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Liner Notes for August 2017

August 27, 2017

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Technically speaking, I usually wait until the first week of the new month to talk about the stories I wrote last month. But next week is going to be a little bit hectic due to a trip I’m taking (don’t worry, I’ve already submitted next week’s story) so I figured, why not do it now? The stories are all out already, and who knows what I’ll have time to write when I’m dealing with air travel. So with that in mind, let’s get started!

Head Games: I think this could be one of the longest gestation periods ever for a story in my head, and it starts with a T-shirt. A long time ago, Goddess had a shirt printed to wear to cons that had a hypnotic induction on it in really tiny letters. People would come up to Her, read Her shirt, and get a little wobbly to varying degrees, depending on their inclination for wanting to be tranced right that second. And it planted the idea of someone tricking someone else into repeatedly reading a hypnotic induction under a pretext of some sort. Since I enjoy board games, I gravitated to some sort of homemade game.

That was back in…2007? Possibly 2008? And it just sat there in my head, complete with the name of the game company (“Brian Shaw” is an anagram for “Brainwash”, natch) for years because I didn’t know how to do the trancey language properly. And then one day, it all just sort of unknotted in my head, I had a perfect image of the board and the scenario, and I wrote it all out in a scant few hours. And I think it’s one of my better stories, to be honest. (And I’d love to have it as an actual board game for playing at kink cons, with willing participants.)

P.T.A.: This one was very straightforward. I saw the title, and immediately imagined an organization with the same acronym as Parent/Teacher Association, but a very different purpose. I knew it would be a very Stepford-y outfit, because I wanted to contrast the connotation of “PTA mom” with the look of very ornamental women, and I knew it would involve a mental conversion by the end. The rest was mostly detail work, things like coming up with the acronym’s meaning, coming up with the method of control, and creating a scenario where someone new would walk in on the meeting (and I’m kind of proud of my character work here–I want every EMC story I write to be the story of a unique person, even if they end up being identical to all the other brainwashed slaves at the end). Oh, and lampshading the story’s obvious inspirations by having the character be all too aware of the women’s resemblance to Stepford Wives.

Opal Mantra: This was a commission from one of my Patrons, who asked specifically for a fixation induction with a lot of resistance, ideally one that brought back the Domme from “Doesn’t Really Matter”. Which surprised me, because I kind of thought that story was a bit of a damp squib when I wrote it, but sometimes for every negative reaction I hear about, there are tons of people silently getting off to my work.

I went with second-person, a pretty rare choice for me, because I wanted the twist to be that it wasn’t an omniscient narrator telling the story to the reader but was in fact one woman telling the story to another. I think it wound up very hot, a real improvement on its parent story.

Up All Night: This one didn’t sit in my head quite as long as “Head Games”, but it was definitely a slow burn. The germ of the idea started in 2009, after an incident I’ve blogged about before–I was attending a convention while adjusting my sleep schedule from days to nights, and Goddess assisted the process with several micro-trances that functioned like naps and kept me from falling over. At the time, Goddess joked about how easy it would be to implant deep, personality-altering suggestions if She was the sort of person to do that.

That joke obviously stuck with me, because here it is 2017, and I’ve written a story about someone undergoing fairly intense sleep deprivation, and another person “helping” them by using micro-trances to keep them from falling over while secretly implanting deep, personality-altering suggestions. Because fictional people don’t need to have ethics, and fantasies about being unwittingly turned into a sex slave are much hotter than the real thing. I did do some extensive edits to make the progression more gradual–there’s a whole scene in the final story that wasn’t in the rough draft because I thought Justine jumped from “gosh, he is kind of cute” to “I’m naked and masturbating” a bit quickly. I think it’s better for the changes.

And that’s this month’s Liner Notes–I’ll be back with at least a perfunctory post next week, probably about how terrible airports are, and back next month with another set of Liner Notes!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Zero Dumb Game”!

August 24, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Up All Night”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Zero Dumb Game” (MC MF MD FD)!

