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My Favorite Things: Altered Eyes

January 7, 2018

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Technically speaking, this is really one of those hot buttons that occurs more often in the realms of fiction than in real life. Yes, you can get contacts that do some of these things, but they’re difficult and painful to wear and I don’t know that I’d ever want to ask a partner to do that, even if they were willing. Plus, some of them really can’t be done outside of Photoshop. But oh my GOD, isn’t it hot when someone is brainwashed so thoroughly that their eyes physically reflect the changes?

It’s an old classic. The eyes are famous as “the windows to the soul”, and so when the eyes bear the literal mark of the controller’s power, it always feels like the control itself goes deeper than mere hypnosis and becomes an impression on the deepest layers of the self. There’s not a whole lot that’s sexier than when the sinister mind controller performs their dark (magical or technological) ritual, the victim’s eyes close in helpless surrender…and when they open, they’re no longer that person’s eyes. They’re the eyes of whatever the controller has made them to be.

There are a few general categories this trick falls into, and I’ll get into them in a bit more detail as follows:

Spiral Eyes – The old classic. The trope that launched a thousand fetishes, really, from cartoons and comics going back decades. The victim-to-be stares at a spiral (or other kind of hypnotic graphic–bands of color progressing steadily and smoothly outward from the center seem to be inexplicably popular for some reason, Kaa) and before long, the victim’s eyes match the spiral in front of them. It was originally meant to be symbolic, showing that their mind is completely overwritten with the brainwashing effect, but given that most of us are already fetishizing the connection between hypnosis and sex to begin with, it’s not at all surprising that we would second-order fetishize the connection between spirally eyes and hypnosis. As a result, you can see a lot of videos of people with photoshopped spirals in their eyes to show that they’re blank and compliant.

(There’s an alternate take on this trope, again one that Kaa has helped to popularize; in the other version, it’s the hypnotist that has spirals in their eyes, rather than the victim, to symbolize their power to induce trance rather than their surrender to it. In this variant, often the victim’s eyes match the controller’s by the end, and in fact it’s very popular as a serial recruitment technique where the spirals are “contagious”.)

Not to toot my own horn, but I wrote a scene in “Criminal” where I wrote my idea of what it would be like to see out of literal spiral eyes that I think is pretty cool.

White Eyes – This is a dead giveaway that your first exposure to mind-control kink was through the movie ‘Big Trouble in Little China’–you have an intense and very particular fetish for a woman closing her eyes, being hypnotized, and re-opening them as blank white orbs. (Either for doing it or being it, depending.) Usually this has a very strong connotation of depersonalization, with the victim’s self being erased by the power of the controller and leaving them a tabula rasa for said controller to fill with whatever programming they like. It’s very much associated with slavery, submission, and mindwiping. And, um, yum to all of those things!

Black Eyes – This one feels like it was relatively recent–I think it was ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Babylon 5’ together that popularized the idea of eyes that are solid black orbs set into the victim’s face, but I’m not quite sure which of them did it first. It definitely carries more of the connotation that ‘X-Files’ had for the trope; usually, when a victim of mind control has solid black eyes, it means they have been corrupted beyond all recognition by the dark power of the hypnotist, and are now soulless in their devotion to carrying out their master’s will. It’s also very depersonalizing, but it carries with it a strong association of contagion and contamination. A black-eyed slave is a slave that wants to bring others into the Master’s thrall, and is willing to put in the work to make it happen. They may be evil in the sadistic and cruel sense, or in the sense of having their ethics hollowed out by the effect, but they’re definitely not just mindless drones. They’re willing slaves.

It should also be noted that (again, probably from ‘X-Files’) the black-eyed slaves tend to be able to corrupt others. It might not always be a literal ooze filling up their eyes like ‘X-Files’, but there’s always a sense that people with jet black eyes will make you like them if you hang around them for a minute or so too long. So again, great for serial recruitment kink. (And again, not to toot my own horn, but “Glycerine” has a great sequence where someone is turned into a slave with nothing but special effects wizardry and powerful drugs. At least, I think it’s great.)

There may be others that get a minor look-in here and there–a lot of “demonic possession” stories tend to have a scene where the victim’s irises change color to whatever the possessing ghost’s eyes were, but that tends to be the big three. Which is kind of a shame in some ways, because I certainly do wish we’d see some other solid-colored eyes; a solid crimson, for example, would be strikingly terrifying, and a solid emerald would be astonishingly beautiful. But I’ll just have to write those up if I want them. “Be the porn you wish to see in the world”, as they say, right?

Mind you, that assumes I’m going to get enough of spirally eyes staring into spirals and becoming even more hypnotized and spirally. And we all know that’s not going to happen any time soon.