Sneak Peek: “Quick Like a Flash”!

It looks like I somehow managed to miss posting a sneak peek for this week’s story for Literotica (and one of the two June 8th stories for Simon, because I’m not the only one going on vacation). So without further ado, here’s a quick look at this week’s upcoming story, “Quick Like a Flash”!

Lora is a highly paid conservative anchorwoman for a cable news show, who specializes in finding absurd figures on the fringes of the political left and giving them enough rope to hang themselves with. But this time, something went very wrong. Now she’s going back over the tape, trying to figure out exactly how “Queen Maeve” tied her up in knots. It happened so fast she barely knew what hit her… but the pause button never lies. Here’s a taste:

Lora pressed play, and the interview jerked into life. “And we have with us today ‘Queen Maeve’,” she heard herself saying, “a self-professed ‘erotic temptress’ and ‘queen of sexual bliss’ who is actually running for public office in California’s 22nd Congressional District. I guess my first question, Maeve, is whether you’ve ever heard the expression ‘stay in your lane’?”

It was a good start, very aggressive, using the rhetoric of the Left against it, but Maeve only smiled like she was listening to a toddler telling their first knock-knock joke. She leaned forward in her seat, her face momentarily at an odd angle to the camera as a result, and said, “Oh, I’m reasonably sure this is my lane, Lora. What happens in Washington affects the life of every person in America, every single day. That includes me… unless you’re saying I’m not a person to you.”

Lora paused the tape and replayed it in slow motion, watching the change in her own expression. She could remember the way she felt when she heard Maeve’s words, the sudden conviction that this woman was smart and eloquent and that trying to simply treat her like a joke would be a huge mistake, but… it didn’t really seem to match up to what was a fairly mild barb on video. Lora had interviewed plenty of liberal talking heads, and she was usually more than happy to let them get their jabs in until she found something she could edit down to a humiliating gaffe on their part, but for some reason she hadn’t done that with Maeve.

Lora rewound and watched herself again, but even though she could see the surprise settling onto her face, she couldn’t tell why it was there. She hit play, allowing the interview to progress.

Hope you enjoy it!

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