Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Me Time”!

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Chant of the Ever-Circling Skeletal Family”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Me Time” (MC MA)!

Regina’s got the apartment to herself for a while, and she’s decided to pamper herself with a nice relaxing bath. But it turns out that even she doesn’t know what she’s planning to do with her very special ‘me time’, and she has no idea just how relaxed she’s going to get. Here’s a taste:

She sank slowly into the hot water, giving herself a moment to get used to the intense warmth that seeped into her skin and relaxed her muscles into soft, dreamy lassitude. Only when she was sure that she’d adjusted did she lay back against the ceramic surface and let the water buoy her body gently up until she floated in perfect, rose-scented peace and tranquility. (With some parts floating a little bit higher than others–Regina had long ago given up trying to keep her pendulous breasts fully submerged in the tub.)

This was exactly what she needed. No clients demanding status reports on work that they ordered just three hours prior, no obnoxious bosses who kept confusing her with the only other black woman in the office, no dreary commutes or uncomfortable dress codes or awkward coworkers. Just soft music, warm water lapping gently at her skin, and the scent of roses filling her lungs with every deep, lazy breath. Regina could feel the tension melting out of her muscles, the drowsy heat seeping into her body deeper and deeper. She didn’t have anywhere to be, she didn’t have anything to do, and she was all by herself for hours. It felt… it felt wonderful.

Regina let out another sigh, her eyes slipping shut and her forehead relaxing away furrows of stress she didn’t even know were there as she melted deeper into lazy bliss. “I’m an empty, obedient fucktoy,” she murmured to herself, the words coming out in a soft, breathy whisper that even she could barely hear under the gentle music coming from her phone. A slow, drowsy smile spread across her lips, the sound of her own sleepy voice wrapping her mind up in familiar and comfortable tranquility before she thought about what she was saying.

Hope you enjoy it!

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