Delicious Feedback Loops

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There’s a particular aspect to the brainwashing kink (which is a sub-kink of hypnosis; not everyone really gets into the whole idea of having their thoughts altered, and that’s okay) that I think deserves to be singled out for special attention no matter which side of the watch you’re on. If you do brainwashing play on any level, you’ve probably encountered it, because it’s really one of the most fundamental pieces of brainwashing you do when you do this kind of play, and it’s the most effective, too. Simply put, it’s reminding the submissive that they derive pleasure from being told what to think.

I mean, that’s kind of a clinical way of putting it. I don’t think anyone does sexy hypnosis involving the word “derive”, unless they’ve found someone who really gets turned on by differential calculus. But “you love being told what to think”, “it feels good to think the thoughts I give you”, “being brainwashed turns you on”…those are phrases you might have heard or said. They all amount to the same basic idea, associating pleasure with the concept of having the submissive’s thoughts altered.

Now, one could argue that in any ethical brainwashing relationship, that’s not exactly brainwashing, because it’s only strengthening something that’s already there. If the submissive didn’t get turned on by being brainwashed, they wouldn’t have signed on for a brainwashing-based sexual relationship. (Note to self: Write a post on what the hell I mean by “ethical brainwashing”, and why it pretty much automatically implies a “relationship” and not casual play.) But that’s actually what makes it such powerful brainwashing; there’s no resistance to the idea, because it’s already there in the submissive’s head, and the dominant is reinforcing it with pleasure. It can become a lot stronger, is what I’m saying here. And I don’t think that’s just role-playing or pretense. I do think that a submissive who gets that suggestion reinforced becomes more susceptible to other suggestions. (So play responsibly!)

So why is this a feedback loop? Because the suggestion to become more susceptible to suggestions is, itself, a suggestion. So it’s very easy to set up a cycle in the submissive’s head while they’re in trance to remind them that they feel pleasure from accepting suggestions, and that pleasure makes suggestions more powerful and harder to resist, and that by feeling it they accept the suggestion more deeply, and by accepting it more deeply they feel pleasure stronger, and… well, it really doesn’t take much to get that into a self-sustaining loop of programming that ends with a really intense orgasm. Which, of course, just seals in that programming even deeper.

If that sounds good to you, congratulations, you share the brainwashing sub-kink. 🙂 The nicest thing about it is that as it gets more ingrained in the submissive’s head, it takes less and less effort to steer them into that looped state, until really all the dominant needs to do is make a space where the submissive feels safe and comfortable entering that state and the submissive does the rest themselves. Which is hot for the dominant, because if they’re into the brainwashing kink as a top then they really get off on seeing how effective it is on the bottom, and is just as hot for the submissive, because they’re getting really intense orgasms and loving the powerful feeling of having their mind fucked. It’s the most basic piece of brainwashing there is, but it’s so much fun. Even if you’re not going to get into behavior modification on a serious level (which is a whole big topic for another time because wow are their pitfalls to that), you might want to experiment with this one a bit.

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