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Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Absent Minded Me”!

June 24, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Dream Girl”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Absent Minded Me” (MC)!

Another in my series of goal-oriented hypnotic inductions, this piece is intended to encourage comfort and familiarity with suggestions related to hypnotic amnesia. While there’s no perfect method for creating amnesia, this induction and the suggestions within should help those people who want to explore this aspect of erotic hypnosis. Here’s a taste:

“When the waking self gets interested in something, like a pretty crystal or a swinging watch or just the warm, soothing sound of a human voice, it starts to tune out everything else. It puts the job of paying attention to those other, uninteresting things in the hands of the subconscious. If you were to begin concentrating on a math problem right now, for example, like counting up by sevens, you’d find very quickly that the more you got invested in that, the less you’re really notice what I’m saying. You’d still take it in, because your unconscious mind is paying careful attention to my words, but it’s like only one of you is really aware of what I’m telling you. The other one just keeps counting by sevens, up and up and up. From seven to fourteen to twenty-one to twenty-eight…

“And the unconscious self, the version of you that can pay attention to lots of things at once, it’s not very good at really unpacking the information it receives. So while the waking mind is trying to keep those numbers going higher and higher, getting more and more invested in the pattern of increasing digits, the deep self hears every word I say… but it can’t really think about it. It can’t really decide whether the words I’m pouring into your mind are true, or just very convincing and delivered in a smooth, calm, steady voice that soothes you deeper into focusing on the math problem that just keeps getting harder and harder as the sums get bigger and bigger. Your unconscious likes to accept things. That’s what it’s good at.

Hope you enjoy it!

A Useful Anecdote to Remember When Talking About Sexual Predators

June 21, 2020

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One of the things that often comes up when an abuser, harasser, or other kind of sexual predator is uncovered within a community (and I’m not just talking about the kink community – right now there’s a major scandal centering on a movie production studio in Texas that’s not getting much play outside of horror fandom, and this same situation has played out in comics, anime, pro wrestling, porn, and many other social circles) is a sense of shock and dismay from the people who never saw that side of the predator. “I was alone with him and he never did that to me!” someone might say, or “I worked with him for years and I never saw him exhibit this kind of behavior around women!” It’s taken as a sort of alibi, proof that this predator couldn’t possibly be the kind of person they’re accused of being.

To those people, I would like to introduce the story of H.H. Holmes. Holmes was a con artist, a thief, and a murderer, who preyed for many years on travelers in his hotel (which he built to his own plans, using a variety of shady means to avoid paying for the construction). There are a lot of stories about Holmes, but I don’t plan to go into the sordid details of his crimes. I just want to talk about something he would do during during the lengthy and labor-intensive construction process on his hotel.

He would go up to the higher floors, and start chatting with the new men on the construction crew (due to his shady payment practices, there was a lot of turnover). He would introduce himself, they would joke, and at some point or another, Holmes would make a joke about how funny it would be to drop a brick on one of the men working below them. Just a casual comment, made with a chuckle in his voice and a smile on his face, but he would always watch their reaction carefully. And invariably, one of two things would happen.

In the first scenario, the construction worker would be shocked and horrified. Even if the man below had a hard hat, dropping a brick from that height would be a good way to injure someone, not a funny practical joke. Holmes would agree, and stress that it was only a jest – harmless in the abstract, but dangerous in real life. They’d go on chatting, and Holmes would impress the worker in that and future interactions with his charm and kindness and geniality.

In the second scenario, a brick would fall on one of the construction workers below. And Holmes would know he’d found his type of person, someone he could rely on in his unlawful schemes. Further chances to earn money in dubious ways would follow, and these people became Holmes’ accomplices right up until he was caught. The charming, genial, kind man that the others saw would disappear like the mask it was around these, his true friends, and the sadist would emerge.

If you interacted with a sexual predator, and they didn’t assault you – or give you a sign that you were capable of such behavior – that’s because somewhere, way back near the beginning of your interactions, there was a brick. Maybe it was a sexist joke, maybe it was a coded racist comment, maybe it was a knowing leer about a passing woman… there are many kinds of bricks, but you were still being invited to let it hit someone. Just because it was fun to hurt people.