Shanna and her twin sister Meg have a very special gift they share, a gift that can amplify their will and intellect and make them powerfully, hypnotically charismatic. Of course, the problem with sharing your will and intellect is that there’s always going to be a winner and a loser. And as Shanna has found out one too many times, Meg is very bad at sharing. Here’s a taste:

A dizzying lurch in the back of her head told Shanna that if she didn’t stop fuming and start fighting, she was going to be spending the rest of the night trying to remember which side of the glass to drink from. She pictured the bond between her and Meg in her head, envisioning it as a thick rope that stretched through some other kind of space to connect them on a level that nobody else could see. Then she imagined herself, digging her feet in and pulling as hard as she could. The tugging sensation diminished, but it didn’t go away. Meg was too stubborn for that.

And too sober. That was part of what was making Shanna so genuinely furious–Meg knew she was going out drinking tonight, she knew that Shanna was going to have be vulnerable, and she either didn’t care or deliberately took advantage. Shanna hated not being able to trust her sister, not when they were stuck together for life like this. She hated not being able to let her guard down and enjoy herself without worrying about whether some essential part of her intellect and personality was going to be dragged kicking and screaming out of her physical body to join her sister in her attempt to convince Paul Stanhope to go down on her.

And Jesus, would it kill Meg to just find guys who liked eating pussy without superhuman charisma and willpower smothering their normal thought process?

Hope you enjoy it!

“Subject to Conditions”

August 20, 2017

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I just got a question from a Tumblr user, and the answer frankly wound up turning into a blog post due to length and complexity. So I figured, hey! Why not also make it my blog post for the week? (The answer, “Because that’s sooooo fucking lazy,” will not be accepted.) Here’s the question and the response:

fractionatedpenguins said:
How did you go from inexperienced trancee, to experienced subject, or (if you don’t feel like an ‘experienced subject’) to where you are today?

Mostly I got hypnotized a lot. Being a hypnotic subject is a lot like being a hypnotist, you get better at it the more you practice. My first hypnotic experience was probably sometime in late 2000, early 2001, going under to a sample induction on a website. I wasn’t sure it worked, because I didn’t follow the instructions (which were to subscribe to the site and buy more recordings, he says, tsking back through the years) but I did notice something was happening. I felt calm and relaxed listening to the voice and watching the graphic, like I couldn’t look away, and I found myself wanting to experience more.

After that, I moved to live trances over chat. I started talking to people in the erotic hypnosis community, whom I usually found through forums and chatrooms and Yahoo groups (yes, you can now officially tell that this was when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and I chatted with them about hypnosis. I don’t think I had any particular “game” in terms of getting people to hypnotize me; I think I was polite, I was respectful, I was someone whose stories they might have seen and enjoyed, and frankly other people want to hypnotize as much as I want to be hypnotized. Some of those people were good hypnotists, others not so much, but you can learn as much from a trance attempt that doesn’t work as one that does.

When I was being hypnotized by another person, I definitely noticed that I was following instructions when I was in that state of being intensely focused on their words, and I may have vacillated around then over whether I was really being hypnotized or whether I just wanted to be, but as I formed more connections with the erotic hypnosis community and met my Goddess @ladyruetha​ I started to learn more about what was going on in my head when I went into trance, and found out that some of the things that I thought were signs of “faking it” (not always obeying every suggestion, not always feeling sleepy, not forgetting my trances) were really perfectly normal.

At that point, it moved to phone trances with Goddess (less the framing sequence, my story “Feels Like the First Time” is about as accurate a recounting of that first experience with Her voice that I could produce) and found that the experiences were more intense, that I could go deeper, and that I really could be induced deep enough to experience triggers and anchors and post-hypnotic suggestions and all the things that trance junkies fantasize about. My first in-person trance followed a few months later, and it was even better.

And that was in September 2001. Let me stress again, I’ve been hypnotized a lot. Goddess alone probably averages out to a live trance every two to three days plus near-constant recordings for years (there was a two-year period where I listened to Her voice on an endless loop every night while I slept). And that’s for almost two decades. That’s a lot of time going into trance. (Honestly, that’s a lot of time doing anything, really.)

