Charmed 2018 Is Go!

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Thanks to a little bit of good fortune and the generosity of my fellow hypnokinksters, I can confirm that I’ll be attending Charmed in just under two weeks’ time! I do intend to do some live-tweeting and recapping of the con as it progresses, to the degree that I can without compromising the privacy of other attendees. I will also be presenting, as will my Goddess, Lady Ru’etha. For those of you interested in meeting me (and I’ll warn you now, I’m not nearly as interesting as your imaginary version of me) you can find me at the following classes:

Friday, 9-10 PM: I will be attending and performing at a reading (which they’ve dubbed “Jukebox’s Erotica Reading”, but I think/hope others will be there) where I tentatively plan to read “The Boys of Summer” (a story set in the Girls universe, and introducing their human-built counterparts, the Boys) and possibly “Pussy Liquor” (a superhero story featuring Eris, from “XOXOX”) and a third if there’s time and I haven’t bored the shit out of people.

Saturday, 2-3:15 PM: I’ll be doing a class called “Building Consent Together”, which is about ways to think of a D/s relationship less as a “negotiation”, which carries adversarial undertones, and more as creating plans for a structure you build together (and yes, it is based on the “Consent Castles” strip). I’m hoping to build in a lot of dialogue and audience participation here, but don’t worry, if you’re not up for talking in groups you can sit in the back and I won’t mind.

Saturday, 5-6:15 PM: I’ll be doing a class called “How to Help the First-Time Subject”, which is about…well, the title’s pretty obvious, yes, but the goal is to take someone who wants to be hypnotized but never has been and isn’t sure whether they can achieve trance, and give them a real, positive trance experience that they can build on to become a better subject and have a lifetime of fun with hypnosis.

Sunday, 5-6:15 PM: Lady Ru’etha and I will be doing a class together called “Polyamory and Hypnosis”, where we use our personal experiences as polyamorous partners in a hypnokink relationship to discuss ways that you can make that kind of relationship work and work better.

Lady Ru’etha will also be doing a class on kinesthetic hypnosis at 2 PM on Friday, and one on power exchange 101 at 3:30 on Saturday. Given that both of these are areas She’s been working in since before I’ve known Her, I expect that She’ll have some very good things to say for anyone who’s interested in either topic.

We will also be around the con all weekend, so feel free to say hello. I’m really looking forward to this one, and I hope that even if you can’t attend, by the time I’m finished talking about it you’ll be looking forward to Charmed 2019!


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