Nearly-End-of-Year Update

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It’s now December 17th, and I wanted to give a quick update on some of the things that have been affecting my writing and blogging and captioning. I generally try not to spend a lot of time talking about myself–let’s face it, if I thought I was that interesting, I wouldn’t have created an online persona that involves so much talking about imaginary things happening to fictional people–but it’s useful every once in a while.

As you might have noticed, I’ve missed my sneak peeks for the last couple of weeks. I’ve also been captioning irregularly, although I haven’t missed my “seven a week” milestone that I promised y’all. These delays have been due to three main things: 1) I was hitting the home stretch in my much-belated efforts at finishing my college education, 2) I was putting the finishing touches on a non-fiction, vanilla book that will be published sometime in 2018, and 3) it’s December and everybody’s social life gets more hectic in December.

I’m pleased to say that 1) and 2) are now both pretty much fully under control. I returned my textbook today, the last thing I had to do for class, and while I’m still officially awaiting my grade I feel pretty confident that I’ll get an A or at worst a B+. I’ve also turned in the manuscript to my publisher for the vanilla book, and while I might get a few more revisions back on it, I feel like it’s pretty solid work that isn’t going to require any major changes. That just leaves 3), and I did my Christmas shopping yesterday before seeing ‘The Last Jedi’. (Solid movie. Does interesting things with not just the tropes of Star Wars but with the expectations undergirding heroic fiction in general. Won’t spoil.)

So once this weekend is over, I should finally have some mental space to do things like get ready for Charmed in a little less than a month, and catch up on some of the writing that has fallen by the wayside over the last three months (nothing major or even noticeable if you’re not me, but I’ve seen my backlog dip down from a year to a little over ten months. I know, that’s an absurd thing to worry about, but my backlog really does keep my anxiety over writers’ block at bay.)

And I really want to use this post to thank everyone who’s supported me during this period. There are so many people, personally and professionally, who have helped me through this strange period both materially and emotionally, and that means a lot to me. Thank you all so very much, and I’m hoping that I can keep repaying that debt to you all.

Normal service will resume next week.


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