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So a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d been stretching myself a little bit and doing some hypnotic ‘arts and crafts’ style endeavors, as part of my ongoing quest to feel more fully invested in my kinky self. I thought I might take a bit today and show off the results! First, my new hypno-pendant:


This was remarkably simple, if I’m to be honest – JoAnn’s sells great big fuckoff Svarkovski crystals that have been pre-drilled near the top, and chains in all different varities. All I had to do was thread an eye-ring (also sold at JoAnn’s) through the hole and bend it around the chain with a pair of flat-head pliers. And voila! One adorable hypno-prop, suitable for dangling in front of your unsuspecting victim.

This next one is a little bit less polished, but I think I’m much more proud of it:


This started life as a three-inch wooden disc (again, JoAnn’s) that I painted with a spiral design using acrylic paint. I’m pretty proud of the spiral, honestly – I realized early on that if I made a 1.5-inch paper disc, and precessed it around the center, I could get really nice, smooth, even curves. The lettering was freehanded with an acrylic paint pen – the spacing came out a little uneven, but I’m ludicrously happy with the mantra itself. If you hold the disc between your thumb and forefinger and rotate it, it forms a perfect “endless sentence” that constantly comes into view while the spiral whirls. The shiny surface is just a little glossy sealant to help keep it all nice and clean.

I have two other wooden discs, and I’m thinking I might try to do something clever with a drill and a pin and a couple of washers to make something that rotates freely, but that’s a little more involved so I’m saving it for another day (one where I can wander past Home Depot and ask a few innocent-sounding questions). For now, I just really wanted to show off a little, and hopefully inspire others to make their own fun hypno-toys!


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