Sneak Peek: “Looking Out My Window”!

Over the last few months, I missed a few of my Early Bird Sneak Peeks. So to make up for that, here’s a sneak peek at this week’s story for the EMCSA, “Looking Out My Window”! (MC FF)

It was supposed to be a short trip up to the cabin by the lake for these sorority girls, a weekend away from school and nothing more. But that was a week ago. Now they’re trapped in the wilderness by a mysterious force, whittled down one by one on a nightly basis by a strange and unknown presence in the night. The only way to survive is to follow the rules… but when you don’t know what the rules are, how can you possibly know how to avoid your fate? Here’s a taste:

Diana said that was bullshit, of course, but Diana is totally in denial. She keeps saying that we must have just lost track of what day it was (as if we can’t tell that a girl vanishes every night–it’s like we’ve got our own built-in countdown, Diana!) She keeps trying to tell everyone that there’s a logical explanation for why our cars won’t start (all of them, Diana? Every single one?) When I pointed out to her that I tried walking out on the fourth day and wound up right back at the cabin, she just said that I probably got turned around and that I didn’t have ‘wilderness navigation skills’. I was following the fucking road. I wound up on the other side of it without ever crossing it. It doesn’t take a fucking Girl Scout to know that’s messed up.

It was kind of hard to keep my hopes up after that. I spent most of that night lying awake in bed, even though it’s not safe to stay up past sundown, imagining what’s happening in the outside world. I wondered if there were search parties that just couldn’t find the road in no matter how many times they drove up and down the same stretch of highway, or if it’s only been a day or two for everyone else and time won’t catch up to us until we’ve all been…fuck, I don’t know. Spirited away. It sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but maybe those fairy tales are based on something. Maybe we all know those old stories are real, even if we pretend we’ve forgotten.

It sure didn’t take long for us to come up with the rules. Don’t go out after dark; it isn’t safe. Don’t look for any of the missing girls; it isn’t safe. Don’t leave your window open; it isn’t safe. Don’t look out the window after dark; it isn’t safe. Don’t leave the curtains pulled back; it isn’t safe. Don’t stay awake after dark; it isn’t safe. Today Trudi added a new one, “Don’t sleep in the nude; it isn’t safe.” She was making fun of Maggie; we already found muddy clothing outside on five mornings, we know that it doesn’t matter what you’ve got on. But I noticed that all the girls wore pajamas to bed tonight.

Hope you enjoy it!

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