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Liner Notes for October 2018

October 30, 2018

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I’m getting to this a day late – there’s been something of a health crisis in the family, and it’s kept me from getting to this until now – so my apologies for not discussing this month’s stories sooner. It is one of the easiest things to write every month, and I’m very glad it’s happening to hit right now when I’m a bit low on spoons. Shall we begin?

I Would Die 4 U: At some point, when it became obvious that I was not going to resist all the songs out there with “4 U” in the title, I made a pretty sizeable list of the ones I could find and kind of went through a little free association, arranging them into what felt like a natural order for a longer story arc (as well as filling in the backstory on the MKPerfect Corporation, which owes a tiny debt of inspiration to the Malta Group from the old City of Heroes MMORPG). It definitely occurred to me that if there was a power struggle behind the scenes (which was pretty strongly implied in the first story, where 4U got two directly competing objectives) then sooner or later, 4U would have to fend off an assassination attempt. And this, obviously, was the perfect title for it.

I did use the opportunity to advance the plot with a bit of timely exposition – part of it is that I’m already skirting along the edge of “sexy” mind control (and an upcoming story, “This Is Just 4 U”, skates even closer to that edge) and a story that was just chase scenes and explosions and computer hacking wouldn’t really be erotica, even at a stretch. The other part is that frankly, that stuff is great in the movies but not so much fun in prose, so it’s just as well that 4U fills you in on the details and gets to the assassination attempt.

At this point, there are two more 4U stories written, and another two that are in my head that should wrap things up. I don’t think it needs to stretch any further than that, to be honest; it’s a series of stories that add up to an arc, not an open-ended adventure.

Narrow Escape: If there’s one thing I love, it’s using titles ironically. In this case, as soon as I saw the song title, I felt like things slotted into my brain almost faster than I could process them individually; I knew that someone was going to be ‘rescued’ from a ‘sinister hypnotist’, and I knew that the real sinister hypnotist was the rescuer. From there, it wasn’t hard to fill in the details – obviously, it would be a psych professor and a psych student, respectively, because the former is such an obvious trope for stories like this that it would possibly function as a real surprise that he wasn’t the one doing the mind control.

I decided I wanted both Julieta and Martina to be Latina, because I feel like one of the really common shortcuts people take to “diversity” in erotica is “white protagonist humps exotic beauty”. (I am guilty of this as well on more than one occasion.) So I’ve been consciously trying to write stories where the protagonists are both/all from non-white cultures, and to inhabit the characters as best I can as intelligent, strong-willed people who have goals, plans, careers, and real personalities. (Until at least one of them winds up blank and obedient, of course, but it is mind control porn.)

Young Gods: Okay, so speaking of “white protagonist and POC secondary character, I’ll admit I did that here. But I do like to think I made Tamika a character worth reading about, and I think that she’s foregrounded in having her own experiences that aren’t just “white but with a different skin color”. I may be wrong, though. If I am, I’ll keep working on it.

In the meanwhile, this obviously owes a huge debt of inspiration to the late, lamented Terry Pratchett’s “Small Gods”, and the idea that gods owe an obligation to their followers of respect and care. Mindy isn’t all that different from Brutha – not necessarily quick of verbal wit, but possessed with a certain basic dignity and decency that even the gods have to contend with. I don’t think Sir Terry would have put in quite this many sex scenes, but I don’t think he would have blushed at them, either.

Keep an Eye on Summer: And last but not least, we have our good old fashioned “yes, I did have a keen and inexplicable interest in the YA novels about the aliens who enslave humanity’s wills and essentially leave us to subjugate ourselves, why do you ask?” story. The K’Zarim aren’t exactly the Masters from John Christopher’s Tripods books, but the idea of enslaving the human race through hypnotic signals rather than conventional warfare is quite similar, as well as the idea of a desperate, futile resistance. Although in this case, it’s much more futile and much much more desperate.

