The August Challenge (and What’s Going on in My Life)

(This post has been brought to you by the efforts of my 79 unfailingly amazing Patrons! Visit my Patreon page to learn how to become one of them.)

A few months back, I did a challenge where I asked people to step up and make sure that my donations stayed at an average of $150 per story for the entire month, and in return I promised to do an audio induction file. Everyone stepped up, everyone was patient while I worked through a cold, and everyone was (I think) happy with the file. I liked pretty much all of the parts of that, and I’m thinking I’d like to do it again.

This time, I thought I might make it a little more interesting, by offering to do an audio file of an induction I haven’t released yet. That does mean you’re going to have to take it kind of sight unseen, unlike “Um…”, but it also means that this is a file that you won’t otherwise get a chance at experiencing for several months even as an Early Bird Patron. I think that might be a fun enticement, and hey – if it’s not, that just means that I won’t record it and we’ll try something different next time.

There is one other caveat, which is that I’m up for a new position in my mundane vanilla pay-the-bills job. If I get it, which is not guaranteed, I’m going to be semi-incommunicado for the month of September. Not completely – I’ll be able to post my usual stuff (I hope) – but enough that in the fortunate event that folks want to give me enough money to make this happen, I will not be able to record it until mid-September at the earliest. It’s definitely something that’ll happen if folks put up the cash, but I know it will be delayed somewhat by circumstances.

So. We’ve got a few weeks for people to do any financial planning they need to, we’re already sitting pretty at $144, let’s see what happens in August!

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