My Favorite Things: Hypnotic Disassociation

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I may have talked in other contexts about how hot it is to use consensual (or fictional) hypnosis to disassociate people’s conscious minds from their bodies, actions, or self, but I don’t think I’ve brought it up specifically as a Thing That Is Hot and I Must Talk About How Hot It Is. (The original, much longer and more awkward title for this series of posts.) Because it is, yes, very much a sexy thing that you can do with hypnosis, and it opens up a lot of possibilities for amazing sexual shenanigans. (Or possibly hijinks and goings on, depending on your orientation. Me, I don’t identify as hijinksexual, but I’m all about the shenanigans and I support your identity as valid. Even if you’re into antics or buffoonery.)

Basically, the idea of disassociation through hypnosis is that in a trance state, the conscious mind is always being asked to focus the narrative stream of thought as a somewhat separate order of processing from the wider unconscious mind. So it’s very easy to develop and heighten that sense of separation by talking to the subject’s body or unconscious mind as if it were capable of independently listening to the hypnotist and following instructions. Again, in a sense this is what you’re doing with all hypnosis – you’re going to watch this pretty shiny object and pay attention to nothing but that, and I’m going to talk to your deep self for a while. But when you go for it as a deliberate effect, you can do some very fun stuff with it.

For example, you can talk to body parts. I did this in one of my most popular stories, “Body Language” – the hypnotist very specifically does an induction by speaking directly to the subject’s penis. And it is an induction, with the subject being subtly directed to stare at his own cock and focus on it to the exclusion of everything else, but it’s also disassociation. She’s treating the cock as though it’s no longer under the subject’s control, instead listening to her instructions and following them without any conscious input from (or even despite) the subject’s waking mind.

This is very powerful. It deepens the sense of helplessness that makes a sexual, D/s trance so fucking sexy; you’re not in control of that body part (or that body). It isn’t even really you. You can feel what it feels, you can see it move and experience its sensations, but it isn’t yours anymore. You’re an observer, an outsider, a mere passenger in a body controlled by the hypnotist. That realization can deepen trance so much when it hits, creating a sense of passive acceptance so strong that it’s almost like having an out-of-body experience. Which, assuming that’s the kind of thing you want to be having (and if you aren’t, please don’t do this) is absolutely amazing.

It’s also very good for brainwashing. When the hypnotist talks to the construct of the unconscious directly, it’s very easy for the conscious mind to simply tune out of the conversation because it’s not intended for them. Disassociating the “submissive mind”, or the “deep self” from the waking self is a good way to get instructions past the filter of the consciousness if you’re trying to play with amnesia or similar trigger-type programming. (Again, consensually. You should be collaborating on what you and your partners want before the trance, and then making them forget what you’ve agreed on forgetting. Which may include memories of them agreeing, but that’s another thing to negotiate.)

You’ll see this a lot on the EMCSA in stories where the person’s body doesn’t seem to be listening to them, acting as though puppeted by the controller. Some take this a bit further and have the victim’s mind actively protest their body’s actions, but I generally prefer to see stories where they hit that sweet spot of either oblivious action or blissful acceptance of their own helplessness to resist. Half the fun of mind control for me is surrender, and seeing someone surrender to their own body as well as to their hypnotist is definitely one of my favorite things.


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