A Little Extra Love for “Naturally”

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I don’t think I’m any different from any other author out there in having a few stories that I really like that sometimes seem a bit… overlooked. Not disliked, necessarily, but just some stories out there that are personal favorites of mine that didn’t get the kind of enthusiastic response I was hoping for when I wrote them. I figured that since I do have a blog, I might take a little time and direct my readers’ attention to one or two of them every now and again, just to see if people might appreciate them more with a second glance. “Naturally” is one of those stories.

It’s a story I wrote just before the hiatus I took back in 2012, although I didn’t post it until after I came back, and I always thought I did a really good job of conveying the mind control without ever explicitly talking about it. In general, I love that kind of “would you kindly” conversational trigger, and I also love the slow-boil effect of working it into speech in normal-seeming ways to produce a gradual seduction. Aaron, the mind controller in the story, could absolutely have walked right in and said, “Naturally, you want to drop back into a mindless trance for me,” but that would have been kind of boring. If you’ve got someone who’s a toy, isn’t half the fun playing with them?

And I also love stories told from the point of view of a subject who’s oblivious to their own surrender. Writing those facile justifications for obedience is really squirm-inducingly hot; there’s just something so sexy about someone who doesn’t know they’re hypnotized coming up with perfectly innocent reasons to do everything they’re told, until the cumulative effect of all those triggers and commands overwhelms them and they stop thinking entirely. (There’s a certain debt of inspiration to Daphne owed by this story; she was always an absolute genius when it came to writing victims who were fully convinced that they had a totally logical rationale for obedience. If you’re a mind-control fetishist, the sentence “She closed her eyes, listening to the TV, waiting for the program to change” is probably one of the sexiest in the English language.)

And I think the pacing is good. The opening stretches out just long enough to give the reader an understanding that Leah is responding to the ‘naturally’ trigger without realizing it, and that it’s affecting her thoughts and behavior, before it moves into a pretty hot sex/mind control sequence. The background is sketched in lightly enough that you can pretend it to be whatever you want it to be to fit your fantasy–since it’s never explicated how Leah came to be hypnotized by Aaron to begin with, you can construct something that’s as romantic or as twisted as you want. On the whole, I don’t think it’s anything but a straight-up sexy daydream, but I think it’s one of my better sexy daydreams, and I hope that now that I’ve brought it to your attention, you come to like it too.

(Or like to come to it too, I suppose. YMMV.)

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