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Liner Notes for November 2017

November 26, 2017

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It is technically still November, I know, but it won’t be November by the time next Saturday rolls around, so that means everything I would talk about for this month’s Liner Notes has already been posted. So let’s get to talking about my November stories and how I came up with them, shall we?

I Just Want to See His Face: I saw the title of this one and I had a very clear mental picture of someone thinking about dropping a major shocking bit of news onto someone they didn’t like very much. And of course, if you’ve got someone planning to say something shocking to someone they don’t like, the natural twist in a mind-control story is that what they think they’re planning to say isn’t what they’re actually planning to say, because their mind is twisted around under the influence of hypnosis. So I constructed a scenario where a condescending co-worker “gets what’s coming to them”, with the narrator not even realizing that’s in the sense of a reward.

I don’t think it was very popular, because most people would rather see a condescending co-worker get their comeuppance, but I think that sometimes subverting the morality-play narrative can be very powerful in terms of what it does to make the mind control seem truly inescapable. This is someone who’s clearly seen by the narrator, at least, as a constant thorn in their side (the narrator being gender-neutral in this story for those of you who want to imagine this as an M/M pairing) but they have absolutely no resistance once the programming finally sinks in. To me, there’s something hot about how complete that control is, even if the outcome is less than great.

Bent 4 U: I really hope this series is something people are liking, because it turned out to be remarkably easy to find “4 U” titles that I could use to form a narrative. This is an obvious progression of the narrative established in the first two stories, “I’m a Slave 4 U” and “Even the Stars Fall 4 U”, where it’s clear that whoever is in control of the service units carrying out these tasks, there’s more than one of them and they’re very much not in agreement about the direction they want to go with their brainwashed slave army. (Well, not a literal army–I can tell you right now that they probably have less than a hundred service units total, which is part of why there’s so much contention among the Directors over whether they should risk antagonizing the rich and powerful by capturing high-profile targets. But I’ve said too much…)

Any Time Now: As with “I Just Want to See His Face”, this one was very much just a case of seeing the title and immediately picturing not so much an image as a mental state. In this case, I knew right away that it would be about Lucinda (not that she had a name at that point) telling herself that she was really going to leave any second, and she was just listening for a moment or two longer to get the right opportunity to politely extricate herself from events. And of course, any time you have someone telling themselves that they’re going to do something but they just don’t want to right now because it feels too much like work, you’re describing someone who’s in a trance state and doesn’t know it. And so it became a story about covert hypnosis.

Interestingly, the Literotica audience was very much of the opinion that it needed to keep going to the sex. But I am writing, in the end, fetish porn, and that fetish is mind control. The sexy part to me isn’t always the rubbing of body parts together, which inevitably has a certain degree of sameness to it even if I do have a personal fondness for the activity, as much as it is the slow weakening of resistance and slipping away into another person’s will. Sometimes I just sort of take it as read that yes, they’re going to go off and fuck…but we both know that the hot bit is the fantasy of being hypnotized and programmed to obey. And I think if you’re reading this, you probably agree.

Lost in the Echo: I had this title in my head for a while as more of a sci-fi brainwashing piece, with the main character imprisoned in a literal echo chamber where the sound file would bounce off the walls and come back to them remixed into various different forms that emphasized certain words and phrases in an inescapable way. But eventually I decided that the sexiest echo is the one that’s in your head, and so it became about a woman who’s already listened to a sound file one too many times and can’t get away from it because she’s memorized it. I think I made the right choice.

And again, there are a lot of things to this that I don’t see as important, but which some readers really want to know about. To me, Annisa’s enslavement and the collar (and for that matter, the specific authorship of the sound file) are all intended as details to enhance verisimilitude, not necessarily world-building. I could come up with answers for those things, and I probably could push the boundaries of the story-world out until it was a vast, global conspiracy involving hundreds of brainwashed women over centuries enslaving one another in a cult that’s just now started taking advantage of modern technology. But I don’t think that would make the story any better. Sometimes the hardest part about writing is knowing what not to put in.

And that’s enough for this month’s rambling. Join me next week for another blog post, and next month for another set of Liner Notes!