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My Favorite Things: Slavery Is Freedom!

August 12, 2018

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I’ve talked before about various mind control tropes that never fail to make me shiver, and this particular trope is related to a couple of others that I’ve gone into in the past. It’s very closely related to the “rationalization” trope, where the victim in a story is convinced that they’re not following hypnotic suggestions at all, even as they do everything the hypnotist says, and it’s also got some occasional elements of the amnesia trap and authority subversion to it from time to time. But it’s got its own distinct flavor that makes it very different.

This trope usually kicks in near the climax of the story (no pun intended), when the victim realizes they’re being mind-controlled, and it’s all about the way they react to that control. It usually takes one of two forms – either they convince themselves they’ve found a loophole in the mind control, and that by obeying ‘voluntarily’, they’ve retained their free will by doing everything the hypnotist tells them to do all on their own, or they convince themselves that they’ve successfully resisted even as they obey the hypnotist’s suggestions. Both are a sort of ironic embrace of their own submission, a conviction that obviously they’re too strong-willed to surrender to brainwashing so they must be doing what they’re doing for other reasons.

(This is a real thing, by the way, and not just with hypnosis. There’s a well-known psychological phenomenon called “cognitive dissonance”, which basically states that when your behavior doesn’t match your beliefs, your brain is far more likely to invent a rationalization than it is to change your behavior. You do see it a lot in hypnosis, where people who are asked why they followed a post-hypnotic suggestion will come up with the most ludicrous explanations for their behavior, but you also see it when you ask evangelical Christians why they’re supporting a sexual predator and pathological liar who’s publicly broken nine of the ten commandments. We like to believe our brain operates with some kind of internal consistency, and cognitive dissonance builds a bridge between the things we believe and the things we do.)

But, back to the sexy, you can see why this is hot. It feels like it goes deeper than regular mind control; anyone can be blank and mindless and obedient, but only a truly brainwashed slave can convince themselves to love their programming. It’s like they’re gaslighting themselves into obedience, and while that’s a sentence that is profoundly unsexy in real life, it makes for incredibly hot fantasies. When someone gives in so deeply that they’re convinced they want to obey and they’ve always wanted to obey, it makes that moment where their resistance collapses incredibly powerful and hot.

I’ve used this trope a few times – “Back Where You Belong” has an example where the victim squirms her way out of her mental dilemma by convincing herself that it’s another woman saying all the mantras of obedience – but I don’t think there’s any better example than “Pressure”. It’s a story that’s literally all about a character resisting endless, implacable, inexorable brainwashing with all her strength, only to realize that the easiest way to keep from being relentlessly pounded by the mental assault of her tormentor is to give in and become a perfectly compliant, willing slave. And the collapse of her resistance is so complete that she doesn’t even notice that she’s following every last instruction she’s given.

It’s exactly the kind of thing this trope looks for, and definitely one of my favorite things.

My Favorite Things: Hypnotic Disassociation

May 20, 2018

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I may have talked in other contexts about how hot it is to use consensual (or fictional) hypnosis to disassociate people’s conscious minds from their bodies, actions, or self, but I don’t think I’ve brought it up specifically as a Thing That Is Hot and I Must Talk About How Hot It Is. (The original, much longer and more awkward title for this series of posts.) Because it is, yes, very much a sexy thing that you can do with hypnosis, and it opens up a lot of possibilities for amazing sexual shenanigans. (Or possibly hijinks and goings on, depending on your orientation. Me, I don’t identify as hijinksexual, but I’m all about the shenanigans and I support your identity as valid. Even if you’re into antics or buffoonery.)

Basically, the idea of disassociation through hypnosis is that in a trance state, the conscious mind is always being asked to focus the narrative stream of thought as a somewhat separate order of processing from the wider unconscious mind. So it’s very easy to develop and heighten that sense of separation by talking to the subject’s body or unconscious mind as if it were capable of independently listening to the hypnotist and following instructions. Again, in a sense this is what you’re doing with all hypnosis – you’re going to watch this pretty shiny object and pay attention to nothing but that, and I’m going to talk to your deep self for a while. But when you go for it as a deliberate effect, you can do some very fun stuff with it.

For example, you can talk to body parts. I did this in one of my most popular stories, “Body Language” – the hypnotist very specifically does an induction by speaking directly to the subject’s penis. And it is an induction, with the subject being subtly directed to stare at his own cock and focus on it to the exclusion of everything else, but it’s also disassociation. She’s treating the cock as though it’s no longer under the subject’s control, instead listening to her instructions and following them without any conscious input from (or even despite) the subject’s waking mind.

This is very powerful. It deepens the sense of helplessness that makes a sexual, D/s trance so fucking sexy; you’re not in control of that body part (or that body). It isn’t even really you. You can feel what it feels, you can see it move and experience its sensations, but it isn’t yours anymore. You’re an observer, an outsider, a mere passenger in a body controlled by the hypnotist. That realization can deepen trance so much when it hits, creating a sense of passive acceptance so strong that it’s almost like having an out-of-body experience. Which, assuming that’s the kind of thing you want to be having (and if you aren’t, please don’t do this) is absolutely amazing.

