Liner Notes for June 2018

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It’s officially the first of July, and I’m sure you know what that means if you’re a regular reader of my blog – it’s time to look back at last month’s stories and talk a little bit about what made them all happen! Let’s get started, shall we?

Smells Like Teen Spirit: This one started out with a comment from Thrallflower, who mentioned that she had a perfume with an initial scent that she didn’t much care for but that it was amazing during drydown. Being something of a novice to the world of perfume, I asked what that meant, and she explained that perfumes have different components that volatilize at different rates, and some perfumers take advantage of this to create perfumes that actually change their aroma as they dry. I said that gave me an idea for a story, and she encouraged me in my madness.

It should be noted that the specific perfumerie she was talking about, which was used as the general inspiration for Sable Fire, is an outfit called Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Unlike the story, though, they seem to be run by some pretty damn amazing people and not Erik Midnight types at all. I will happily plug them here, although I’ll admit, I was just amused enough by the purple prose of their perfume descriptions to poke a little light fun at them in the finished story (although the best line, “this smells like the comfort of a woolen blanket settled over a litter of sleeping puppies, with a hint of warm oxygen,” was Thrallflower’s and was used with her express permission).

Resistance: This one wound up almost childishly simple – I saw the title, and of course I thought of hypnotic resistance, and then I thought that it had a dual meaning in the sense of electrical resistance, and then I remembered that resistors heat up, and oh my god I just had to do it. It wound up working very well, although I think I got as many compliments for doing a story featuring two women who worked in STEM positions that weren’t reduced to compliant housewives by the end as I did for the seduction scenes. I’m okay with that – I want my characters to feel like they’re taken from all walks of life, not just the stereotypical roles for people in porn. If you’re a woman who’s a scientist or an engineer, you should be able to see yourself in your kink without being made to be ashamed of who you are and what you do without being treated like an anomaly to be ‘fixed’.

And also you should be seduced by lesbians. NO WAIT

Looking Out My Window: This one was inspired by, um… me. No, seriously, I did a Tumblr caption a while back, which came to me when I saw a woman lounging half-nude directly in front of an electric fan and an open window, and it went a little something like this:

She only intended to look for a moment. She knew what had happened to the others; she had seen them, sleepwalking out of the dormitory, wandering into the forest. Caught. Enticed into the darkness. Lost. She swore it would never happen to her.

So at night, she left the windows shut, the curtains drawn. Even if it meant sleeping nude, relying on the electric fan to dry the sweat from her body, she refused to let herself catch even a glimpse of the outside. Every morning there were fewer of them. Every morning she saw the footprints in the mud leading past the broken-down truck that was their only way out, the footprints that she didn’t dare follow. But she would never let it happen to her.

And then it was tonight. And the lights shone through the curtains, bright enough to pierce the thick fabric and dazzle her sleeping eyes. She felt like she couldn’t possibly keep them closed forever. She would look just for a moment. Just long enough to satisfy that tingling itch in the back of her brain, that maddening desire to see what it was that lured away the careless and the unwary in the night.

And now she’s looking. Staring. Caught. Helpless. The faerie lights beckoning her deeper into their beauty. And against her will, her legs are beginning to stir.

I liked the idea of it, the gradual whittling down of the numbers as one by one, they’re drawn out into the forest by the mesmerizing lights, and I found myself thinking back to it and expanding on the scenario with little details like the twisting of time and space to keep them constantly trapped in the one building. When I saw a title that perfectly fit the theme, I decided to expand on it a little. I hope it was enjoyed.

In and Out: One of my major hot buttons, both in fiction and in play, is the idea of sexual pleasure directly functioning as a deepener of trance and obedience. The idea of literally being fucked into trance is so hot to me that when I saw a song actually titled “In and Out”, I knew I was going to make it about someone using sex as a hypnotic induction. And I felt like that restricted me to a consensual encounter, because let’s face it, it is hard not to feel very weird about writing something where someone who is not willing to have sex is made to have sex anyway and then hypnotized to want it. I mean, mind control is a problematic enough fantasy as it is, y’know?

So it was going to be consensual sex, and I decided that consensual hypnosis would work well with that… and again, the fantasies we play around with are problematic enough that I like to do some purely consensual stories from time to time, just to model the idea that yes, you can have your fantasies met without resorting to things that are highly unethical if done in the real world. So I made up Bethany as my “person who wants to try hypnotic sex”, Miranda as my knowledgeable Domme, and just sort of wrote out what kinds of happy things would happen naturally between them.

Spiderwebs: Um, speaking of problematic… this was obviously inspired directly by the No Doubt song, which has all sorts of hot/creepy lyrics for the hypnofetishist like “your words walk right through my ears” and “Now I’m caught in the web you’re spinning” and “Now it’s gone too deep, you wake me in my sleep”. Also a direct inspiration is the element of screening her phone calls to avoid a guy who won’t take no for an answer. The inductionettes that Galen leave all use being tangled in his words as a metaphor primarily because otherwise the title wouldn’t make any sense, but they came pretty easily – there’s some overlap between bondage and hypnosis as fetishes, in terms of induced helplessness, and so the idea of having your thoughts tied and twisted and tangled up feels like a pretty natural start for an induction. For the right person.

And that’s June out of the way–next weekend is going to be very busy for me, so the blog post might be delayed a bit, but I should be back with another entry on Sunday or thereabouts!

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