“Subject to Conditions”

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I just got a question from a Tumblr user, and the answer frankly wound up turning into a blog post due to length and complexity. So I figured, hey! Why not also make it my blog post for the week? (The answer, “Because that’s sooooo fucking lazy,” will not be accepted.) Here’s the question and the response:

fractionatedpenguins said:
How did you go from inexperienced trancee, to experienced subject, or (if you don’t feel like an ‘experienced subject’) to where you are today?

Mostly I got hypnotized a lot. Being a hypnotic subject is a lot like being a hypnotist, you get better at it the more you practice. My first hypnotic experience was probably sometime in late 2000, early 2001, going under to a sample induction on a website. I wasn’t sure it worked, because I didn’t follow the instructions (which were to subscribe to the site and buy more recordings, he says, tsking back through the years) but I did notice something was happening. I felt calm and relaxed listening to the voice and watching the graphic, like I couldn’t look away, and I found myself wanting to experience more.

After that, I moved to live trances over chat. I started talking to people in the erotic hypnosis community, whom I usually found through forums and chatrooms and Yahoo groups (yes, you can now officially tell that this was when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and I chatted with them about hypnosis. I don’t think I had any particular “game” in terms of getting people to hypnotize me; I think I was polite, I was respectful, I was someone whose stories they might have seen and enjoyed, and frankly other people want to hypnotize as much as I want to be hypnotized. Some of those people were good hypnotists, others not so much, but you can learn as much from a trance attempt that doesn’t work as one that does.

When I was being hypnotized by another person, I definitely noticed that I was following instructions when I was in that state of being intensely focused on their words, and I may have vacillated around then over whether I was really being hypnotized or whether I just wanted to be, but as I formed more connections with the erotic hypnosis community and met my Goddess @ladyruetha​ I started to learn more about what was going on in my head when I went into trance, and found out that some of the things that I thought were signs of “faking it” (not always obeying every suggestion, not always feeling sleepy, not forgetting my trances) were really perfectly normal.

At that point, it moved to phone trances with Goddess (less the framing sequence, my story “Feels Like the First Time” is about as accurate a recounting of that first experience with Her voice that I could produce) and found that the experiences were more intense, that I could go deeper, and that I really could be induced deep enough to experience triggers and anchors and post-hypnotic suggestions and all the things that trance junkies fantasize about. My first in-person trance followed a few months later, and it was even better.

And that was in September 2001. Let me stress again, I’ve been hypnotized a lot. Goddess alone probably averages out to a live trance every two to three days plus near-constant recordings for years (there was a two-year period where I listened to Her voice on an endless loop every night while I slept). And that’s for almost two decades. That’s a lot of time going into trance. (Honestly, that’s a lot of time doing anything, really.)

Now, does that make me an ‘experienced subject’? Yes, probably. I mean, I have experience, and it’s in being a subject. So yes. 🙂 But I don’t want people to think that being a subject is a competitive thing, something where you’re constantly looking at other subs and saying, “Why can’t I do that?” The thing to keep in mind with hypnosis, on both sides of the watch, is that there are really only two levels of expertise: Not Enough to Do What You Want to Do, and Enough to Do What You Want to Do. As a subject, of course you’re going to want to work with hypnotists who can teach you techniques that help your brain do what you want it to do (and once you know, you’ll be amazed at how much of the work of the hypnotist is being done by your brain).

But the important thing is that if you’re experienced enough and expert enough to get out of hypnosis what you want out of hypnosis, then you’re doing it right and you don’t need to get “better”. It’s okay if you never experience a sensory hallucination or a period of missing time if that’s not what you’re into. It’s all right if you never wind up thinking you’re a cat if you’re not into petplay. It’s fine if you never have a hypnotic orgasm if you’re not in this for the hypnotic orgasms, although really you’d be a rarity if you weren’t because hello, hypnotic orgasms. (But being a rarity is no bad thing. It’s not like people love gold because it’s common.) As long as you’re getting enjoyment out of hypnosis, you’re the perfect hypnotic subject already. And hopefully that’s a pretty easy thing to do.

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