Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Wake Up”!

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Graded on a Curve”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA and Literotica. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Wake Up” (MC MF MD)!

Joyce expected to have all sorts of fun things happening during her hypnosis play with Geoffrey. But one thing she didn’t expect was that he would tell her that it had already happened. Messing with someone’s mind has never been so good. Here’s a taste:

“I said ‘wake up’, Joyce.” His hand gently caressed her pale cheeks, trailing down to her neck in a gesture more suited to relaxing her into trance than pulling her out of it. “It’s time to wake for me now.” He shifted position slightly to look directly into her eyes, which felt like the textbook definition of ‘mixed signals’ to her trance-hungry brain. “Time to come out of trance.”

Joyce furrowed her brow, so busy trying to figure out where Geoffrey had come up with this and where he was going with it that she almost forgot to respond. “I, um…I’m not in trance,” she said, not even trying to disguise the bewilderment in her voice. “I’m awake.”

“Are you sure?” Geoffrey replied, his voice calm and confident. He sounded so certain that for a moment, Joyce felt like it must be her who was misremembering. She was very used to forgetting things she was told to forget, and remembering things she was told to remember, after all. But she was also very good at accepting without thinking…so didn’t the fact that she was thinking about this mean it couldn’t be hypnosis? Or did it mean it had to be hypnosis, because her brain wasn’t processing it correctly?

Hope you enjoy it!

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