Now, does that make me an ‘experienced subject’? Yes, probably. I mean, I have experience, and it’s in being a subject. So yes. 🙂 But I don’t want people to think that being a subject is a competitive thing, something where you’re constantly looking at other subs and saying, “Why can’t I do that?” The thing to keep in mind with hypnosis, on both sides of the watch, is that there are really only two levels of expertise: Not Enough to Do What You Want to Do, and Enough to Do What You Want to Do. As a subject, of course you’re going to want to work with hypnotists who can teach you techniques that help your brain do what you want it to do (and once you know, you’ll be amazed at how much of the work of the hypnotist is being done by your brain).

But the important thing is that if you’re experienced enough and expert enough to get out of hypnosis what you want out of hypnosis, then you’re doing it right and you don’t need to get “better”. It’s okay if you never experience a sensory hallucination or a period of missing time if that’s not what you’re into. It’s all right if you never wind up thinking you’re a cat if you’re not into petplay. It’s fine if you never have a hypnotic orgasm if you’re not in this for the hypnotic orgasms, although really you’d be a rarity if you weren’t because hello, hypnotic orgasms. (But being a rarity is no bad thing. It’s not like people love gold because it’s common.) As long as you’re getting enjoyment out of hypnosis, you’re the perfect hypnotic subject already. And hopefully that’s a pretty easy thing to do.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Xenophilia”!

August 17, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–”Opal Mantra”, which was not teased previously as an Early Bird story because that was the week I was at a con and my schedule went **SQUISH**, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting a new story, “Xenophilia”! (MC MF MD HU)

The conquest of Earth by the Adacian Empire, long planned and eagerly awaited, has finally begun. Lord Xaurkoth’s robotic servitors have chosen the perfect victim for him to bend to his will, the first of his slaves in the campaign to conquer the human race! Only as it turns out, there’s something a little too perfect about this particular victim. Here’s a taste:

“I am Lord Xaurkoth,” he said, certain that the servitor drone hovering at his shoulder would translate his words into the beast’s own language. “I am the brood-progenitor of the planet Adacia, some three hundred light-years from your Earth. Ours is an ancient and noble people, scions of a glorious history of conquest that spans a quarter of the galaxy. And now we have come to enslave your world.”

The beast looked up at him, an unreadable expression in its soulful eyes. Finally, it spoke. “That is so cool,” it whispered.

Xaurkoth looked over at the servitor drone, suspecting a fault. It wasn’t the use of metaphorical speech that perplexed him; the automatic probes had done their work well, producing an entire cultural index that he could tap on demand to bridge the vast cultural gaps that existed between species. He understood perfectly that the creature wasn’t literally suggesting that conquest would lower the temperature of its home planet.

It was suggesting that the act of being conquered was desirable. Possessed of an indefinable glamour. Captivating and exciting. ‘Cool’. Xaurkoth had personally crushed opposition to his will on 427 inhabited worlds. He had never heard the act of being defeated and enslaved described in exactly those terms.

Hope you enjoy it!

A Few of My Favorite Things: Rationalizations

August 13, 2017

I’ve discussed in the past that while I write a lot of different kinks, not everything I write comes out of my personal turn-ons. But there are some tropes in the mind-control erotica subgenre that really do get me very hot, and when I include them it’s usually a sign that I’m writing something that turns me on personally rather than something I’m writing to accommodate someone else’s kink. (Although, dirty little secret, writing something invariably involves putting myself in the mindset of someone who is turned on by whatever I’m writing about, which can sometimes result in some weird mental states as my brain tries to ratchet back to default settings.)

In any event, this particular trope, which I’m calling “rationalization”, involves the person following hypnotic suggestion either without being aware that they’re doing it at all, or at the very least without being aware that what they’re doing is unusual or the result of hypnosis. It’s that point in the story where the character’s emotional narrative doesn’t match the accounts of their actions at all, and of course they think they’re still completely in charge of their own mind…but it’s hypnosis. Even when it’s not hypnosis, it’s always some form of mind control, and they’ve given in to it so deeply that they don’t even think about how hypnotized they are.