The mechanism of control is one that a lot of my long-time readers will recognize as a theme, the idea of a signal that has a literal, neurological effect on the human brain and acts as a form of irresistible, irrevocable hypnosis. (Last month’s “Zero Signal”, “Every Time I Close My Eyes”, “Virus”… heck, not to spoil, but next week’s story is going to take up the same concept.) I think there’s something so fascinating about the idea of ‘hacking’ the human brain like that, and of course this takes it the next step further by imagining it physically rewiring the DNA of the victims to turn them into carriers of the signal. Programming like that never gets old to me, and I hope you enjoy it too.

And that’s October in the books – next week’s blog entry may be delayed as well (I’m going out of town, although I hope to have something queued up before I leave) but I will be seeing you soon enough with a new post, I promise!

Review: “Bottoms Up”

October 21, 2018

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It’s been a while since I’ve last picked up any releases from Mind Control Theatre – despite enjoying mind control and porn, I think the last thing I remember watching of theirs was “Melodie”, which came out back in 2006. But I was on the MC Forums the other day, and Daphne (who, full disclosure, is someone I’ve known online for several years) announced a new video, “Bottoms Up”. And I watched the trailer, and it looked like it hit several of my hot buttons – serial recruitment, women masturbating while they program themselves, women staring straight ahead and mindlessly repeating mantras of obedience and submission – so I decided to take a chance and purchase it.

It definitely does have a lot to recommend it. The plot is a nice little slice of mind control goodness in Daphne’s usual vein; I don’t think I’m spoiling too much when I say that it features a chemist (played by Ryan McClane) who makes suspiciously neon-looking soft drink concoctions and a couple of women who make the serious mistake of drinking them. There’s a little bit of complexity near the beginning, as the girlfriend who’s already brainwashed (Maya Kendrick) tries to convince the ex-girlfriend who’s falling under the spell of the drug (Aspen Romanoff) to leave without violating her programming… but this is really about a slow slide into inexorable submission, and the outcome is never in doubt.

Everyone involved does a good job of portraying their role in that slow slide – McClane acts perfectly amicable in a way that makes it at least semi-plausible that his ex-girlfriend would trust him not to drug her drink, and he brings a little bit of force to his “Master” persona without being off-puttingly cruel or arrogant. Maya Kendrick has a lot to pull off as the current girlfriend – she has to be blissfully happy to be brainwashed, concerned for the other woman who’s falling under her Master’s spell, and finally just happy to have someone to top herself (there’s a very hot sequence when she gives up on driving away the other woman and straight up starts taking control of her) and she does a great job of making it all very believable. And while Aspen Romanoff does have a slightly stiff affect to her performance, a) I’m not at all sure that wasn’t a deliberate choice given that she starts falling under the drug’s influence as soon as the video begins, and b) deliberate or not, it works as a performance of someone losing their will to a sinister mind control drug.

There’s some very hot call-and-response in there, some interesting “flash-fantasies” as you see both women imagining themselves surrendering to their submissive side in the middle of ordinary conversations, a very nice sequence for voyeurs and exhibitionists as Aspen watches Maya masturbating to thoughts of obedience, and as mentioned a really hot moment where Maya decides to take control of Aspen herself.

Oh, and there’s a long sex scene, but you can fast-forward through that.

(Okay, I kid, but… really, it does feel like the mind control pauses for a relatively vanilla sex scene between the three actors. There’s no dialogue during the fifteen-minute long sequence of Ryan putting his new girlfriends through their brainwashed paces, except a couple of more-or-less stage instructions to change position. Both women do a wonderful job of looking very blank and aroused during this scene, and I suspect that if you saw screenshots from it you’d think that it was amazing, but there’s just not really any mind control happening while they fuck. I don’t know whether this is a concession to the realities of production – certainly I don’t know where you would put the microphones – but this would have been so much hotter with a little dirty talk to accompany the sex.)

