Early Bird Sneak Peeks: “Repetition” and “Habit”!

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–”Umbrella”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA and Literotica. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting two new stories, “Repetition” (MC FF) and “Habit” (MC)! (And I swear, I didn’t do that on purpose…)

In “Repetition”, Ximena goes through a day in her long-distance relationship with her hypnotic Mistress, a routine that she follows to the letter. Every day, she gets better and better at sticking to her goals… aided, of course, by a hypnosis file that she plays 24/7 through her earbuds. Here’s a taste:

“It’s so easy to relax your thoughts into that smooth, soft channel for me, pet. So easy to sink and surrender to the path that your Lady draws you down, until all you want to do is think the thoughts you’ve been told to think.” She woke again on the second alarm to find her hips restlessly working against her hand, squirming rhythmically in her sleep to the sound of her Lady’s voice. Ximena wished she had a little more time to enjoy the feeling; but this was a Tuesday, and Ximena never had many chances to relax on a Tuesday. She switched off the alarm and dragged herself out of bed.

“It’s so much nicer to think your Lady’s thoughts, pet. So much better to be directed and controlled, to be free from all that freedom. The more you surrender your will to me, the more fulfilled you become.” A few minutes later, she was out on the street in her workout clothes, listening to her Lady’s words through a pair of earbuds as her feet pounded the pavement. Ximena stepped up the pace of her morning jog until the cold morning air practically bit the inside of her lungs with every breath–she only had twenty minutes to exercise before she had to get showered and ready for work, and she wanted to make the most of it. From the sound of things, that should put her back at the house right around the time the current loop of her Lady’s recording would finish up.

And “Habit” is another induction piece, with the habit in question being thought itself – a thought quite a few readers enjoy breaking every once in a while. Here’s a taste:

“It’s okay if you want to keep thinking for a little while longer. I know, it can be a hard habit to break. Even when you’re trying to just relax and set down all those tiring thoughts for a little while, your mind won’t stop. It keeps going and going, wearing you out with the burden of being required to have ideas and opinions about every little thing you notice. That constant narrative in your brain continues no matter how hard you try to let go of it, no matter how much you want to feel that blissful silence inside your head for a little while. It’s not exactly a bad habit–there are times when thinking is important, we both know that. But you don’t necessarily want to do it all the time. I understand. I can help with that.

“We can start by giving your conscious mind something to focus on. Perhaps that’s going to be my words for you, but if you can also find something to watch or something to do that occupies your attention, that works too. You can look at something pretty and distracting, or tap your fingers on the table in a pattern that keeps your attention–really, whatever you want, so long as it requires at least a little bit of mental effort to maintain. The more you focus, the less you think. The first step in breaking that habit of thought is to shed the extra, distracting ones first.

Hope you enjoy them!

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