Is It Hypnosis? – Part Seventeen

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It’s that time again, when I look back at some of my old stories that feature what purports to be real hypnosis (as opposed to magic, drugs, telepathy, mind control rays, or sinister feng shui that turns women into lesbians) and examine them for plausibility and application to the real world. Again, there’s nothing wrong with a hypnosis fantasy that does things that only can be done (or should be done) in fantasy; that’s what fantasies are for, after all. But it’s always interesting to know which of your fantasies you could genuinely experience if you wanted. Let’s begin, shall we?

Come Together: This isn’t just plausible and ethical; it’s more or less a pretty straightforward primer on how to achieve this kind of hypnotic conditioning in real life. Everything has pretty clearly been negotiated Sasha, Julia and Valerie, the two submissives are entering into a consensual trance, and Sasha is using their rapport as hypnotized subjects to put them into a state of mind where they can each very vividly imagine what the other is feeling. Positive association makes the mind very ready to accept the suggestion, and the ending of the story suggests that Sasha is going to reinforce it very frequently and… ahem. Vigorously. All in all, this is just pretty much three very nice people having consensual hypno-kinky times, and I think anyone who wants to try it and can find enthusiastic partners for it should go for it.

Too Late for Love: This is definitely very realistic; Irene isn’t really doing anything to Simon except for a very basic induction that takes advantage of his exhaustion and conditioned response to hypnotic cues to trance him and fuck him. (The ‘hypnotic cue’ thing is something long-time partners experience a lot; when you’re used to going into trance for someone, you don’t necessarily need a formal trigger or even an induction. All you need is a clear sign that the hypnotist wants you to go under, and your mind – which already knows perfectly well how to go into a hypnotic state – will do the rest.)

As to consent… it definitely relies pretty heavily on the assumption that both parties know each other well enough to know that Simon’s ‘no’ is genuinely just a concession to the practical realities of his physical exhaustion, and that he’s perfectly willing to let her shut down his mind and steer his semi-conscious body so long as he doesn’t have to make an effort to think any more that evening. It’s definitely something I wouldn’t try with a partner of mine, because I feel like the dynamic of a guy pushing a woman for sex is awkward and uncomfortable, but it is very much a YMMV situation and I know some people for whom it would be very consensual play. (I also acknowledge, though, that you could read it very differently if you wanted to.)

Ladybug Waltz: I hesitated to include this one, because it’s very much written in such a way to make you question the reality of the events the narrator is experiencing. But I decided that ultimately, the story points pretty strongly to the idea that the main character has been hypnotized by Chantal, that the trance includes suggestions to believe that everything that’s happening to her is a dream, and that she therefore has a lot of her conscious resistance suborned by the belief that none of this is real.

Which… no, I don’t think that’s possible. I don’t think you could get someone that deep using covert hypnosis, I don’t think you could get someone that suggestible without conscious buy-in, and I think that ultimately the person would wake if you tried to do what Possibly Chantal did. (And of course, I strongly recommend against testing any of this, because OMG so unethical and creepy!) This one sits pretty firmly in the realm of the fantastic, where it belongs.

Heart Shaped Box: This story was another one of those ones that I wasn’t 100% sure Simon would accept when I first posted it; it floats in that nebulous realm between hypnosis and seduction, where it’s very hard to say how much of Emily’s reaction is a trance state of relaxation, pleasure and focus on Krystelle’s pussy and how much is just Emily absolutely gagging for lesbian sex. Certainly I’d say that there’s enough similarities between seduction and hypnosis; both of them involve drawing the subject’s attention to one and only one thing, and both of them involve getting the subject to tune out the parts of their mind that are distracting to the desired outcome. (And arguably, both of them work so much better if the subject wants that outcome too.)

Certainly I think that Krystelle knows what she’s doing, even if she thinks of it as “seduction” and not “hypnosis”, and I think she’s aware that Emily is very receptive to what she’s offering. Emily’s objections are all grounded in “What would other people think of me if I did this?”, and while I’d say in the real world that means it’s time to have a conversation about wants and needs and expectations, in a fantasy it’s okay to just say, “Shut up and keep staring at my cunt.”

Joy to the World: As with a few of these gentle femdom stories, this one isn’t so much “plausible” as “100% a real thing that happened with a few of the details changed to ensure a proper dramatic flow”. It wasn’t a cat that needed to be picked up from the vet, and we embellished a bit what happened afterward, but the hypnosis was very real, happened more or less as described, and was entirely consensual (as were the planted triggers). I think, given my co-author, that you can guess who was involved with the other end of things. And I’m pretty sure She would say that Lynn’s point of view was presented equally accurately.

And that’s all for this installment – join me next week for another blog post!

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