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Liner Notes for January 2018!

January 28, 2018

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It’s still technically January, but it’s been a month as far as the story posts are concerned, so let’s get dug into the Liner Notes for this month’s erotica, shall we?

Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over: Sometimes I wind up going back to a title in my head once I see it, simply because it’s such an unusual turn of phrase that I find myself inventing meanings for it without ever trying to find out what the original songwriter intended. In this case, I saw the title and decided that it felt an awful lot like one of those old mnemonics you learned about in elementary school, something to help teach you the order of the planets or the notes on the treble clef or whatever in particular it was.

And it occurred to me that mnemonics are, in their own way, a kind of brainwashing–they’re putting an association into your head between something natural and easy to remember and something that isn’t intuitive. And from there, I jumped pretty quick to a mnemonic that is an actual brainwashing tool, and after that it was really just a matter of finding a set of nicely brainwashy words to go under DCGBAO, and a setting in which my hypothetical controller could slip them into conversation. (Oh, and forcing myself not to end the story at the second encounter. The first draft left him entirely unable to resist her, but I decided I wanted him to struggle a little before finally giving in.)

Girl Next Door: This one was more or less the result of a bit of a bind I was in due to timing–I wanted a second story in between “Girls With Guns” and “The Boys of Summer”, to give a sense of considerable time passing between Revolution Technologies finding a Girl’s CPU and their reverse-engineering it into…but I’ve said too much. **grin** The point is, I needed a Girl story, but I didn’t want to go back to any of the metaplot stuff, because that was marked off for future stories that relied on developments that weren’t happening yet. So this was going to have to be a pure heat story.

And then I saw the title “Girl Next Door”, and it hit me exactly how to make that work. I have heard some people say that they were hoping for something a bit more related to the arc plots–it’s not exactly groundbreaking as far as the series go (and this is why I generally don’t give people sequels, because I think I’ve cultivated an audience that doesn’t want “and then another person gets brainwashed” or “and then they have a lot more sex” stories, and that’s often the only direction for the plot to take). But I think it does make up for it with a lot of heat, and hopefully the people who like lots of kinky voyeuristic robot sex will like it. There have to be a few of you, right?

Stronger: This one tied into a quirky little sub-kink of mine that I don’t expect to ever get fulfilled, but that make for very hot fantasies. I think it’s extremely hot to see physical power subverted by mental dominance, especially in the case where the physical power is itself subverting stereotypes about who is seen as “powerful” in our society. It’s empowering to have this message about a woman who’s not just strong but Olympic-level strong, much stronger than most of the men in the world, and to twist that empowerment around into submission without reducing it at all is very sexy.

And so when I saw this song title, that all came together into thinking of a number of different meanings of the word “strong”, and the way that a properly-led discussion of them could result in someone responding several times with the phrase “I am strong” and thinking that they were participating in the conversation naturally, even when they were just programming themselves with a trigger phrase that made them more and more submissive. I made Lilibeth, the controller, into another woman because I didn’t want the story to come off with an unintended message that even a strong woman should be submissive to a man, and I made her very petite because the bigger the contrast physically, the greater the impact mentally. (And Filipino because representation matters.) I was probably a lot happier with it than anyone else, but that happens sometimes and I’m okay with it.

Choose to Be Me: This was a Patreon commission, in which they sent me a YouTube video of a public service announcement on the importance of not giving in to peer pressure that does, yes, have the unfortunate aesthetic of “look at how much you’re being brainwashed into being sexy and compliant!” And of course that’s bad. Definitely. Certainly not something that my readers spend a lot of their free time thinking about.

I took away the idea of a boutique that specialized in brainwashing makeovers and the phrase, “Why be you when you can be me?”, and figured it would be a very easy (if somewhat lengthy) write. And it was, right up until the end when I knew it was time for Betty to surrender and become the version of herself that Francesca wanted her to be…and when I wrote the “final struggle” paragraph, I did a good enough job of describing how Betty would resist that I couldn’t connect it to her giving in. Like, the character came to life in my head and said, “Nope, not giving you a ‘yes’ here.” Which was sweet, and allowed me to make the ending dark and ambiguous in a way that I think improved it over “woman surrenders to charismatic asshole”.

And on that note, February is just around the corner. Join me next week for another blog post, and next month for another Liner Notes!