That said, there are some very effective bits for those of you who like slow surrenders, deep brainwashing, mindless staring, helpless arousal, thoughtless chanting, serial recruitment, drug play, and other mind control kinks that happen to be pretty common around these parts. I suspect most people will find the parts they like and skip straight to those after the first viewing, and it’s pretty easy to argue that’s what was intended. If you like Daphne’s writing on the EMCSA, I think you’ll probably wind up enjoying “Bottoms Up”.

Double Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now” and “No Time for Boys”!

October 18, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Young Gods”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA and Literotica. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting two new stories, “Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now” (MC MF FD) and “No Time for Boys” (MC MF MD RB)!

In “Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now”, Leah’s a young and eager erotic hypnotist who asks her friend-with-benefits Sam to be her guinea pig for her first efforts at erotic hypnosis. Turns out she’s pretty good at it… and Sam finds that he really enjoys being her test subject. Here’s a taste:

She didn’t act uncertain, though. “And as you keep your eyes focused on that same spot, you might find your attention wandering a bit as you listen to my words,” she said, her voice taking on the low, breathy tones Sam had heard her practicing more than a few times when he dropped by her apartment. “You might find yourself noticing the way your breathing is becoming slower, deeper, more regular as your body begins to relax and settle into the cushions of the sofa. If you need to shift position to become more comfortable, you’ll be able to do that easily and effortlessly, knowing that the more comfortable you are, the easier it is to let go of distractions and follow my voice.”

Sam sank back a little onto the couch, slightly amused by the way that his body responded to the power of Leah’s suggestion. That was a good sign, right? He tried to breathe the way she suggested as well, consciously trying to take long, steady breaths in and out as he watched the spot on the wall. “That’s it,” she purred, her long fingers stroking down the nape of his neck as she spoke. “You’re doing so well. Just keep listening, and let my voice direct your attention to where it needs to go.”

While in “No Time for Boys”, closeted lesbian Kayla has just gotten the world’s most passive-aggressive present from her passive-aggressive sister – a Boy(tm) all her own. With no return policy and no resale value, she’s stuck with a sex toy she has no interest in… but as you can probably guess, that’s about to be the least of her worries. Here’s a taste:

Kayla turned away from the computer with another loud, theatrical sigh of frustration, and slid the box over next to her chair. She used her apartment key to slice through the tape, pulling open the cardboard flaps and tugging at the foam dividers. Maybe she could turn it into an art installation or something, take it apart with a crowbar and pour fake blood over the pieces as a comment on late-stage capitalism. Or resell it to one of her straight friends, assuming that wasn’t a violation of the End User License Agreement–

Kayla finally pulled out the tightly-packed foam divider. The Boy in the box was cherry-red, her least favorite color. Absolutely fucking typical Margo. And Kayla would lay fucking money that Margo read every word of that ‘no returns or exchanges’ policy, too. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the computer to see if there was a Craigslist section for sex toys.

Which meant that when the Boy stood up and put his hand on Kayla’s shoulder, it took her completely by surprise. She gave a brief yelp and spun in her chair, instinctively flinching back a few inches from it. God, couldn’t they at least have put some clothes on it, or a warning label or something? The last thing she needed was to suddenly have a faceful of robot junk right in front of her at the end of a hard day. (And of course, Margo sprung for the ‘realistic penis’ option…)

Hope you enjoy them!

Is It Hypnosis? – Part Thirteen

October 14, 2018

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So, back to another set of my older stories, examining them with the specific intent of discussing the hypnosis involved and how believable and ethical it really is. (Again, the original plan was just to discuss the realism, but I don’t feel like you can talk about realistic plans to brainwash someone without their knowledge or consent without also mentioning that hey, that’s really not a good idea and you shouldn’t try it whether or not it would work.) Let’s go, shall we?

