Liner Notes for October 2017

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Hey all! It’s still technically October, but the next update won’t be until November (the FUTURE!) so we can already begin looking at last month’s stories (the PAST!) and see what brought them into existence. Let’s get started, shall we?

Five Finger Discount: This one popped into my head when I was at the mall one day. I noticed the security scanners at the front, and had a thought about how much easier it would be for stores if they didn’t have to deal with RFID tags and loss prevention officers and all the mess and hassle because they just had a device at the front of the store that made shoplifters go turn themselves in. And naturally, that led to me picturing a shoplifter doing just that and getting taken advantage of in hot and kinky ways, and of course the phrase “five-finger discount” was pretty natural to associate with fisting (which I’ve never described before–one of the weird things about writing erotica is trying to get a vivid mental picture of particular sexual activities in my head well enough to describe them to others). And at that point, it was just a matter of verifying that there is in fact a song called “Five Finger Discount” and writing it all out. They’re not all that easy, but it’s nice when they are.

Xenophilia: This was another one where I had the idea first and then went hunting for a title to put on it–I had the notion of a tentacled alien warlord meeting a hentai fan and being more than a little bit discommoded at how enthusiastically they took to the idea of being the concubine of the invading armies. (The “Rule 34” joke came in pretty early in the creative process.) I knew that “Xenophilia” would be the perfect title for it, and I was immensely gratified by the incredibly obscure sludgecore band that recorded it for giving me an excuse to use that title without breaking my weird, obsessive “song titles for story titles” rule.

Zero Dumb Game: This one started in my head as “Zero Sum Game”, and I knew it would be about a pair of twins that shared their willpower and intelligence. As one got smarter, the other got cumber, and so on. I had a lot of problems writing it out, though, because I really didn’t want to write a scene where Shanna got raped due to her inability to give meaningful consent, but that was pretty much the only way to get the sex into the story. I toyed with Shanna getting rescued by a guy or another woman, but that only deferred the sex to someone else who was taking advantage of Shanna’s diminished consent. In the end, I split the difference, and had Shanna recover her mind and take some well-earned revenge. (Oh, and I changed the story’s name when I saw that “Zero Dumb Game” was a real song title.)

Can’t Say No: This was a rarity for me, writing out one of my fantasies as a top (even though I still wrote it from a bottom’s point of view). One of the things I really love the idea of is restricting someone’s thought processes–not necessarily making them able to think less, but restricting them to thinking about the things I want them to think about. (Temporarily and with enthusiastic consent, in the context of real life play, of course.) And one of my favorite things within that favorite thing is to close off negativity by restricting them to positive responses (you can also see this in ‘Yes (Means It’s Hard to Say No)’) so that everything feels very affirmative and happy and oh by the way further brainwashing is facilitated by the fact that they have to agree to everything I say.

(Which is why the check-in is “What color is this suggestion?” rather than “Do you like this?” If you’re doing this kind of play, you don’t want them to have to fight the suggestion just to let you know that something’s not working. “Tell me something you need me to know” would also have worked. This story was an attempt to demonstrate ethical and consensual play, and not just a pure fantasy. I’m not sure I’m a good enough hypnotist to make someone not even think the word “no”, but that’s the part of it that’s imagination, not the ethics of the play.)

And that’s this month’s stories out of the way–join me next week for another blog post, and next month for another Liner Notes!


One Response to “Liner Notes for October 2017”

  1. CG Says:

    So if there hadn’t been a song called “Xenophilia” out there, would “Loving the Alien” have sufficed as a title?

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