Liner Notes for December 2017

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It is New Year’s Eve as I type this, and probably after I’m done I’m going to knock off a little early from my writerly duties and spend some time with my family as we go into the new year together. (Except for our temporally displaced housecat, who will be going into the new year approximately 1.7 minutes ahead of us. Don’t worry, we’ll keep a close eye on him to make sure it’s safe to keep aging.) But before I do, let’s look at last month’s stories and see how I came up with them!

You’re Not an Ordinary Girl: Funny story here. I had a bad bout of writer’s block one day. Like, not long, but really bad. Just exhausted, everything I type is shit, I’m shit, complete depths of self-loathing kind of belief in my own incompetence and laziness. And it was all because I knew I needed a Girls story set between “Girls With Guns” and the still-forthcoming “The Boys of Summer”, but I couldn’t come up with one and my self-imposed deadline for one was coming due. (I try not to let too long go by without a Girls story or a superhero story.)

So I went to bed, still unhappy and unfulfilled, but I couldn’t sleep because I knew I had to get something done. And I got back up, and I just surfed to and paged through song titles one after another (I started at Y, just in case you thought this was going to be even more depressing than it already is) until I found a title with the word “girl” in it that sparked an idea. And when I saw this one, something finally broke open in my head (probably inspired by the person who suggested a story about a ‘victim’ who wanted to be hypnotized by their Girl) and it all came spilling out. I wrote until about two in the morning, and was able to finish the story the next day. But man, there are days when being a writer is a recipe for neurosis and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Tunnel Vision: This one was much easier, thank God. It’s pretty much just a fantasy that I’ve been talking about with a partner, written out in story form. (We haven’t done it yet, but Tetris is available for the Nintendo DS, an acronym that amuses me to no end.) Really simple, really straightforward, just “hey, this makes me hot and here’s 2000 words or so on how hot I think it would be.” Sometimes this is a pretty fun job after all.

The Kidnap Show: I saw this title and a few things came to mind–one, the legendary Daphne’s legendary story “Public Access”, which is all about a public access show that hypnotizes anyone who watches it (“She closed her eyes, listening to the TV, waiting for the program to change.” So hot.) Two, the way that so much of Millennial entertainment focuses on that sort of “outsider art”, deriving ironic enjoyment from things that are bizarre and unusual and often not very good by conventional standards. I knew that if someone was told, “Oh my God, you wouldn’t believe this fucked-up shit I saw on public access television at 2 AM,” there’s a kind of person who would stay up that late just to watch it. And three, kidnap fantasies are fucking hot.

And after that, it all came together pretty naturally. Cheesy show that almost nobody watches where they “pretend” to hypnotize and kidnap people, and the protagonist who starts watching for a laugh and is ensnared by it just like the friend that got her to pay attention to it in the first place. (And of course, the ending strongly implies that she’s going to do the same thing to someone else.) I think it came out very hot, for those who are into the kidnap thing.

Remember to Remember: I think this one may just be for me. It’s getting very low rankings on Literotica, but for my part, as soon as I saw the title I thought of using the various permutations of “remember to forget” and “forget to remember” (a staple of memory play hypnosis) as a form of induction all their own. I loved the mathyness of it, the way that the hypnotist keeps layering on new permutations until the odds of successfully staying awake in the face of the induction drop to a vanishingly small number, and the way that the patter turns into a confusion induction as it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish one permutation from another. And of course, I’m always partial to writing stories that hit the “mind control fetish” part very hard, even if they have no sex. But it looks like nobody shares my vision here. Eh, there’s always another one next week if you don’t grok it.

Juicy Jungle: I’d had this one in the back of my head for a long time, because as someone who has to look at a lot of porn for professional purposes, it is noticeable to me that shaving/waxing the pubic area has gone from being exotic to expected. And while I’m not going to suggest for a moment that women “shouldn’t” shave their pubic mound, because oh lord the obnoxiousness of “you shouldn’t conform to this societal standard of beauty just because men tell you, you should conform to this other societal standard of beauty because this other man tells you!”, I do sometimes want to present positive depictions of women who go natural because if that’s what you do, you deserve to have a positive depiction of your body in the media you consume.

So I knew it was going to be about someone being hypnotized to grow out their pubic hair rather than cut it off, and I felt that it would probably be a lesbian story. Once I started writing it, I found that I really got a handle on the couple by picturing Janelle’s hands; they were going to be rough hands, the hands of someone who worked in a physical medium, but they were also going to be the hands of an artist. Janelle is a good Domme, a caring and loving Domme, and Emily is safe with her. This is a romantic story, and I wanted it to feel positive in all sorts of ways, right down to representation of Black lesbian women and a loving depiction of an interracial relationship that doesn’t fetishize the interracial nature of it. I hope I succeeded.

And that’s it for the year–the next time I write an entry, it will be 2018 and I will be one foot out the door to Charmed! See ya then!


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