Suicide Blonde: I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure Natalie is consciously hypnotizing Hannah in this story. I think that she’s just trying to keep Natalie’s attention on her, keep her focused and distracted from her depression and the very real possibility of jumping off the edge of the building just a few feet away, and that there’s enough similarity between “trying to get someone to focus on nothing but you” and “hypnotizing someone” that it sort of happens on its own. I would like to believe that something like this would work in this situation, for fairly obvious reasons, and I also judge it as pretty ethical even though it’s technically covert and conversational hypnosis. Natalie’s not trying to get Hannah into her bed, she’s trying to save her life. The other stuff just kind of happens.

Soft and Wet: This is, like most of the Lynn and Michael stuff, very plausible and in fact based mostly on real life hypnotic play between Lady Ru’etha and myself. In this case, I did elide a few details here and there for ease of narration, and we didn’t actually make me forget who I was while the session was going on, but this is definitely plausible, hot and entirely consensual. (If I ever collect the specifically consensual mind control stories I’ve written into a book, that might be the title.)

You May Be Right: I mainly included this one because I’m not sure how much we’ve talked about subliminal messages, which tend to get lumped in with hypnosis under “plausible and scientifically proven methods of real-life mind control” even though the science on it is dubious at best and doesn’t hold up to real scrutiny. (Participants in a double-blind study tended to believe they’d improved in whatever subject they were told they’d gotten subliminal tapes for, even when the tapes were actually for something different.)

Now, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing at all to the idea of constant repetition of a message as a form of brainwashing – if you listen to a hypnosis file over and over, you’re going to become more susceptible to it, same as any other form of repetitive conditioning. But bluntly, there are serious limits on how effective that is with an unwitting subject, and it’s going to work even worse if it’s harder to hear the hypnotic messages. This one is straight up fantasy, which is good, because brainwashing your roommate into a sex slave without her consent is incredibly sketchy.

Step by Step: On the one hand… look, I don’t want to suggest that you can just start reciting a set of mantras and within moments, everyone around you is simply going to follow along into a vacant, helpless trance as they drone out the words without thinking. That’s really unlikely with most people, especially someone like Brenda who’s literally hearing these words for the very first time. I think you’d probably get the other kind of blank look, the “what the fuck is this shit?” look.

On the other hand… it’s pretty clear that this is an audience of people self-selected to believe that they have a problem managing their susceptibility to hypnosis. Like, anyone walking through the door isn’t just a good hypnotic subject, they’re someone who has a sufficiently large problem resisting suggestions that they think they need to come to someone for assistance with something they can’t handle themselves. And there is a known psychological effect involved in group activities that suppresses dissent and encourages conformity. Once Brenda saw everyone else going on with it, it would be harder for her to resist. And yes, part of the entire structure of AA directly and deliberately involves surrendering personal autonomy and living according to the directives of the group. (I will save the debate over whether that’s a good idea for another time.) And the hypnosis is being used to initiate sex, which tends to be its own reward for most people.

So it is, just theoretically, possible that Heidi’s scam could work for this particular group of people, even if it probably wouldn’t work for anyone else. But obviously, taking advantage of people who come to you because they think of themselves as extra-vulnerable and in need of support is ungodly fucking terrible and you should only do it if you’re a fictional character. (And even then, only to other fictional characters. Breaking the fourth wall to hypnotize people without their permission is wrong, Deadpool. Also that’s not a pocket watch. That’s a taco taped to a piece of string.)

Unwritten: And here’s another example of that group consensus effect I was talking about. Felicity isn’t being ‘hypnotized’ per se; she’s being introduced into a group that has a very rigid set of social structures at odds with the ones she’s used to, but one where everyone treats the altered dynamic as normal and there’s a fuckton of emotional pressure on her to conform to the group instead of dropping out of college and disappointing her whole family. I’m not convinced this would work, and I certainly think that the set-up for it is convoluted enough that even if you were unethical enough to be a real-life Lucretia Westcroft, you’d have trouble making it all happen… but looking at real-life cults and secret societies, it’s clear that you genuinely can make people do a lot of extreme things just by isolating them from the social structures that tell them not to and forcing them into a dynamic where it seems normal.

