Announcing Our Charmed 2018 GoFundMe!

(This post has been brought to you by the efforts of my 69 truly wonderful Patrons! Visit my Patreon page to learn how to become one of them.)

Charmed is coming back to Baltimore this January 12-15, and we’d really like to try to get there. It’s a very well-run con, and we feel it models good practices and deserves the support of the community, but unfortunately we’re still not in a position where we can fund our own trip on the basis of my Patreon earnings. So we (“we” in this case being Lady Ru’etha and myself) are offering our creative talents at a reduced and special rate with the specific goal of getting us to Baltimore in three months’ time.

We’re not asking for charity–anything you put into this GoFundMe will be compensated with stories, audiobooks, MP3s, and even live sessions, as well as giving us a chance to present the con to those who can’t be there to the fullest degree allowed without violating the privacy of the attendees. (In other words, no pictures and no liveblogging without permission.) We were told that the live-tweets and recaps were very useful, both to those who missed attending a panel and those who wanted the presentation collected, and we hope that we can provide that same service this year.

Even so, I know that some people will look at this campaign, at these rewards, and at crowdfunding in general as a way of simply asking for money. It’s a little disheartening, to be honest; it’s one thing to know that creative labor is always devalued by some people who want to justify getting something for free when they’re not required to pay for it, but it’s entirely another to watch someone read your work every day and every week and say, “Nah. That’s not worth my money. It’s good enough to accept for free, though.” But I’m hoping that those people represent a minority of my readers.

I already know from Patreon that there are people who do value the work I put into writing, and I can’t think you all enough for your support. I’m hoping there are some people out there who may not be able to make a regular contribution but who see something they like on the GoFundMe and want to chip in. And if you can’t, then I’m at least hoping you can signal boost the campaign to other kinky folk; signal boosting is its own form of support, and it means a lot to me too.

In short, thanks to everyone who can help out, even if it’s just by wishing us well. (But if you give us money, you’ll get cool hypnoswag.)


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