Hypnosis in Action: Latex

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So a few moments ago, I answered a question from someone on Tumblr who wanted to know if it was weird that they wanted to combine latex kink and hypnosis kink. With the caveat that when it comes to kink, “weird” is pretty much what you make of it, I said no…but it occurred to me that this is a good opportunity to show my work on my dictum that all kinks are better with hypnosis. So let’s talk a bit about a few things you can do if you have a latex fetish and want to combine it with hypnosis.

First, let’s strike out with the wild assumption that if you have a kink specifically about a particular type of clothing, you’re probably at least somewhat kinesthetic in your sensory processing. Let’s also strike out with the far less wild assumption that because latex is expensive and strongly associated with kink, you don’t get to play with it as much as you’d like. With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to combine your latex play with your kink play, which I’ll take a moment to generalize out as we go for those of us who aren’t latex fans.

  1. You can use latex as an anchor. I’ve talked about anchors in the past–the rough idea behind an anchor is that you get someone in trance to pay very close attention to a sensation, then you associate a hypnotic effect with that impression, then you repeat that until the association becomes automatic and unthinking. The simplest version is that you play with a small piece of latex fabric, stroking their skin with it, and tell them that every time they feel the latex touching them they’re going to find themselves sinking into a hypnotic trance. You can also come up with other effects, like arousal or submission or immobility, and you can localize it down further if you don’t want all your latex play to be trance play (“whenever you wear your pink full-body latex suit, you’re going to feel like a doll, and only move when I pose you”). And of course, if you’re into rope instead of latex, or flogging, or what have you, you would anchor your subject instead with that. The key idea is that the post-hypnotic suggestion helps the submissive get more into the state they already want to be in, faster.
  2. You can use trance to substitute for latex. Obviously, you’re not going to completely swap them out, because presumably the person who’s into latex play wants to enjoy latex play. But let’s say you want to do public play in a situation where you can’t wear anything big or obvious made of latex, or you want to do latex play but you don’t have much latex clothing available (either due to lack of funds, or just because you didn’t want to show your full-body latex suit to the TSA in the airport). The solution here is to use hypnosis to bridge that sensory gap. You can have the submissive wear a pair of latex underwear, or something similar that doesn’t show, and then through hypnosis suggest to them that they’ll experience the sensation of latex all over. The local sensory impression of the latex gets generalized to the entire body. (Perhaps you suggest that their other clothing will feel like latex, perhaps you suggest that the layer of latex spreads underneath their clothing.) The point–and this is also true of other fetishes–is that you can give them the experience of full play in a situation where it’s not achievable.
  3. You can do the things you were already planning to do with hypnosis, only with one or more of you wearing latex. The kinks do not have to be serial processed for them to be fun. You can enjoy doing one thing while doing another without having to integrate the two–someone who loves latex and loves hypnosis will love being hypnotized while wearing latex, just like someone who loves being tied up and loves hypnosis will enjoy them more when combined (et cetera). Each of them is erotic in and of itself to a fetishist, and each of them puts the submissive more into subspace, so feel free to just combine them in the simplest and easiest of ways. It will be fun, without a doubt.

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