Also, looking at real-life cults and secret societies, this is very clearly a bad idea and you should not do it. There’s a lot of “I see this ending in fire” examples out there, in some cases literally. Think of this as a sexy, sexy cautionary tale, and not a set of instructions to make your very own brainwashed slave cult.

And on that cheerful note, we’re done with this installment! See you next week for more blog posts, and whenever I feel like it for more of this particular sub-series!

Double Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Brain Freeze” and “4 U 2 B Free”!

October 13, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Narrow Escape”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA and Literotica. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting two new stories, “Brain Freeze” (MC FF) and “4 U 2 B Free” (MC MF MD FF FD)!

In ‘Brain Freeze’, Quiana’s power outage is making her miserable from the summer heat. But luckily, her neighbor has stopped by with a big bowl of hand-cranked poppy seed ice cream! And Quiana’s about to find out that her neighbor has a gift for making good food… and for breeding very special poppies. Here’s a taste:

“I don’t get a ton of seeds from each harvest,” Marlena went on as she settled back onto the couch cushions, seemingly oblivious to Quiana’s change of heart, “but really, I don’t need a whole lot. I’m not greedy or anything, you know? I think that I used about half my current supply on the ice cream, but I’ve still got more than enough to get me through until the plants produce seeds again. So long as I haven’t guessed wrong about your weight, that is. How much do you weigh, Quiana? About 145 pounds, 150?”

“Um…” It seemed like an odd, absurdly personal question, but what surprised Quiana most was how difficult it seemed to answer it. She felt like she’d been sitting there, eating ice cream and letting Marlena do the talking for so long that now that she finally was given an opportunity to speak, she’d forgotten how. Her head felt strangely numb, and thinking was suddenly a tremendous effort. It was like an ice cream headache without the pain, just a burst of brain paralysis that made Quiana feel like each individual thought was forcing its way through thick fluid.

While in “4 U 2 B Free”, Service Unit 4U and her Master are trying a risky tactic to bring a new ally to their side in the war against the Directors. They’re trying to do something Unit 4U doesn’t believe to be possible – free a slave from the Directors’ grasp. Here’s a taste:

I’ve never seen a pussy wetter than Service Unit 2B’s before. I don’t say that lightly–I’ve been a slave for three years now, and even though not all of my assignments have involved sex and seduction, I’ve still spent plenty of time doing my best to get the people I serve as turned on as possible. I’m very accustomed to the sight of arousal. But 2B… we’ve taken her well beyond that. Two weeks of constant sexual teasing without the possibility of release has turned her cunt into a dripping, slick mess that constantly soaks the chair of the brainwashing suite. (No wonder it’s waterproof.) When I touch her labia, my fingers come away trailing strings of her musk behind them. She’s got to be near her breaking point, even for a slave conditioned to resist all brainwashing not coming from her true Masters.

I wonder for a moment if this is what it was like for Haley, the day they installed me in her head. The day they turned me into a service unit. It’s a little unnerving, finding my thoughts turning to the one moment that I’m never allowed to recall, not even as a totally compliant slave incapable of resisting my Master’s commands. It feels like I’m tip-toeing right up to the line of disobedience by even thinking about it, but at the same time the comparison seems irresistible. I know what Haley’s memories were from before her recruitment, I’m fully aware of everything that happened to her since, but… there’s a void there. And I imagine it must look like 2B right now.

Hope you enjoy them!

Being Me

October 7, 2018

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A few days ago, I saw a really excellent post on Tumblr (here, for those of you who would like to read it), and I thought it deserved a slightly more thoughtful response than just reblogging it. Because it does say, very well, a lot of things that I’d kind of been practicing without discussing, and I wanted to talk a little bit about why I do the things I do without hijacking the thread. And my blog is a perfect place (in my opinion at least) to talk about myself, in the assumption that people coming here want to hear my specific thoughts and ideas about a topic. So here’s what I think about patriarchal fantasies and realities.