And when you didn’t take the bait and drop it, they realized you were more useful to them as an alibi than an accomplice (or a victim), and that kind, gentle, smiling mask went up. And stayed up. These people are not pathological predators; they are not suffering from a sickness… even if some of them may find sickness to be a useful dodge. They are calculating in their cruelty, and they are capable of concealing their viciousness better than you know. They want you to tell everyone how good they are. It’s the only reason they’ve kept you around all this time.

But if you look back, somewhere… there was a brick.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Catch Your Shadow”!

June 17, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Mindless Self Indulgence”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA (although it’ll only appear on Literotica this week, due to Simon’s well-deserved break). But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Catch Your Shadow” (MC MD MF)!

Nadim found the strangest book one day while browsing through a used bookstore, a manual describing the method of trapping a shadow and turning its owner into an obedient slave. So naturally, he decided to film an attempt and put it on YouTube. It’s not like he needs to worry about it working or anything, right? Here’s a taste:

Nadim looked down as he spoke, carving the ebony down slowly and patiently until the squared edges became gentle curves. It was hard work–the wood didn’t yield to the knife easily, and Nadim had to be careful to keep his hands away from the direction he was cutting in. But he’d practiced on oak, and he knew he could make it work. “So, um, yeah, he said, setting down the wood for a moment and flexing his fingers to keep them from cramping. “Turns out that you make a shadow run away from someone just like we always thought when we were kids. You shine a light on it, and it tries to go the other way.”

He demonstrated with a flashlight, chuckling as he shone the beam on his hand and watched the shadow lengthen on the arm of the sofa. “That’s my shadow. I’m making it run away from me.”

Nadim picked up the board again and continued whittling. “But this guy, he says that you can’t just use a flashlight. It, like, doesn’t get the whole shadow or something? Look, I didn’t make any of this up. Someone did, but it wasn’t me. The point is, you need a special kind of exotic wood that cost me way too much fucking money, and then you need to carve it into a rod exactly half an inch thick and exactly four feet long so that it burns at the right speed. Oh, and you need to use a special knife, too, and look, whoever this guy was, his experiments had to be just the most crazy thing ever, right? ‘Oh, no, wait, that rod was three feet nine inches long and I didn’t get the shadow. Well, back to the drawing board!'”

He chuckled. “But I guess he finally got it right, so I don’t have to do all that crap.” Nadim tried not to think about the last few pages of the book. He didn’t really need to worry about all that anyway. It wasn’t really going to work.

Hope you enjoy it!

Hypnosis in Clive Barker’s ‘Candyman’

June 14, 2020

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This week’s news that Nia DaCosta’s remake of the 1992 film ‘Candyman’ has been delayed due to a prudent desire to maintain public health has got me thinking about the original adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story. It’s a movie that a lot of people might not think of as having mind control at all, certainly not in the form of hypnosis, but those people already in the know about this rather unique production are already nodding. Because even though there’s certainly a suggestion in this film that Virginia Madsen’s Helen Lyle character is behaving under a supernatural influence (I’ll avoid spoilers here) the truth is that no, there isn’t any hypnosis in this movie.

At least, not in front of the cameras.

In actuality, director Bernard Rose collaborated with Madsen and a professional hypnotist (who isn’t credited in the film, although there are a few people in the “Special Thanks” section who have no other movie credits to their name – certainly I haven’t heard of anyone taking credit for it) to put her into trance prior to the scenes where she interacted directly with Tony Todd’s Candyman character. Rose didn’t want a panicked, screaming heroine like so many other horror films had shown; he wanted a surreal, dreamlike atmosphere for the appearances of Daniel Robitaille’s spectral alter-ego, and thought that hypnosis might give it an original touch.

