Is It Hypnosis? – Part Fifteen

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And after a bit of a hiatus, it’s time to get back into my irregularly-posted, 100%-guaranteed-unreliable-or-your-lack-of-money-back look at my old stories and evaluation of the plausibility and ethics of the hypnosis within! Let’s get started, shall we?

Dirty Laundry: This one is definitely very plausible (and relatively mild) in its use of hypnosis; Will, the main character, is clearly into Rowan at the start, and it wouldn’t take much time or effort to get him into a state where he’d be happy to follow a suggestion that was already something he wanted to do. This is very much skirting the vague and ill-defined line between hypnosis and seduction, and I don’t think I’m being too inaccurate in saying that many lonely people are happy to be seduced by someone charming and attractive. (YMMV on what “charming and attractive” specifically means, here.)

Is it ethical? Well, Rowan doesn’t specifically say, “I am going to induce a trance state and make suggestions to you,” which is really something that you should be honest with your play partners about. Covert hypnosis is never cool. That said, she makes her intentions pretty clear right from the get-go, she’s forthright with Will about what she wants from him and in general, and her ‘hypnosis’ is really just dirty talk with a thin veneer of hypnotic language. I’ve certainly written people who’ve done worse.

The End Is the Beginning Is the End: This one’s a little tricky to judge, because the twist at the end (spoilers!) (for a nearly seven year old story!) is that this isn’t the protagonist’s first or even second attempt through the loop. She’s been repeatedly awakened and reinduced, each time with an instruction to forget the previous times and ignore any signs that time has passed, so the commands she’s given over the course of the story have no doubt been repeatedly reinforced. Moreover, we don’t see the initial induction, so we have no way of knowing how much of her… ahem, slightly implausible… susceptibility to hypnosis is natural and how much of it has been created by the reinforcement. In short, while it doesn’t seem that believable, repetition and conditioning are a hell of a thing.

It is, however, pretty safe to say that absent a sequence in which she gives her enthusiastic consent both to being repeatedly hypnotized in public, and to having her memory modified to forget that she knows the hypnotist and wants to be hypnotized (and certainly CNC scenes like that can be very hot, but…) this has to go in the “Do NOT Try This in a Coffee Shop Near Home” file.

I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That): And speaking of things that are incredibly sketchy… look, I’m about 137% certain that this wouldn’t work. Even if you factor in the fact that Jim is looking for a way to reconcile his self-professed identity as a straight man with his impending plans to be intimate with another guy, even if you take into account that he’s actively looking for an excuse to engage in homosexual activities without having to accept any emotional responsibility for it, even if you decide to go outside the stated text and play the “he’s a closeted gay or bisexual man and just hasn’t realized it yet” card, the fact remains that I just don’t think that hypnosis can be used to break that many boundaries that quickly, especially when the subconscious self knows that the hypnotist has been using trance to try to violate the subject’s trust that overtly.

But I’m not about to do any of the things that would prove my hypothesis right or wrong, because using hypnosis on a patient to get them to invite you into their bedroom for a threesome is just so far past the Event Horizon of Wrong that it’s not something we should ever discuss as anything more than a pure fantasy. So we will never find out.

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now: This, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of sketchy. And the exact opposite of implausible. It’s a loving, entirely consensual use of hypnosis in a situation where everyone has communicated in advance their needs and desires – the specific actions are not planned in advance, but they’re all things that are known to be ‘green’ to both of the parties involved, and everything is being done in the spirit of love and acceptance. And, I don’t mind saying, this is based on some real-life activities between myself and my Goddess (although it conflates together a couple of evenings, and omits a few things that we did together for the sake of narrative flow). This is a story that shows all the ways that you can use hypnosis, ethically and consensually, to create a wonderful experience for you and your partner.

One of These Nights: Annnnd this is a story about a skeezy guy hypnotizing his neighbor to give him free sex shows in the middle of the night. It’s safe to say that this is at best, highly unlikely to work; Donna mentions in the story that she doesn’t do nude photos professionally, so she’s clearly got a taboo about displaying her naked body to others, and it’s pretty hard to believe that the implied hypnotic commands that keep her wandering out of her bedroom in the middle of the night to masturbate for Jimmy would be strong enough to hold up in the face of that kind of prohibition, no matter how frequently he reinforced them. (And I’m generally of the opinion that reinforcing a command that a subject is resisting would probably make them less likely to accept any commands from you at all, rather than more likely to accept the command they’re resisting. Again, not that I’m likely to try.)

Which is, ultimately, the verdict on this story as a whole. It’s something you shouldn’t try, because even if you could pull it off, the thing you’d be doing would be horribly, horribly wrong and unethical and just a big nope all around. If you want someone to strip for you under the influence of hypnosis, find someone who’s into stripping and hypnosis and negotiate a scene.

And with that rather obvious message out of the way, we’re done with another installment! See you next week for another blog post, and next (shrug emoji) for another “Is It Hypnosis?”

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