Mind Control Powers in City of Heroes, Ranked

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In honor of the return of one of my favorite games in the history of ever, albeit in highly unofficial and unauthorized form, I figured I’d take a look at Mind Controllers in ‘City of Heroes’! (Or, y’know, ‘City of Villains’. If you wanted to make an actual Sinister Mind Controller.) Honestly, I had real trouble coming up with a concept for a Mind Controller, because practically everything felt like I was advertising my fetish to the whole world. Right up to the end, the only one I ever played significantly felt incredibly kinky to me. But I did give the power set some play, so let’s talk about the fetish potential for each power, one by one.

9) Levitate. Not even really a “mind control” power per se, this one let you lift people into the air telekinetically and fling them to the ground. There may be people who find this sexy, but I’m not one of them. Fetish Potential: 0/10.

8) Mass Confusion. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a whole group of people wandering around in a bewildered fog, their minds clouded by a sinister mind controller until they no longer know who they are or what they’re doing. But this is the City of Heroes version of the power, which prompts them to see each other as enemies and attack each other. It’s more like the church scene in ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, which is very unsexy indeed. Fetish Potential: 0/10.

7) Terrify. I confess, this is very much a YKINMK one for me; I know that there are people who are deeply into fear play and would probably be very excited to be able to simply stare at someone and and psychically project a horrifying visage that left others literally cowering in front of them. But I’m not one of those people, so it ranks very low for me. Fetish Potential: 0/10, 10/10 if you’ve got a very specific and popular kink.

6) Telekinesis. Technically speaking, there’s something a little bit pervy about lifting someone into the air with your mind, holding them helpless, and pushing them back against the wall. Like, if someone did that to me, consensually… yeah, I’d probably squirm a little. (To the best of my ability while being held in the air telekinetically.) Fetish Potential: 2/10.

5) Confuse. The single-target version of Mass Confusion, which scores higher marks because there’s something so heavily kink-adjacent about all the stories where a hero is seduced into attacking his own friends because they’re enemies of his new Goddess. It’s not exactly a fantasy of mine, but it’s a scenario I’ve seen play out so often that it triggers a certain automatic reaction. Fetish Potential: 3/10.

4) Dominate. Getting into the big time now… the only reason this one doesn’t rate extremely high is that the animation and description of the power specify that it causes pain, and that’s less my kink than some others? But still, it’s a power that holds someone utterly helpless in the grip of another person’s will, and that’s never going to be not sexy. Fetish Potential: 7/10.

3) Total Domination. Same thing, except it affects a whole crowd at once and has a sexier name. Fetish Potential: 8/10.

2) Mass Hypnosis. Oh, now we’re talking. You’ve got your “wave your hands and a whole crowd of people instantly slumps into drowsy silence” thing going on, here, and the sleep animation for victims of this power is absolutely gorgeous. Head slumped onto chest, whole body drooping in exhaustion, little cartoon ZZZs floating up… really, the only thing keeping it from number one is the animation on the power, which isn’t quite as hot as the single-target version. Fetish Potential: 9.9/10.

1) Mesmerize. The apex of the set, at least as far as kink goes. You gesture hypnotically. A literal spinning spiral projects out from your head. And the person in front of you immediately goes slack and dazed, aware of their surroundings but totally unable to act. And because of the way the sleep effect works in City of Heroes, you can keep using it on them again, and again, and again, until they finally collapse at your feet, defeated. Do I even have to say anything more? Fetish Potential: 11/10.

And there you have it, everything you need to make your own seductive brainwashing expert. If I see even one person running around with obvious fetish gear, hypnotizing their enemies into mindless obedience, I’ll consider this time well spent.


One Response to “Mind Control Powers in City of Heroes, Ranked”

  1. Illgraniteyouthat Says:

    Welcome home my friend, isn’t it awesome to be back in Paragon city? I had been a resident since I5, and I was in Atlas Park when the lights went out. It was one of the worst days of my life. I say with no shame, I had tears in my eyes when I got to fly the skies of our beloved city again. I tried a bunch of other games, but nothing ever came close.

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