Yum! Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to pull off for a whole story, because a story where the victim never ever ever realizes they’ve been hypnotized at all doesn’t look much like mind control. There’s usually either a revelation sequence where they finally realize just how much of their behavior is due to the hypnotist’s control, or a sequence showing the control taking hold so that the reader, at least, is aware of the depths of the power the hypnotist holds. But the finest moments in these stories tend to be the beautiful, seamless rationalizations the victim constructs for their entirely incongruous actions.

I’ve written a few like this (“Breathe It In”, “Eye for an Eye”, “The Quiet Type”) but this was really one of the things that trilby else did very well. His stories tend to go incredibly dark as they go on, so I usually stop at part one or two, but one of the things that usually happens in the early going in his stories that makes me want to keep going back to those parts is that the victim gradually enslaves herself deeper, while still perfectly convinced that she’s either resistant to hypnosis or that the hypnosis isn’t having nearly as strong of an effect as it actually is. Leasehold Part One has a wonderful scene where the main character comes out of hypnosis and has a long chat with her hypnotist about what she can and can’t be made to do, little knowing she’s already done all of it, and Taker Part Four has several very hot sequences where the evil hypnotist works on her latest victim’s resistance like bending a metal bar rapidly back and forth until it breaks. And of course, I’ve talked in the past about how the silly all-girl GI Joe fantasy-ness of Worm makes the enslaving seem less dark, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned how incredibly sexy it is to read the scene where someone is walked through the logic, step by step, of how their actions betrayed their comrades, even as they insist the entire time that they can’t possibly be hypnotized. It’s…memorable.

Which is ultimately what we all aim for with stories like this, so I’m pretty sure we’re all happy with the end result!

Early Bird Sneak Peeks: “Quill Pen Feather” and “Five-Finger Discount”!

August 10, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“P.T.A.”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting two stories, “Quill Pen Feather” (MC) and “Five-Finger Discount” (MC FF)!

“Quill Pen Feather” is a new induction piece for all those of you out there into pens and calligraphy. It uses the mental imagery of writing down hypnotic language to create a trance (contains mild brainwashing and instructions to masturbate). Here’s a taste:

“The best way to learn, of course, is through repetition. Going over something again and again helps to fix it deep into your mind, pressing it into your memory like a groove in a record until every time you think, sooner or later your mind travels along the groove until it reaches that same spot. That’s why you’ve come back to learn with me again, so that I can guide you back into the lessons you’ve already learned so well. And now we’re going to learn them again together.

“Because learning and repetition aren’t passive any more than hypnosis is. You can only learn so much by listening. You’re a better learner when your mind is actively engaged with the lessons. You focus better. You concentrate more perfectly on my words and my voice, and the understanding sinks in deeper. And we both know you want to sink deeper, don’t we? Of course we do. You love to sink deeper and focus on my words and my voice. It helps to hypnotize you, and that’s exactly what you’re here to do.

“So to help you really concentrate on my words, and the way that they relax your mind and center your focus on the sound of my voice, I want you to picture a pen in your mind. Let’s make it a pretty pen, made from a soft black feather that shimmers with just a tiny bit of iridescent beauty every time it moves in your hand. Since this is our imagination, you can pretend that it flows easily and effortlessly with ink as it scratches across the paper. Or if it helps, you can imagine dipping it into vivid, lustrous red ink every time I pause, so that you can be ready to write the next thing I say on the blankness of your mind.

