Is It Hypnosis? – Part Ten

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As we go through our look at my past stories featuring actual hypnosis, I’d like to do another of my occasional reminders that it is okay to have fantasies about hypnosis that would be totally awful to experience and totally unethical to do to another human being. Fantasy is the ultimate safe space, a place in your mind to do things that are only erotic in theory because some element of them turns you on, and you want to figure out what it is in a place where it’s not possible to hurt someone. I might frequently in the course of these stories remind you that this is not not NOT good to try in real life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like these stories. Fictional people are always consenting. With that in mind, let’s look at another batch, shall we?

Help Me Rhonda: I’m going to say that at the very least, this one is highly unlikely given the time frame involved. Barring a really strong and unexpressed sexual orientation, I don’t really think you can hypnotize someone into having gay/lesbian sex (or straight sex, if the person in question is gay or lesbian). At least, not on the first date. Certainly there’s evidence that orientation is more flexible than originally thought, but it’s not a “look into my eyes and go gay for me” type of deal. I don’t think Louise would go along with it.

That’s not to say that there’s nothing realistic to it–I think, honestly, that if you were icky enough to try something like what Rhonda did, you probably would get this kind of reaction if successful. The person in question would be skeeved out, abreacting like crazy, and feeling uncomfortable and paranoid around you. Louise is genuinely freaked, and I think that’s very believable (if sad).

Nothing Else Matters: Another one of those “nice and hot to daydream about, but nah” stories. I don’t want to experiment with covert hypnosis, because UGGGGH, but I am reasonably sure that you can’t convince someone to blow off their job and get naked on a Sybian for a roomful of strangers. Not even if your job sucks. Not even if you’re really horny. Not even if they seem like hot strangers. This one’s purely in the realm of fantasy, folks.

Wake Up Call:Wake Up Call: This one, on the other hand, very nearly happened to me. I was in the “Debbie” position in this scenario, and Lady Ru’etha was very much Anna–we were in Chicago for a conference of Hers, we were meeting some friends for dinner, and what started as a short nap to recharge very nearly turned into a long sleep because She was exhausted and I was a pushover for hypnosis. (And yes, She has blanket permission to hypnotize me, so this was entirely consensual.)

In the real-world version of the story, She did not quite give in to temptation, but I feel safe in saying that everything in this one is entirely achievable.

A Hard Day’s Night: This one is both probably realistic and very problematic, and unfortunately the sort of thing that does sometimes happen in the hypnokink community. There are people out there who put hypnosis files out on the Internet, and every once in a while someone will put in suggestions that are not as advertised in the hopes of getting something out of it from their listeners. This is bad behavior, and one reason why I always tell people to skip ahead and listen to the last five minutes of a file (where the suggestions usually are) before letting the induction carry them along.

So yes, it’s possible to find a hypnosis for peaceful sleep induction, and yes, it’s possible to find one that slips a few sexy suggestions in there including a suggestion to contact the hypnotist, and yes, depending on how it’s phrased, it might even kind of work once or twice on susceptible people. BUT DON’T.

Here Comes the Bride: And speaking of “theoretically achievable but oh man, the ethics…” I do think that it’s possible (and again, let me stress, I have no first-hand experience of this and no intention of getting any) that if you hypnotize someone very frequently for a period of several months if not a year or so, the typical planning time for a Bridezilla-style wedding, eventually you might be able to build up the kind of rapport that can be abused to get one-time sex. I think that if you then give the person the out of ‘you won’t remember any of this’, a lot of them will probably take it, because it’s better than having to cope with the potentially traumatic emotions of having their trust violated like that.

That said, seriously, this is so wrong on so many levels that it almost feels silly talking about it. Do not abuse people’s trust like this, do not use hypnosis to get sex from people without their knowledge or consent, and do not attempt to later seduce them using your previous violation of their trust as an ‘in’. If you want to experience something like this, either a) read the story and experience it as a fantasy, or b) consensually negotiate some memory play before having your hot virginal seduction scene.

And that’s another batch in the books, see you next week with another blog entry!

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