First, let’s start with a basic fact. I am, and I don’t at all think this is an original description of the job of an author, a professional liar. It is, in fact, my job to tell you things that I know are not true, and make them sound believable enough that at least temporarily, you do that wonderful thing called “suspending your disbelief” and treat them as if they are in fact true. This is a good and wonderful thing, and I will defend the need for fiction to my dying day, but the important point is, I lie a lot. And specifically, I lie about sex. And more specifically, I lie about the exchange of power in sex in a lot of ways that are emotionally and politically charged. You can’t write about kink without writing about politics, at least not in a small-p interpersonal way.

Second, the kind of lying that writers do is only worthwhile within the context of an accepted set of rules about when it’s okay to lie. That is to say, if I tell you, “In a hole in a ground, there lived a hobbit,” that is the kind of lie that is perfectly fine even though there are no such things as hobbits and the holes in the ground are (hopefully unoccupied). Whereas if I tell you, “I will be at the airport in ten minutes to pick you up,” and I am in reality sitting at home eating popcorn and watching a ‘Forged in Fire’ marathon, that is a very bad kind of lie even though it is significantly closer to the truth than the one about the hobbits. In order for this whole thing to work, you have to know when I am lying and when I am telling the truth.

And third, I cannot trust you to just know. I mean, okay, maybe I can with the hobbit thing, and I’m probably pretty safe if I claim to have inside knowledge on a war fought long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, but I cannot legitimately expect you to know that when I say, “Women are inherently sluts and they just need a good hard fucking to bring it out of them,” I’m speaking in my capacity as a professional liar and not as an honest-but-highly objectionable misogynist. Not without something to signify, one way or the other, which metaphorical hat I am wearing when I say it. (The hat is a lie too. There is no hat. “It’s metaphorical” is just a way of saying, “This is a really cool lie that will help you understand something when I explain it to you.”)

Now, there are some people on Tumblr involved in the “patriarchy” kink (I don’t feel like I need to name any names, I’m sure you can all think of a few) who seem to be very comfortable blurring this line. They will make posts that are explicitly anti-feminism, pro-misogyny, and supportive of the idea that all women everywhere should see as their primary goal earning the approval of men. These are their only posts. There’s nothing in there about big-P Politics, and the only little-p politics you can read from their statements is that women are worthless and men should treat them like property. They do not make a distinction between women who consent to this as their personal kink and women who don’t… although as Hypnovictim pointed out, many of them seem very interested in making distinction between ciswomen and transwomen, and not in positive ways. Consent to a patriarchy kink is assumed to be opt-out, not opt-in.

There are, to be blunt, two kinds of people who do this. The first kind are the people who assume, very incorrectly, that they can expect you to know when they are wearing the professional liar hat and that they shouldn’t have to tell you every time. They may believe (again, they are so wrong) that simply being on Tumblr under that account name and posting under their fictional persona is an obvious signifier that they are writing a fictional account of a kink they enjoy, and that everyone should simply understand that they don’t really believe that women should be treated like shit. They honestly don’t understand why it is that they get tarred with such a broad brush by what they assume are humorless people.

The reason they’re wrong is because of the second kind of person who does this. The second kind of person genuinely believes all this awful shit. They are not wearing a professional liar hat. They are not lying. They are saying, quite truthfully and honestly and horribly, that they believe women to have no inherent worth as human beings and they think it’s okay to abuse them for men’s sexual pleasure. They are very serious, and their words are absolutely indistinguishable from the words the first type uses. There is no way to tell who is wearing the metaphorical hat, here.