According to IMDB (caution: not a reliable source) Madsen did eventually become uncomfortable with the hypnosis and performed some scenes without going under, simply mimicking the style of herself in trance. But that probably gets into the tissue-thin veil that separates ‘method acting’ and ‘inhabiting the character’ from ‘self-hypnosis’, so we’ll not dwell on it too much. The main question is, can you see this in Madsen’s performance?

I think the answer is unquestionably yes. Madsen looks dazed, almost as if she’s in shock, when she sees Candyman. She goes through those scenes like she’s asleep and only dreaming the things she’s experiencing, and yet she doesn’t seem flat or wooden. It really is a unique performance, and very different from the way she plays Helen during the more mundane sequences set in consensus reality. I’m not sure if this is a technique that could necessarily be adapted to any film, but I’d really be interested to see it in another movie that blurs the lines between hallucination and fact in the same way. (And hey, if you’re willing to pay an amateur hypnotist to do the work, I’m available!)

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Worth the Wait”!

June 10, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Keep Your Eyes Open”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Worth the Wait” (MC MD MF MA)!

It’s been a while since Rosita was hypnotized by Mateo and revealed her own erotic interest in mesmerism, and although the two of them shared an interest in pursuing it, life has gotten in the way a little. But that doesn’t mean that Mateo hasn’t found a way to keep her looking forward to their next chance to be together. Here’s a taste:

Today was a perfect example. Mateo sent her a message right before class, a class he fucking knew for a fact she was acing so hard that she could sit in the back of the massive lecture hall and spend her whole time texting back and forth with him and not have to worry one damn bit if her concentration slipped and she lost herself for long stretches in fantasyland. ‘What do you want to do while you’re hypnotized?’ he asked. Rosita gave up on paying attention to her professor for the day.

She scrolled past her answer, flicking her thumb over and around her clit in a fugue of dreamy arousal as she went back over the conversation and remembered the way the heat slowly built between her thighs. ‘um, idk? i never thought id get this far.’ It was embarrassingly true; Rosita somehow imagined that she’d never have to come up with ideas for what she wanted to do when she was in a hypnotic trance. She figured that once she was completely in someone else’s power, they would think of all sorts of sexy things to do with her blank, compliant mind, and she could just go along for the ride; her fantasies always fell away into vague, disjointed images of kneeling and repeating her Master’s commands in a soft, droning monotone while he used her and she forgot.

Hope you enjoy it!

Through the Looking Glass With ‘The Evil Dead’

June 7, 2020

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One of the things that I consistently notice about horror is the way that it traffics in a lot of the tropes of mind control erotica – there’s hypnosis, mind control, bodily possession, and altered perceptions, just to name a few – but with the focus and emphasis shifted to all the genuinely awful things one could do with a controlled mind. It’s like looking at some sort of weird funhouse mirror, all the things we love about our kink shown back to us in distorted and strange ways.

Which means that in theory, you could do the same in reverse. What would a mirror-image of 80s horror classic ‘The Evil Dead’ look like, for example, if all the emphasis was placed on sex instead of violence? It would probably begin similarly – two young couples and their bookish friend* head up to an empty cabin in the woods for a weekend of fun and relaxation, and find a mysterious book that warns of spirits that roam the “forests and dark bowers of Man’s domain” seeking souls to corrupt. And, naturally, a tape recorded translation of the ritual that summons them.

The sequence where Cheryl becomes possessed would need to be substantially reworked – I imagine a scene where she goes out to investigate strange noises in the woods, and finds herself entangled in a thicket of vines and branches that seem to move on their own. And once she’s bound and helpless, a woman steps out of the shadows who resembles Cheryl, only dripping with seductive confidence. It could be done with acting and attitude, mostly; she’d even be wearing the same outfit, but strategically torn in places that make it more revealing. And once she came into the picture, she’d promise to release Cheryl and make her the powerful, sensual woman she’s capable of being, deep down, if she only gave up a little of her independence for a while.

