Liner Notes for May 2019

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Technically speaking, May isn’t quite over yet, but the next story I post won’t see the EMCSA until June. So that means it’s time to look at the stories in May and discuss a little bit about how they came into existence! Let’s get started, shall we?

Candy Coated: I knew I was looking for a title for an induction piece when I saw this one, and it immediately leapt to the forefront of my brain because there’s a lot of EMC kink material out there associated with drugged candy. I’m not sure quite where the association comes from – maybe it’s the whole “don’t take candy from strangers” taboo we were all indoctrinated with in the paranoid 80s, maybe it’s a leftover from the enchanted Turkish Delight that the White Witch gave Edmund, maybe it’s just that candy is a sweet, slightly forbidden allure that we all associate with temptation and hedonism. In any event, I immediately knew that I could form an induction around the idea of melting into sweet, sticky bliss.

I really love the end work – it’s probably one of my favorite inductions I’ve written, to be honest – but it did do a lot of work in service to a very standard “get naked and masturbate” suggestion. I’ve decided I’ve done that enough, so my next few induction pieces will have more specific suggestions and will clearly be labeled as such for those who don’t want to participate. If all you’re looking for is just fun, trancey language, though, I think this is probably the epitome of my work.

This Is Just 4 U: As I’ve said previously, I did sit down with a lyrics website that had a search engine to pull up all of the “4 U” song titles out there, and assembled a rough outline for myself to write into. This is probably the point where the outline was at its shakiest – I knew how it ended, and I knew certain elements in the stories I planned to write next, but there’s always that point I find in any outlining process for a longer work where you have to write more before it becomes clear in your head. Ben Aaronovitch made an analogy once to being in a hallway of shoji (sliding paper doors) – the things close up you can see very well, but after a certain distance you just have to start opening doors to see what’s on the other side.

All of which is by way of saying there was a certain amount of leaping before I looked here, and I think it might show. I knew it was going to involve 4U being stripped of her safety nets and forced to think for herself, but it wasn’t until I started writing that I realized just how devastating that would be for her and how much her status as a service unit would really affect her ability to help her Master. Which led me to the same conclusion as her Master, and which in turn instantly firmed up the remaining stories (there’s just two at this point). I hope that’s worth any rough edges this one might have.

Remind Me to Forget: This was ludicrously quick and easy. “Remind me to forget” is totally what you’d say to an Amazon Echo that was brainwashing you, and once you think about all the potential kink applications of a hacked device that can deliver verbal triggers, control every other appliance in your house, and even has spinny colored rings on it, well… yeah, it was just a matter of playing stenographer to my imagination here.

(For the record, I do see this as a consensual but very intense TPE relationship; Elaine’s agreed to everything she’s doing here, including forgetting that she ever remembered it. But hey, death of the author (not literally), you can picture the beginning of this relationship however you want to.)

In Your Memory: Another one that wound up practically stream-of-consciousness; the title suggested someone getting a lecture on the differences between their remembered experience of confronting a hypnotist and the actual events, and from there it was pretty much just a matter of describing the two narratives and how they conflicted. As is sometimes the case with these very easy ones, I find myself uncertain that it was any good simply because it was so easy to write, but I suspect that’s just my insecurities talking.

And that’s another month in the books – see you next week for another blog post, and next month for another Liner Notes!

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