Shameless Meta Posting

(This post has been brought to you by the efforts of my 69 truly terrific Patrons! Visit my Patreon page to learn how to become one of them.)

Occasionally I do like to let people know where my writing is going, both in a literal sense of “what I’m writing in the future” and “where I’m going with my plans to do things for my readers”. Since this has been a busy couple of weeks, I figured I’d do that thing.

First, I’m pretty proud to say that as of last week, I got my backlog of stories up to a full 52 (it’s now back down to 51, because I took a week off to celebrate, but that’s neither here nor there). I will now be using some of the time I’ve bought myself to learn how to properly format ebooks for Amazon, Smashwords, et cetera, and working to get as much of my work up there as feasible. (It will not all be immediate, unless you know someone who can do over 400 cover illustrations on demand with the promise of payment later.)

Second, this is a good thing for my Early Bird Patrons, because I really want to keep giving you something for your constant support even as I sell my work. You’ve probably noticed if you’re a Patron of mine that I’m now up to nine weeks of advance stories for my Early Birds, and that’s going to keep growing–my current pattern has been to treat my ongoing series as an excuse to give you a bonus story, since I think I do well at those and it’s always nice to say, “Hey, you’re getting the next Girls story even earlier!” Expect that to stabilize at 24 stories, which is I think a really good deal for $2 a week.

Third, speaking of my Girls stories, you’ll be pleased to know that I spent a weekend brainstorming on these, and the inevitable last Girls story has been postponed a bit by some of the ideas I’ve had. (Yes, there is an inevitable last Girls story. They can only go on brainwashing people so long before they run out of people to brainwash. That point isn’t coming any time soon, though.)

Fourth, I’m back in college! Just for a semester–when I gave up school to focus on writing, back in the summer of 2000, I thought it would be for a brief period. But I got a decent blue-collar job that paid well and let me write, and then a decent white-collar job that paid well and let me write, and way led onto way and it’s only now that I’ve decided to go back and finish my degree. This should be of interest to you only as a “neat, Jukebox does things and we have now forged a personal connection together and I understand him more as a human being!” sort of way, unless I have to spend a day studying and can’t get anything done and have to post an apology to all and sundry for a lack of a caption. The good news is, it’s only through mid-December; after that, I should have either graduated or failed miserably.

Fifth, speaking of captions, I’m now about $76 away from doing two captions a day instead of one. So if you like my stuff, that’s a goal to work towards, collective fandom!

Sixth, at this point it seems pretty certain I’ll be attending WEEHU out near San Francisco this October 20-22. I’ll be doing some presenting (details still to be finalized) and generally chatting with people. If you buy one of my print-on-demand books and present it to me, I promise I’ll sign it!

Seventh, I put up the link to my commissions in my Tumblr banner, so if you want to commission me, this is a good time!

And eighth, I should be doing another GoFundMe for Charmed this year, with details to come in the ensuing week or so. I’ve been brainstorming with Goddess to come up with some rewards that will make giving to us seem less like an act of charity and more like a way to get cool goodies, so watch this space!

(Not all the time. Just, you know, when you have a moment or two.)

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