“Five-Finger Discount” is a more conventional piece of mind-control erotica, centered on an eighteen-year old shoplifter named Taylor who finds out that the store she’d marked as easy pickings has one loss prevention system she’d never expected–a magic spell that makes would-be thieves eager to make amends. Here’s a taste:

Taylor neared the front of the store, trying hard not to let any of her contempt for the store’s security systems show on her face. No scanners, no gates, checkout counters in each department instead of at the exit…she had no idea how this place stayed in business. She would have to come back for more stuff at this rate; it was a bit of a haul to come out here instead of her usual mall trip, but she’d never seen a place that was this easy to boost from. She could–

Taylor stopped dead at the front. She turned around, swiveling so precisely that it looked like a military maneuver. Then she walked straight back into the store, marching at a quick walk through one department after another until she found herself at the very back. She took a quick turn into an area marked ‘Employees Only’, then walked past the break room with a purposeful stare on her face that belied her complete and utter confusion about what the hell she had just decided to do.

It all seemed to happen so quickly. One second she was inches away from the wide open front exit, and the next she suddenly knew that nothing could possibly be more important than turning around and going back the way she came. She didn’t know where she was going or why, but she felt an irresistible, unquestionable, somehow perfectly logical compulsion to make her way to the rear of the building and go into an area she didn’t even know was there. It all made such perfect sense to her…on a level that had nothing to do with actually understanding anything. She was doing what she needed to do, and she was going to keep doing what she needed to do. Taylor stopped at a door marked ‘Security Office’ and gave it three quick, respectful taps.

Hope you enjoy them!

Liner Notes for July 2017

August 6, 2017

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It’s that time again, folks–a new month means a new set of Liner Notes explaining how I wound up coming up with last month’s stories! Since July had five updates, there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get started!

Yes, I’m Ready: I saw this title and the mental picture popped into my head of a woman announcing her willingness to be brainwashed. But mental pictures are always just the start of a story; I had to work outward from there, coming up with the backstory that led to that tiny scrap of an image and then figuring where it all led…okay, that part wasn’t that hard, because mind-control and sex, but still.

I decided pretty early on that she wouldn’t consciously realize what she was saying ‘yes’ to, and that gave me a nice lead-in to the story–the main character would be finding everything out right along with the audience. Some bits sort of resolved themselves as I was going on; when I started writing the story, I thought she was going to be a college student, but it became much hotter to describe her realizing that she’d made major changes to her life under the influence of the subliminals and not noticed. (The subliminals were an invention to avoid having to come up with a lengthy flashback to brainwashing that wasn’t going to matter much to the story, since the hot stuff was set in the present.) And of course, it all led to hot lesbian sex, because I like the idea of a smart controller who only gets involved when their victim is already too weak to resist.

King Pleasure Time: This was a story that was, again, heavily influenced by the associations produced by the song title; it had that feel of an old-timey radio program, the kind where the sponsor’s name was right there in the show’s name (“The Campbell Soup Hour”, that kind of thing). And naturally, “King Pleasure” sounded a bit like a name for a brand of sex toys. So my head jumped to the idea of a sex toy company advertising their wares on the radio; to get away with that, of course, you need to be doing some serious brainwashing in this day and age.

The underlying idea is that the buzzing sound the vibrator makes actually contains behavior-altering subliminals, and inserting it makes them stronger because they’re actually resonating inside your body in the same way that your voice sounds different in your own ears. That didn’t need to come out in the actual story, of course, but it’s always nice to have a structure to what’s happening, even if you don’t describe it in detail. I think the human brain is good at recognizing the difference between missing data that they can interpolate into a framework and random accumulations of facts. But I could be wrong. 🙂

Just Dumb: This one was very specifically the result of talking to SpiralTurquoise at Charmed back in January; they mentioned how hard it was to find bimbification fiction out there that wasn’t demeaning and misogynistic, and how very little good modeling of consent there was in bimbification fiction. I’ve previously said much the same as a justification for why I don’t do bimbification stories, but listening to Turq, it became really clear that if only terrible people do bimbification stories, then all the bimbification stories will be terrible. (Yes, except yours.)

Plus, any time someone tells me “nobody’s doing this kind of story”, I kind of have to do it, you know? So I got back from the con, dashed this one off, and used a lot of the consent modeling from the event to make it feel realistic and consensual.

