Charmed Recap…Sort Of

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This blog post is delayed somewhat by my trip to Charmed last weekend; I live-tweeted most of the classes (although I left off the last class I attended on Sunday, because I could barely keep awake despite an amazing presentation by the wonderful and charming Lee Allure–she did a group demo, and I think I nodded clean off for most of it). I didn’t do daily recaps of the event like I did last year, though. Honestly, I barely got through my Tumblr captions–I’m still one behind on those as well. But I’ll catch up on those. The recap might not ever happen the way it did last year.

Part of that is because this year a lot of what I did was more personal. I do enjoy talking about my experiences with hypnosis, but I also think I’m entitled to draw a veil over some parts of my life, particularly when it comes to things that I’m doing with another person who also has a say in what I discuss. This weekend featured a number of private sessions that will remain private, and once I elide those, there’s much less to talk about. And much of what I could talk about, I already tweeted about. I’ll be posting my class notes for my “How to Help the First Time Subject” talk this weekend, because I couldn’t live-tweet the class and present it at the same time, but I literally wasn’t even at the play parties for more than a few minutes on Saturday. Most of the stuff that people are talking about, I didn’t see. It kind of makes a recap difficult.

I will say that this was a large con, possibly the largest hypnokink con ever. I think that’s a good thing; it means our community is growing, and it means that more people are being drawn to something that I think is fun and enjoyable and gives a lot of fulfillment. It does mean that no matter how much I reach out to the awesome new people around me, the community is growing faster than that, so I do apologize if I saw you there and didn’t already know you. Again, though, always making new friends every year is the kind of problem you like to have.

And of course, I saw people there that I already know. The list is so large that I’m too intimidated to make it, because there will always be people I leave off simply in the rush of joyous memories we made, but rest assured that if I saw you and it looked like my face was lighting up in excitement, it’s because I was happy to see you and I can’t wait for the next con. I’m not going to lie, another reason it took me this long to write was that I was missing everyone a little too much to accept that it was over for another year.

Hopefully we’ll make it to another hypnosis con or two this year–NEEHU is unfortunately too close, but Entranced or MindQuake is a possibility. And of course there will be a Charmed next year. I might not talk about as much, but I will say that this was probably the best con yet and I can’t wait for the next one.


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