Sneak Peek: “Let You Win”!

It appears that I was slightly remiss some months back, and failed to post a sneak peek of this week’s story when it was an Early Bird Reward story. So allow me to give you a special, somewhat belated preview of this week’s story for the EMCSA, “Let You Win”!

It’s a return outing for Josie and Marina from “Temptation Dice”, a story of mine from 2017. As with before, Marina has all sorts of fun and sexy ideas for things to do with Josie once she’s got her roommate good and hypnotized, and as before Josie is mostly making a token show of resistance because she enjoys all the things she and Marina do together. But Josie wants to make it clear that she could resist, if she really wanted to. And she’s very surprised to find out that Marina agrees. Here’s a taste:

Josie’s eyes watered with the effort of ignoring the swinging crystal that dangled just at the edge of her field of vision. “That’s all it is, sweetie,” Marina purred, her carefully-trimmed fingernails tracing a line of sensation along the inside of Josie’s smooth, creamy thighs. “I’m not doing anything to you. I’m just sitting here and talking to you, letting the silver chain hang down from my fingers and letting the pretty pink crystal hang down from the end of the chain. You’re too strong to let something as simple as that tease your brain into soft, foggy, mindless surrender. Isn’t that right?”

Josie nodded slowly. She realized that somehow, without exactly noticing when it had happened, her eyes had drifted back over to the pendant. It was like there was this tiny little slip in her memories, a gap where nothing particularly important happened and Josie knew she didn’t need to pay attention, and at the other end of the gap her gaze was following the crystal again. Following it back and forth. Back. And forth. She let out a slow, lazy sigh, the tension escaping her with a whoosh of breath as her muscles began to relax.

Hope you enjoy it!

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