And all this goes a long way to explain why I have absolutely no fucks to give for the poor misunderstood Tumblr Dom who posts once in a blue moon with, “Why does everyone just assume I’m like this in real life?” or “Why do all these white supremacists and men’s rights activists keep following me?” or “Why does everyone think I’m transphobic and homophobic?” This is entirely a self-inflicted problem. When you don’t make it sufficiently clear what parts of your kink are real and what parts of it are fantasy, you are responsible for that. You chose to blur that line between fiction and reality, and that means you take on an implicit responsibility for people not knowing where you stand. If you don’t like that, in the immortal words of Tumblr users everywhere, TAG YOUR PORN.

And it’s also why I make my Tumblr blog the way it is. I tag my fiction as fiction not just because it’s easier to find that way, but because I want people to know that the things I write about as kinky fantasies aren’t the things I believe, even if they’re told in the first person. I put big-P Political posts on there so that you, my audience, know that when I write about women being brainwashed, it is an opt-in consensual fantasy and not my stance on feminism. I post silly, goofy little shitposts sometimes, not just because I think they’re funny but because I want you to know that I am a real human being and not a persona. I make my blog real so that when I’m lying, you know it.

And hopefully, you enjoy it.

Double Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Zzzonked” and “Of Course We’ve All Seen the Sun”!

October 4, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“I Would Die 4 U”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA and Literotica. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting two new stories, “Zzzonked” (MC MD MF FF MA CB) and “Of Course We’ve All Seen the Sun” (MC MF MD)!

“Zzzonked” is a new superhero story, the first full outing for Madame Macabre! She’s just returned from a lengthy battle to find that one of the mystic books she’s guarding has escaped, and she needs to recapture its protagonist before he ends the world with his powerful sleep spells. It shouldn’t be any real problem… emphasis on “shouldn’t”. Here’s a taste:

Of course, she thought with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she alighted through the open window, the fact that nobody could get in didn’t mean she never had any security problems to worry about. Even as dulled as they were by drowsiness, her mystic senses could tell that something was wrong even before she found her clerk Mordecai slumped unconscious in his favorite armchair, a book with mysteriously blank pages lying open on the floor beneath his limp and dangling hand. As soon as she saw him, she realized exactly what it was that was pricking her magical intuition.

One of the stories had escaped again.

She reached down and scooped up the book with her pale, dexterous fingers, turning it over to look at the spine with a sense of growing apprehension. She relaxed a little when she saw the title–‘The Tale of Silas the Somnomancer’–but only a tiny bit. Silas was far from the most dangerous of the narratives she kept imprisoned in her magical shop; if Stabbily Ever After or The Duchess of Bone had made it out of their volumes, she probably wouldn’t have found Mordecai alive. But she knew how Silas’s story ended, and that meant she still couldn’t leave it until morning. Damn. It was always something.

And in “Of Course We’ve All Seen the Sun”, Sunny is trying to explain the strange dream she had, about a prince who needed rescuing and a queen who insisted the sun was nothing but a fantasy. Sunny’s sure it meant something, and she’s hoping her Master can explain it to her. Here’s a taste:

I dreamt I found this… it was sort of like a portal, in my dream. Not like a regular door, or even a magic door, but a sort of portal into my mind? Sorry, it’s sort of hard to describe. It was made of sheets of paper like the kind I use to write my devotions to you, but they were all glued together at one edge so you could only look at them in a particular order. And when you looked at all the words, they all made sense–even the ones that didn’t tell you how to obey, if you can believe that–and they made a picture in your head. In my dream, that picture was so real that I could almost step into it. Like, I read the words and it made me imagine things.

Sort of like your words, Master, but… not yours? I’m sorry, I know I’m not making much sense. But that’s what it’s like in dreams sometimes. Like, once I dreamed I was wearing clothes. All over my body! On my tits, on my cunt… everywhere! I looked so strange all covered up like that, like I wasn’t even horny or obedient even a little bit. I had on these, um, things. On my face. To help me see better, and make me look smart and serious, and it was… it was so weird. I didn’t look like your slut at all, Master.

Hope you enjoy them!