in her destiny, as Doctor Darke kidnapped the girls to lure the Rescuer into a trap. He siphoned off the Rescuer’s superpowers with an artifact known as the Parallax Key, which stored them inside itself, and imprisoned the Rescuer along with the young women he’d come to rescue. Most of the girls used this as an excuse to collapse into despair, but Samantha decided that the Rescuer needed her help. She assisted him in breaking out of the cell, and infiltrating the science lab where Darke stored the Key until he could find a way to safely transfer its powers into himself.

When they were discovered, Darke took Samantha as a hostage to prevent the Rescuer from accessing the Key. Deciding that she would rather be dead than allow Darke to kill the Rescuer and take his powers, Samantha Steele firmly gripped the Parallax Key with both hands and allowed its energies to flow into her. Instead of being disintegrated, though, she took on a number of superpowers similar to the Rescuer, and used them to defeat Darke, restore the Rescuer’s powers, and destroy the Parallax Key. Ever since, she has operated as Adventure Girl.

Originally, she worked in secret, revealing herself only to the Rescuer so that he could tutor her in using her new powers. The two of them worked side by side against a number of villains, but when Doctor Darke returned and brainwashed her using the Pendant of Persephone (“All She Wants to Do Is Dance”), she wound up briefly becoming lovers with both Darke and the Rescuer. Stung by the way both men took advantage of her diminished ability to consent, she has avoided romantic entanglements since. Even when the Rescuer proposed her for membership in the Liberty Squad, she still did not entirely forgive him, speaking privately with each of the other members to make sure that the offer was a genuine reflection of her skills and not merely a way to make amends. Having satisfied herself that it was bona fide, she joined the Liberty Squad and has been assisting them ever since.

Personality: Samantha Steele tends, in her civilian identity, to affect the same sort of grace, charm and complete inability to cope with even the slightest challenges that many associate with the “Southern belle” stereotype. She pretends an interest in fashion, young men, and social occasions. Only her close friends are allowed to see the determination and kindness behind this facade, and even they are unaware that she fights crime under the identity of Adventure Girl. In her superheroic identity, she feels free to show her true personality, empathetic and kind yet utterly relentless in her pursuit of justice.

She has developed a certain phobia regarding magic and telepathy, as while her body is nigh-invulnerable, she retains the thought processes of an ordinary woman in her early twenties and one of her few weaknesses is mind control. She also retains the normal sex drive of a young woman in her early twenties, which has historically not helped her to resist many of the means used to control her mind. However, when not influenced by supervillains into surrendering her self-control, she has proved to be a devastatingly capable combatant and has never let any struggle get the better of her for long.

Unique Abilities: Adventure Girl’s body has, as mentioned above, been transformed into a repository for a vast and seemingly inexhaustible supply of cosmic energy by the artifact known as the Parallax Key This energy gives her virtually limitless strength, speed, endurance and durability, as well as the ability to fly and to project beams of heat from her eyes (her so-called “venture vision”). She also has improved sensory capabilities, able to attune her senses to events both distant and extraordinarily small. The limits of her abilities are scarcely measurable save by comparison to other equally-cosmic entities, but it does appear that she is slightly faster and more agile than the Rescuer but slightly less strong.

Virtually no known entity within the laws of physics has been able to affect her, with the exception of the rare and difficult to produce compound known as “xenonite” (Xe2O) which, due to xenon’s status as a noble gas, can only be created under very specific conditions that virtually never occur in nature. Xenonite, which generally forms as a crystalline solid, interrupts the connection between Adventure Girl’s body and her cosmic energies, weakening her (and potentially killing him in sufficient quantities).

In addition, forces outside of the laws of physics (“magic”) can affect her, as these things operate on a symbolic and abstract level and not the mundane rules we know. Adventure Girl must always be careful when magic is involved.

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