Double Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Brain Freeze” and “4 U 2 B Free”!

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Narrow Escape”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA and Literotica. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting two new stories, “Brain Freeze” (MC FF) and “4 U 2 B Free” (MC MF MD FF FD)!

In ‘Brain Freeze’, Quiana’s power outage is making her miserable from the summer heat. But luckily, her neighbor has stopped by with a big bowl of hand-cranked poppy seed ice cream! And Quiana’s about to find out that her neighbor has a gift for making good food… and for breeding very special poppies. Here’s a taste:

“I don’t get a ton of seeds from each harvest,” Marlena went on as she settled back onto the couch cushions, seemingly oblivious to Quiana’s change of heart, “but really, I don’t need a whole lot. I’m not greedy or anything, you know? I think that I used about half my current supply on the ice cream, but I’ve still got more than enough to get me through until the plants produce seeds again. So long as I haven’t guessed wrong about your weight, that is. How much do you weigh, Quiana? About 145 pounds, 150?”

“Um…” It seemed like an odd, absurdly personal question, but what surprised Quiana most was how difficult it seemed to answer it. She felt like she’d been sitting there, eating ice cream and letting Marlena do the talking for so long that now that she finally was given an opportunity to speak, she’d forgotten how. Her head felt strangely numb, and thinking was suddenly a tremendous effort. It was like an ice cream headache without the pain, just a burst of brain paralysis that made Quiana feel like each individual thought was forcing its way through thick fluid.

While in “4 U 2 B Free”, Service Unit 4U and her Master are trying a risky tactic to bring a new ally to their side in the war against the Directors. They’re trying to do something Unit 4U doesn’t believe to be possible – free a slave from the Directors’ grasp. Here’s a taste:

I’ve never seen a pussy wetter than Service Unit 2B’s before. I don’t say that lightly–I’ve been a slave for three years now, and even though not all of my assignments have involved sex and seduction, I’ve still spent plenty of time doing my best to get the people I serve as turned on as possible. I’m very accustomed to the sight of arousal. But 2B… we’ve taken her well beyond that. Two weeks of constant sexual teasing without the possibility of release has turned her cunt into a dripping, slick mess that constantly soaks the chair of the brainwashing suite. (No wonder it’s waterproof.) When I touch her labia, my fingers come away trailing strings of her musk behind them. She’s got to be near her breaking point, even for a slave conditioned to resist all brainwashing not coming from her true Masters.

I wonder for a moment if this is what it was like for Haley, the day they installed me in her head. The day they turned me into a service unit. It’s a little unnerving, finding my thoughts turning to the one moment that I’m never allowed to recall, not even as a totally compliant slave incapable of resisting my Master’s commands. It feels like I’m tip-toeing right up to the line of disobedience by even thinking about it, but at the same time the comparison seems irresistible. I know what Haley’s memories were from before her recruitment, I’m fully aware of everything that happened to her since, but… there’s a void there. And I imagine it must look like 2B right now.

Hope you enjoy them!


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