Liner Notes for July 2017

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It’s that time again, folks–a new month means a new set of Liner Notes explaining how I wound up coming up with last month’s stories! Since July had five updates, there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get started!

Yes, I’m Ready: I saw this title and the mental picture popped into my head of a woman announcing her willingness to be brainwashed. But mental pictures are always just the start of a story; I had to work outward from there, coming up with the backstory that led to that tiny scrap of an image and then figuring where it all led…okay, that part wasn’t that hard, because mind-control and sex, but still.

I decided pretty early on that she wouldn’t consciously realize what she was saying ‘yes’ to, and that gave me a nice lead-in to the story–the main character would be finding everything out right along with the audience. Some bits sort of resolved themselves as I was going on; when I started writing the story, I thought she was going to be a college student, but it became much hotter to describe her realizing that she’d made major changes to her life under the influence of the subliminals and not noticed. (The subliminals were an invention to avoid having to come up with a lengthy flashback to brainwashing that wasn’t going to matter much to the story, since the hot stuff was set in the present.) And of course, it all led to hot lesbian sex, because I like the idea of a smart controller who only gets involved when their victim is already too weak to resist.

King Pleasure Time: This was a story that was, again, heavily influenced by the associations produced by the song title; it had that feel of an old-timey radio program, the kind where the sponsor’s name was right there in the show’s name (“The Campbell Soup Hour”, that kind of thing). And naturally, “King Pleasure” sounded a bit like a name for a brand of sex toys. So my head jumped to the idea of a sex toy company advertising their wares on the radio; to get away with that, of course, you need to be doing some serious brainwashing in this day and age.

The underlying idea is that the buzzing sound the vibrator makes actually contains behavior-altering subliminals, and inserting it makes them stronger because they’re actually resonating inside your body in the same way that your voice sounds different in your own ears. That didn’t need to come out in the actual story, of course, but it’s always nice to have a structure to what’s happening, even if you don’t describe it in detail. I think the human brain is good at recognizing the difference between missing data that they can interpolate into a framework and random accumulations of facts. But I could be wrong. πŸ™‚

Just Dumb: This one was very specifically the result of talking to SpiralTurquoise at Charmed back in January; they mentioned how hard it was to find bimbification fiction out there that wasn’t demeaning and misogynistic, and how very little good modeling of consent there was in bimbification fiction. I’ve previously said much the same as a justification for why I don’t do bimbification stories, but listening to Turq, it became really clear that if only terrible people do bimbification stories, then all the bimbification stories will be terrible. (Yes, except yours.)

Plus, any time someone tells me “nobody’s doing this kind of story”, I kind of have to do it, you know? So I got back from the con, dashed this one off, and used a lot of the consent modeling from the event to make it feel realistic and consensual.

Even the Stars Fall 4 U: So when I wrote “I’m a Slave 4 U”, I mentioned that there were a lot of other songs with that same title construction. And of course, because once I get an idea like that it my head it’s really hard not to think about it, I started looking at other titles that had “4 U” in them, just to see what I was dealing with. And there were a lot of them. So many that I wound up sorting them into a loose timeline, which wound up being eight or nine stories long. And of course, once I have eight or nine stories in mind, I can’t not write them…

This one is the second, and shows that there’s a definite schism behind the scenes in the group of people that control 4U and the other service units. It’s still under-the-radar at this point; the person who sent 4U on this mission (and the one in the previous story) is clearly of the opinion that they’re missing out by not brainwashing more rich and famous people, and that person has other people who are opposing them. But not directly and overtly–they’re just sending service units and bodyguards out to protect against a “threat”, non-specific, and leaving them to make their own judgment calls as to what the threat may be. Only when it turned into a full-fledged battle that threatened to betray the secrets of the Masters did the other party reluctantly relent and allow the brainwashing to take place. But they haven’t forgotten…

Girls With Guns: Oh, yes. Speaking of slow-boil plot developments in an ongoing series, this one is clearly all about the epilogue. Which was a lot of the problem when writing it; I knew that it was going to end with a Girl getting destroyed somehow by someone who was opposed to them, and I knew the head was going to wind up in the hands of an unscrupulous tech company that wanted to reverse-engineer it, but that was kind of a tail wagging the dog in a lot of ways. It took me a lot of false starts and back-tracking before I came up with the actual idea of the story as a story, rather than just a prologue to the epilogue, and I really do need to thank my Goddess for being patient as She bounced ideas back and forth with me, many of which wound up going unused.

I also want to caution against the idea that this will lead to human-created sexbots in the very next story (yes, these are going to be the Boys(tm) I’ve been talking about)–I want there to be a bit of a gap, because it takes a while to reverse-engineer alien technology into human terms. In practical terms, there are going to be at least two more Girls stories before we see any Boys. I hope this is okay with everyone. πŸ™‚

And that’s it for July, but August is already underway! Join me next week for a new blog post, and next month for a new edition of Liner Notes!

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