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Liner Notes for July 2019

August 7, 2019

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Yes, that’s right! It’s another installment of Liner Notes! This is, of course, my monthly look back at the stories I wrote and a brief discussion of how they came to be. We’ve got plenty of stories to look at and it’s very late as I write this, so let’s get going, shall we?


X-Static Process: I may have mentioned, on more than one occasion, that I have a strong interest in characters whose physical eyes are altered by the mind control process. And it also bears mentioning that there’s a Tumblr gif that passes by every so often featuring a close up of a person’s face, but with static where the eyes should be. So when I saw the title “X-Static Process”, I kind of connected it together into a story about someone’s eyes slowly dissolving into pits of blank static. Since this didn’t seem like a light, fluffy, happy kind of story, I figured I’d lean into the creepiness and make it an involuntary transformation.

Because I wanted it to be very creepy, I deliberately kept it detail-light on the means and method of the transformation. I’d read a book called ‘Shock Value’ by Jason Zinoman where he discussed the way that much of the impact of the big horror movies of the late 70s and early 80s came from the inexplicable nature of what the protagonists experienced – Michael Myers was an implacable, unknowable figure that struck seemingly without motive, a menace diminished more and more with every explanation of his past. So I wanted to convey that sense of being gradually taken over by something the protagonist couldn’t explain, couldn’t defeat… only succumb to.

He Broke Your Memory Last Night: If you liked this one, you have Thrallflower to thank for it. I was really having a bad creative day when I saw this title, and I specifically singled it out to her as an example of how clearly disengaged my writerly brain must be – it was clearly the perfect title for a mind control story, and I couldn’t come up with anything for it at all. And she said something like, “I see what you mean! That’s a perfect title for a story! Like, maybe something about a woman meeting up the next day with the people who brainwashed her?”

And suddenly I was all, “Oh, yeah, and she doesn’t realize it, but she’s responding to a post-hypnotic suggestion! And they even tell her what’s happening to her, but she doesn’t believe them because she’s been hypnotized not to, and she starts getting horny and blank because the post-hypnotic suggestions are chipping away at her willpower, and…” And within minutes, I’d started typing. So this one really was sparked by someone else’s seed of an idea. (And yes, I thanked her profusely for the help.)

Making Love to the Camera: This one was just me seeing the title and hitting on a few of my hot buttons until they got stuck. I’ve had a thing for the whole “webcam light as trigger” concept pretty much since webcams existed, even though I’ve only played with the idea in the entirely safe realm of fiction and fantasy; this was an attempt to create a slightly more realistic, grounded take on the idea. I’ve also been more interested in the idea of intelligence play ever since I finally internalized the notion that it didn’t have to be linked to humiliation, so the story very quickly developed into someone having a bubbly, silly persona that came out when she was triggered by her webcam, causing her to masturbate for her audience.

And if you’ve got an audience, then obviously the most interesting development would be an audience she wasn’t expecting, hence the friend of the Master popping into the picture. And since I wanted the story to remain light, sweet, and entirely consensual, I was careful to make it clear that this was a fantasy that Tamara/Tammi had previously discussed and enthusiastically consented to should the right situation come up to fulfill it. I like being able to do consensual, loving mind control stories; I certainly don’t think that nobody else is doing them, but I’m very glad I can give someone who might want to experience this kink outside the realm of fiction a reason to believe that they can do so safely and consensually.

Adaptation: And this one was another Patron request, specifically for a story featuring femdom, a Columbian woman as the Domme, and an impregnation fetish. That kind of suggested doing a story about a woman who hypnotizes a man into marrying her for a green card, but I didn’t like that idea because it seemed like it was treating the female protagonist as nothing more than her nationality, which I didn’t love. I set the basic concept aside for a while, but when I saw this title and my mind drifted through to evolutionary adaptation, X-Men style (no, this is not really how evolution works, although most of the potted history of Darwin and Lamarck and Gould and Eldredge is reasonably accurate) I decided that she was going to be a mutant who wanted to have superpowered mind controlling babies that would advance the human species by brainwashing all the sexist men into obedience. Because honestly, it does seem like it would fix more problems than it caused.

And that’s July in the books – I’m still catching up a bit on these posts, so I’ll try to do more than usual this week, but it’ll still be September before another Liner Notes!