Liner Notes for June 2019

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Hi all! Looks like it’s the end of another month again – seriously, does it seem like these things are going faster? – and that means it’s time for another round of liner notes! As always, these are my best recollections of what went through my head as I was turning the seed of an idea into the actual story you read. Let’s get started, shall we?

Quick Like a Flash: When I saw this title, it immediately connected with the concept of a subliminal message, because it’s one of the classic tropes of the genre. But as is often the case, the most obvious idea that comes to mind really isn’t an idea at all. I can’t just write a story, “Protagonist gets subliminal messages,” because that’s kind of generic by itself. So I cast my mind around a bit, and linked up the idea with one of my old favorite hypnosis tropes, the Altered Eyes idea, to come up with a person who didn’t need a medium to broadcast subliminal messages. They could do it just by looking at you.

From there, things gelled pretty quickly – obviously the person who did it couldn’t be human, and I didn’t want to do vampires, so fairies were the next best option. (I did the solid purple eyes because, as you can see in the linked post, it’s a shame the eyes are always either black or white.) The 2018 elections were just ramping up when I wrote this, so my brain went political, and because I’m also a big fan of people thinking they’re doing things of their own free will when they’re actually mind controlled, I structured it so that it looked initially like Lora was trying to find out how to resist her brainwashing for next time, when the truth was something far more sinister. (And plus, I just like the idea of the entire Fox News audience suddenly believing in fairies.)

Vacancy: The whole idea of the creepy little hotel out in the middle of nowhere is a staple of the horror genre (and I could write a whole essay on the way that erotica and horror diverged from a common ancestor and still share a whole lot of memetic DNA, but not today). I thought it would be fun to both invert and explain that by showing a perfectly normal proprietor of an out-of-the-way hotel getting jumped by a creepy guest, who has Genre Awareness and knows just how useful a base of operations off the beaten path can be.

In my head, by the way, Maryam was played by the talented and charming Jameela Jamil, from ‘The Good Place’. There’s something so wonderful about the way she delivers even the most heart-wrenching lines in that same chipper, reserved, stiff-upper-lip British fashion that I found myself falling into the same rhythm of speech, so I decided to go with it. If you ever wanted to know what I thought Tahani would sound like as a mad scientist, this is it.

Play With Me: This one was a request from a Patron, who asked for something where the Domme got tied up and teased rather than the sub. So, um, I did that. This one really isn’t that complicated – a brief like that really does kind of write itself, especially because I knew this particular person’s interests well enough to know that they probably wanted entirely consensual hypnosis and not a “tables are permanently turned, muahahahaha!” kind of tale. And honestly, I suspect a lot of people genuinely do something like this with hypnosis and D/s, and it was fun to show it and maybe give people ideas.

Unraveling: Speaking of things I’ve personally found hot, I’ve mentioned that I have a kink for (non-humiliating) disassociation and depersonalization. I’d obviously never take it as far as this story, even if such a thing were possible, but in the safe space of purely hypothetical fantasies where only fictional experience the consequences of my decisions, it’s very hot to describe that kind of deep erasure and enslavement. And the prose style was just a little experimentation with tense and perspective, just because it’s fun to try new things and because I thought it seemed a little more inevitable and inexorable when described as a future event.

ZYX: When I saw this title, it immediately brought to mind reciting the alphabet backward. Isn’t it crazy how you can have the most unexpected associations sometimes? But seriously, I thought of reciting the alphabet backwards and thought it sounded like something someone could use as an induction, sort of like counting down from ten to one. But it’s also generally seen as a test of cognitive ability, which taken together implied that someone was being hypnotized and tested to see how deeply hypnotized they were. Which means, yes, we’re into “someone proves to someone else that they’re a good subject” territory.

I knew I didn’t want to do the “so and so bets they can’t be hypnotized” gimmick this time, and I wasn’t in the mood to write a pure bratty sub story. So I kind of hedged my bets and turned it into a game they play, one that the subject/submissive is a little ambivalent about how much they’re trying to resist and why. I knew I wanted it to be consensual, but I think it’s okay to show that people sometimes to have doubts and worries about what’s going on in their brain and where their D/s relationships are headed, even when they love their partner and enjoy what they’re doing. I like to think that Miku and Chris will have a good talk about it during aftercare.

And that’s it for this month – join me next week for another blog post, and next month for another installment of Liner Notes! See you then!

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