Obviously, this would change the tone of the next few scenes – the famous “they won’t let us leave!” sequence doesn’t make much sense in this context. Perhaps Shelley (who doesn’t get much to do in the filmed version) convinces Scott to take her back to town because she’s unnerved by Cheryl’s changed behavior and discovers that the bridge has been destroyed. Then while those two are gone and Ash is listening to the tape, that leaves Linda and Cheryl alone to do the card-reading test together.

That’s a scene that feels like it’s got some serious mind-control potential. It could start so simply, with Cheryl guessing the cards right, but as it goes on and she keeps talking Linda finds that she can’t stop flipping the next card in the deck. And Cheryl’s warning her that the cards are telling her future as well, and when she gets to the end she’ll run out of strength to resist, and Linda can’t stop herself from continuing, and Cheryl’s teasing her more and more, and… I think there’s potential there, is what I’m saying.

Then Scott and Shelley return, just as Cheryl informs the others that Linda’s passed out and can’t be awakened. Shelley goes to examine her, and Scott, Ash and Cheryl have a discussion of what they’re going to do to get away that ends when Shelley returns with Linda, looking seductively sinister like Cheryl did in the woods, and the three of them attempt to drain the boys’ willpower. They wrestle them into the cellar and lock them in, and Scott decides to make a run for it as he did in the movie, while Ash stays with the book and the tape trying to find some way to undo the spell.

Of course, Scott comes back all dronified, completely drained of will and volition, and Ash has to tie him to the couch to prevent him from doing the same thing to Ash. Then there’s a period where Ash attempts to free them using the book (which corresponds roughly to Ash sitting around whimpering about how badly this is all going in the actual movie) followed by the escape of the possessed and their final attempt to seduce Ash into joining them. Which, if you’re in the mood for a cheerful ending, would be stopped by the power of true love as expressed by a Cracker Jack prize that Ash gave to Linda earlier.

Obviously, I don’t really plan on making this. I’ve got enough on my plate at the moment, thanks all the same. But it never fails to interest me how much horror shares, memetically, with romance and its more intense cousin erotica, and how easy it is to shift from one to the other with very little difficulty. I guess there’s more truth to the old saws about sex and death than we like to admit, hmm?

*Yes, I know Cheryl is Ash’s sister in the original. It’s not relevant and if I’m removing things I find horrifying, I’m not going to then put in a hint of incest.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Me Time”!

June 3, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Chant of the Ever-Circling Skeletal Family”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Me Time” (MC MA)!

Regina’s got the apartment to herself for a while, and she’s decided to pamper herself with a nice relaxing bath. But it turns out that even she doesn’t know what she’s planning to do with her very special ‘me time’, and she has no idea just how relaxed she’s going to get. Here’s a taste:

She sank slowly into the hot water, giving herself a moment to get used to the intense warmth that seeped into her skin and relaxed her muscles into soft, dreamy lassitude. Only when she was sure that she’d adjusted did she lay back against the ceramic surface and let the water buoy her body gently up until she floated in perfect, rose-scented peace and tranquility. (With some parts floating a little bit higher than others–Regina had long ago given up trying to keep her pendulous breasts fully submerged in the tub.)

This was exactly what she needed. No clients demanding status reports on work that they ordered just three hours prior, no obnoxious bosses who kept confusing her with the only other black woman in the office, no dreary commutes or uncomfortable dress codes or awkward coworkers. Just soft music, warm water lapping gently at her skin, and the scent of roses filling her lungs with every deep, lazy breath. Regina could feel the tension melting out of her muscles, the drowsy heat seeping into her body deeper and deeper. She didn’t have anywhere to be, she didn’t have anything to do, and she was all by herself for hours. It felt… it felt wonderful.

Regina let out another sigh, her eyes slipping shut and her forehead relaxing away furrows of stress she didn’t even know were there as she melted deeper into lazy bliss. “I’m an empty, obedient fucktoy,” she murmured to herself, the words coming out in a soft, breathy whisper that even she could barely hear under the gentle music coming from her phone. A slow, drowsy smile spread across her lips, the sound of her own sleepy voice wrapping her mind up in familiar and comfortable tranquility before she thought about what she was saying.

Hope you enjoy it!