Even the Stars Fall 4 U: So when I wrote “I’m a Slave 4 U”, I mentioned that there were a lot of other songs with that same title construction. And of course, because once I get an idea like that it my head it’s really hard not to think about it, I started looking at other titles that had “4 U” in them, just to see what I was dealing with. And there were a lot of them. So many that I wound up sorting them into a loose timeline, which wound up being eight or nine stories long. And of course, once I have eight or nine stories in mind, I can’t not write them…

This one is the second, and shows that there’s a definite schism behind the scenes in the group of people that control 4U and the other service units. It’s still under-the-radar at this point; the person who sent 4U on this mission (and the one in the previous story) is clearly of the opinion that they’re missing out by not brainwashing more rich and famous people, and that person has other people who are opposing them. But not directly and overtly–they’re just sending service units and bodyguards out to protect against a “threat”, non-specific, and leaving them to make their own judgment calls as to what the threat may be. Only when it turned into a full-fledged battle that threatened to betray the secrets of the Masters did the other party reluctantly relent and allow the brainwashing to take place. But they haven’t forgotten…

Girls With Guns: Oh, yes. Speaking of slow-boil plot developments in an ongoing series, this one is clearly all about the epilogue. Which was a lot of the problem when writing it; I knew that it was going to end with a Girl getting destroyed somehow by someone who was opposed to them, and I knew the head was going to wind up in the hands of an unscrupulous tech company that wanted to reverse-engineer it, but that was kind of a tail wagging the dog in a lot of ways. It took me a lot of false starts and back-tracking before I came up with the actual idea of the story as a story, rather than just a prologue to the epilogue, and I really do need to thank my Goddess for being patient as She bounced ideas back and forth with me, many of which wound up going unused.

I also want to caution against the idea that this will lead to human-created sexbots in the very next story (yes, these are going to be the Boys(tm) I’ve been talking about)–I want there to be a bit of a gap, because it takes a while to reverse-engineer alien technology into human terms. In practical terms, there are going to be at least two more Girls stories before we see any Boys. I hope this is okay with everyone. 🙂

And that’s it for July, but August is already underway! Join me next week for a new blog post, and next month for a new edition of Liner Notes!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Free Coffee”!

August 3, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Head Games”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Free Coffee”! (MC FF)

There’s not many people who would turn down a free cup of coffee, and the new coffee shop ‘Roasted and Ground’ is doing great numbers on its opening day. Certainly Sonia’s happy that she spotted the sign on her drive to work…and the cute geeky-looking possibly-bi barista doesn’t hurt. But as they say, beware of geeks bearing gifts…

Here’s a taste:

Okay, this was definitely flirting. Sonia’s smile spread broadly across her face almost of its own volition, and she felt a pleasant warmth flow through her chest that had very little to do with the coffee. “I’m a project manager for the development team, we run the primary web app that the company uses to track orders. Really just your basic middle management stuff,” she said with a touch of self-deprecation in her voice.

“Oh, don’t sell yourself short!” Skye replied, leaning in a little closer with a familiarity that was instantly warm and comfortable. (And, Sonia couldn’t help but notice, one that put Skye’s breasts about two inches from Sonia’s forehead.) “It sounds like they couldn’t run the place without you! Do you even get to take days off?”

Sonia giggled. It sounded a little bit strange in her own ears–she didn’t know when she’d last felt so happy to just sit with someone and open up to them a little. “I think Obama was still President when I took my last vacation,” she said, looking up into Skye’s beautiful eyes. (Well, into Skye’s very large and impressive breasts, but Sonia could imagine the eyes up there.) “There’s always a list of priorities a mile long, and never enough people to handle the load. It’s nice feeling indispensable, but…”

“But you just can’t get away without being missed,” Skye finished for her. “It’s kind of lucky for you, really.” Sonia didn’t understand how constant late nights and early mornings counted as ‘lucky’, but she didn’t exactly want to contradict the hot woman who was practically cradling Sonia’s head with her tits, either. So she just smiled and nodded, almost rubbing her hair on Skye’s nipple in the process.

Hope you enjoy it!