Sneak Peek: “Just Another Story”! (MC FF)

Over the last few months, I missed a few of my Early Bird Sneak Peeks. So to make up for that, here’s a sneak peek at this week’s story for the EMCSA, “Just Another Story”! (MC FF)

Jessica’s proofreading a story by Kyra, which is about a woman who proofreads a piece of erotica so sexy and fascinating that it hypnotizes her into becoming a submissive lesbian. She’s not normally into metafiction, but she has to admit, this one is strangely compelling. Here’s a taste:

She skimmed through the first couple of paragraphs, waiting for it to get good. Thankfully, it didn’t start with any of her cardinal sins for smut–no infodump sentences like, ‘Jessica Blakely was a 29-year old professional artist with long, flowing blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes, and measurements of 44DD-36-48. She knew Kyra Duvall through an erotica forum on the Internet, and she had volunteered to read Kyra’s first story on her tablet in order to give her advice on how to improve it.’ That kind of crap always made her wince.

But at the same time, it was nothing particularly special, either. There wasn’t any sex at the beginning; there weren’t even really any characters. It was just a story about someone reading a story, which was kind of a clever conceit if you were into metafiction, but Jessica was already kind of getting sick of it by the end of the third paragraph. How was this even going to turn into erotica, anyway? Was the woman going to get interrupted by an actual person or something? Where was the sex?

Then again, ‘sex’ really wasn’t Kyra’s thing. She was always recommending those really fetish-heavy stories that were all about straight women being turned into lesbians through brainwashing and hypnosis. If Jennifer had remembered that, she might have come up with an excuse to avoid reading it–not that she was kinkshaming or anything, but reading through endless descriptions of shiny, beautiful crystals that captivated a helpless victim or swirling, spinning hypnotic graphics that made women obsessed with licking pussy really wasn’t Jennifer’s thing.

Hope you enjoy it!

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