Is It Hypnosis? – Part Six

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I don’t want to let this go quite as long as I did last time, so let’s take a look at another batch of my old stories and go over how realistic/plausible/ethical the hypnosis actually was. (Again, skipping all of the ones that use obviously fake things like mind-control rays or hypno-drugs or what have you. Also skipping the inductions, which are obviously realistic in that they are intended to be used to hypnotize people.)

Say It: This is honestly one of my least favorite of my own stories (I think I was too eager to get to the “sexy bit” and it shows), but the hypnosis involved is very believable. The couple being introduced to hypnosis is interested, they’re in a frame of mind that allows them to focus and relax (I don’t generally advocate drinking if you’re going to do hypnosis, because alcohol inhibits your ability to focus and impairs your judgment which is not great for kink, but mildly tipsy isn’t an issue) and they’re receptive to the ideas Judy is presenting. Judy should really have done more pre-talk, let’s be honest, but she’s far from my least ethical fictional hypnotist and she’s certainly reading correctly that Hal and Minnie are in the room for some mildly kinky swinging.

Sweetest Perfection: We’ve never actually played out this specific scenario in real life, but this is drawn very heavily from real D/s experiences between myself and Lady Ru’etha. Everything described in the story is entirely achievable with real hypnosis, and the couple in the story is modeled on our real life relationship in which good consent practices are pretty important. This one gets an A+ from the Realistic Hypnokink Board, and is both the sort of thing you’d want to read about if you’re a fan of romantic mind control stories and a pretty good idea for something fun to do with hypnosis if you’re in a D/s hypno-relationship.

Voices Carry: This one is probably a tiny bit dubious, but not as much as it seems. The exchanges between Thea and James are entirely plausible, and I know because I was James. (Goddess had a brief layover in the Twin Cities one day, back when we were still in a long-distance relationship, and the timing worked out perfectly to give us a couple of hours cuddling in a secluded spot in the airport lounge. It was a wonderful evening.) But that leaves the question, could a hypnotist inadvertently hypnotize an eavesdropper, and more importantly, could they do it to the point where said eavesdropper went back under on meeting the hypnotist later on?

The answer is a solid “Maybe”. It’s pretty strongly implied that Amber is finding out that she’s got a hot button she didn’t know existed, and Thea is accidentally hammering on it like a toddler who got their “My First Phone” and “My First Tools” playsets mixed together. In that light, yes, it’s possible that Amber could go under because Amber really wants to go under and her expectations regarding hypnosis are cheerfully convincing her that it really is totally irresistible and she has no choice but to become Thea’s obedient slave. But that’s not because of anything Thea’s doing, it’s because our brains are really good at convincing us to do stuff we want to do.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Well, obviously it’s set in a fairly implausible fictional universe, but MistressMind is stated as using a genuine hypnotic technique of physical motion to focus the conscious mind onto her body and induce a trance state. Could that be possible? Could it produce the effects indicated in the story? Could she hypnotize an unsuspecting or unwilling subject with it?

The answers are, in order, “Yes, no, and FUCK no but then again she found that out the hard way, didn’t she?” I’m not an expert on dance, being only barely physically coordinated enough to walk and chew gum at the same time, but a focus is a focus is a focus. Anything that keeps the conscious mind paying close and careful attention to it to the exclusion of all else can be used to hypnotize people, up to and including a ham sandwich. (It’s a long story. I wasn’t there for it personally, but there are multiple witnesses.) You could absolutely use dance as the focus for an induction.

However, you certainly couldn’t use it to subvert someone’s will to the comic-booky degree that this comic-booky story indicates, and you couldn’t get them to do things like ignore their job requirements to masturbate in public or allow themselves to be handcuffed to a pillar. In the story, WildRose is presented as having uniquely indomitable willpower, but in real life this would just get you kicked in the head. That’s the only realistic part about it–people snap out of trance when asked to do sketchy stuff. (As their subconscious defines it, which is why you should NOT just assume that you can give any command you feel like and if it’s sketchy, they’ll just say no.)

True: Um…yeahno, sorry. There’s absolutely nothing about this that’s remotely believable, plausible, or ethical, and this falls purely into the realm of “it’s a hot fantasy if you have this particular sub-kink, but no more”. And there’s nothing wrong with that fantasy–a lot of people daydream about being in Julie’s place, so uniquely susceptible to the charms of a Sinister Hypnotist that after one trance, they’re instantly ready to accept every suggestion and turn themselves into a willing, pliant hypnotic plaything. In the realm of fantasy, it’s incredibly sexy.

But in the realm of reality, it’s both not achievable and not desirable. In the context of the story, Julie is obviously not someone whose subconscious is yearning to accept all of Dave’s suggestions, so there’s no question of incongruence making it easier for her to go under for him. A single trance is not enough to achieve the kind of deep rapport that makes changes to a person’s personality without their knowledge or consent possible. Those changes, should they even be possible (and I don’t know if they are because I’ve never tried because that would be incredibly unethical) would be incredibly unethical. This one should stay in the realm of fantasy where it belongs. (But I gotta say, as a fantasy, it’s a pretty good one.)

And there’s our five for now, but don’t worry, our journey will continue!


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