Is It Hypnosis? – Part Eleven

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As we go through my old stories that use hypnosis as a narrative device, in order to see how realistic (and usually how ethical) the hypnosis is, one of my personal takeaways is… wow, have I written a lot of stories. Even skipping all the ones that use mind control rays, drugs, telepathy, magic spells or items, and in one notable case good feng shui, we’re still not at the halfway point of my work. I mean, I obviously love mind control erotica, but I do sometimes look back on it all and go, “Was that all really me?”

But since the answer is ‘yes’, let’s keep going, shall we?

Black Velvet: This one is almost certainly feasible. Desdemona is using a few different techniques, some of them related to warm reading (an old standby of psychics, using previously-obtained information on a person to make that person think they have extrasensory perception) as well as hypnosis, but all she’s really doing is guiding Alma to a realization she probably would have had anyway – she’s a lesbian and she wants to get out of her shitty little town. Obviously in real life, this should be achieved through non-hypnotic ways, but since this is fiction and not real life, Alma doesn’t mind that she was manipulated since the ends were so benevolent. (Remember, fictional people are always enthusiastically consenting!)

Small Town: And on the other end of the scale… oh Good Lord is this neither possible nor in any way ethical. Honestly, it’s to the point where this is one of the few stories that I think I’ve written that would be better if you take out the mind control – Mabel is such an interesting character, and the idea of a tiny little town that’s sex-positive and kink-friendly and treats D/s as just another town service is kind of a happy one even if mind control is about the only way you could realistically achieve it. (Although if anyone wants to settle a small town of about 800 people based on the principles of egalitarian sex-positive kinkiness, please let me subscribe to your newsletter.)

But obviously, no. It does not work that way. You cannot convince someone to give up their entire life and move to Tennessee based on one session of sex and hypnosis, not even if the sex is really good. Mabel probably wouldn’t even be able to get Willow into any kind of meaningful trance state, because she wouldn’t be able to achieve the kind of necessary rapport and trust that’s needed for hypnosis. Remember, none of this is magic, and while the subconscious mind may be very literal and lack a lot of critical thinking skills, it’s not dumb, either. Willow would just keep snapping out of it no matter how much Mabel tried to lull her into an accepting state.

But since I didn’t want to have a story that ended with someone locked in the basement and brainwashed for two months, hypnosis it was!

The Final Countdown: Hmm. This is one of those stories where the answer is genuinely, “I don’t know,” not because I think it’s more likely or less likely but because there is no ethical way to find out how much hypnosis and brainwashing and gaslighting and psychological manipulation it would take to get someone to a point where they would go into a trance state against their will and stay there. (Along with everything else Ashley does in the story under Lyle’s influence.)

I’m inclined to think it’s probably impossible; Ashley clearly wants to leave or she wouldn’t be at the bus station, and at the very least there’s going to be a constant incongruence between her conscious and subconscious minds even if she is getting some need met by staying in trance all the time for Lyle. But there’s a strong implication that they’ve been playing together for a long time, and I don’t really know that you couldn’t induce that kind of psychological dependency if it was your only goal and you spent years on it using deep hypnosis and psychological conditioning. And I don’t want to know, because it’s not something anyone should be trying anyway. Let’s just file this one under “fantasy only” and not worry about the details.

Unforgettable: The hypnosis in this story is more or less realistic, although I did fudge on the hypnotic amnesia for dramatic purposes. In real life, amnesia isn’t nearly as easy to achieve for most people as it is in fiction, and that’s especially true of something they don’t want to forget. Ursula in the story knows there’s something she’s forgotten that she can’t remember, but a real person would simply refuse to accept the suggestion.

But it is worth noting that even in the story, the suggestion doesn’t work the way Chandra wants it to, because hypnosis is not a magic button that you can press to make someone forget that you took advantage of their diminished capacity to consent to have sex with them. You cannot fix your problems with hypnosis, and trying will only make it worse. In the story, it so happened that Ursula forgave Chandra (after a good smack on the shoulder), but in the real world this would be sexual assault and would probably leave Ursula pretty freaked out. Always do the consent talk before the hypnosis happens, OK?

Hot Blooded: And on a much happier note, we have Jack and Diane’s third story! Jack and Diane, in addition to being a very cute couple with a lot of imagination when it comes to hypnosis, also are models for realistic hypnosis and good consent practices. Diane has freely and enthusiastically consented to having triggers planted that she doesn’t consciously remember, and this story shows a very real and very hot way that you can use hypnotic conditioning on a skilled and consenting hypnotic subject to do some very interesting things. Like, say, make them think that their arousal trigger isn’t doing anything, when it’s actually turning them on more and more with every repetition.

(I should really go back to these two sometime. Just to see how they’re getting on.)

In any event, that’s another five down, and I’m sure I’ll come back to this again soon! See you next week!

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