It’s also very good for brainwashing. When the hypnotist talks to the construct of the unconscious directly, it’s very easy for the conscious mind to simply tune out of the conversation because it’s not intended for them. Disassociating the “submissive mind”, or the “deep self” from the waking self is a good way to get instructions past the filter of the consciousness if you’re trying to play with amnesia or similar trigger-type programming. (Again, consensually. You should be collaborating on what you and your partners want before the trance, and then making them forget what you’ve agreed on forgetting. Which may include memories of them agreeing, but that’s another thing to negotiate.)

You’ll see this a lot on the EMCSA in stories where the person’s body doesn’t seem to be listening to them, acting as though puppeted by the controller. Some take this a bit further and have the victim’s mind actively protest their body’s actions, but I generally prefer to see stories where they hit that sweet spot of either oblivious action or blissful acceptance of their own helplessness to resist. Half the fun of mind control for me is surrender, and seeing someone surrender to their own body as well as to their hypnotist is definitely one of my favorite things.

My Favorite Things: Authority Subversion

February 11, 2018

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I’ve talked a bit in the past about some of the things that I think of as personal turn-ons, and one of the ones I’m kind of surprised I haven’t done a post on is one that I’ve mentioned in a lot of other contexts. It is universally, 100% of the time, even in a story that’s otherwise not particularly very hot, always always always a sexy and exciting thing when the societal power structure that we expect to encounter on being introduced to the world of the story is upended through mind control.

In case that sounds too clinical, I’m talking about students hypnotizing teachers, subordinates hypnotizing bosses, or criminals hypnotizing cops (or, ahem, superheroes). It’s incredibly hot when you take someone who we as the audience have been conditioned our whole lives to see as authority figures with all sorts of unspoken and assumed power granted to them by society, and then use mind control to peel all those layers of authority away to reveal a secret desire to be dominated and controlled that’s so strong that all the power in the world doesn’t help them against it. It’s very sexy to know that you might be the boss, you might be the arresting officer, you might be the person who has all the theoretical power in the world…but right here, right now, you are utterly helpless to resist the person in front of you. That kind of scene always makes the mind control feel stronger, because it’s pushing uphill against the expectations of the reality we live in, and strong mind control is sexy mind control.

And the truly wonderful thing about it is that because D/s is inherently a power exchange dynamic, you can even subvert that with mind control. There’s nothing quite so hot as a Dominant character who suddenly finds that they want to submit, especially to their own submissive. (Although, tooting my own horn, it’s also hot when a physically powerful Dominant can’t resist a mentally powerful Dominant who uses his own body against him.) Or you can use power in a different sense, like the power a blackmailer has over their victim, and subvert that authority slowly over the course of a whole story. (Not gonna lie, this is one of my best.) And of course, you can have the power dynamic expressed in a literal form before being subverted, like, say, having the submissive character hold a gun to the head of the dominant and still wind up giving in. It’s a very flexible trope.

I’ve used it plenty of other places (“Unbelievable”, “Dressed for Success”, and “Bent 4 U” to name a few) but I’d also like to point to a couple of other authors who’ve made it work nicely. “Clarification Question” is a long story about a more-or-less consensual hypnosis relationship between a professor and one of his current/former students who simply can’t resist his weakness for hypnotic domination. It’s got some very nice sequences, and in the later chapters a nice theme of serial recruitment creeping in as the author suggests that maybe the story’s Domme might be a sub herself. And softi wrote a very nice story called “Changes” that directly subverts the D/s power dynamic with a woman who finds herself melting into submission as the hypnosis she knows so well is used against her. It’s a piece that really shows just how much is possible with one of my very favorite things.

My Favorite Things: Altered Eyes

January 7, 2018

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Technically speaking, this is really one of those hot buttons that occurs more often in the realms of fiction than in real life. Yes, you can get contacts that do some of these things, but they’re difficult and painful to wear and I don’t know that I’d ever want to ask a partner to do that, even if they were willing. Plus, some of them really can’t be done outside of Photoshop. But oh my GOD, isn’t it hot when someone is brainwashed so thoroughly that their eyes physically reflect the changes?

It’s an old classic. The eyes are famous as “the windows to the soul”, and so when the eyes bear the literal mark of the controller’s power, it always feels like the control itself goes deeper than mere hypnosis and becomes an impression on the deepest layers of the self. There’s not a whole lot that’s sexier than when the sinister mind controller performs their dark (magical or technological) ritual, the victim’s eyes close in helpless surrender…and when they open, they’re no longer that person’s eyes. They’re the eyes of whatever the controller has made them to be.

There are a few general categories this trick falls into, and I’ll get into them in a bit more detail as follows:

Spiral Eyes – The old classic. The trope that launched a thousand fetishes, really, from cartoons and comics going back decades. The victim-to-be stares at a spiral (or other kind of hypnotic graphic–bands of color progressing steadily and smoothly outward from the center seem to be inexplicably popular for some reason, Kaa) and before long, the victim’s eyes match the spiral in front of them. It was originally meant to be symbolic, showing that their mind is completely overwritten with the brainwashing effect, but given that most of us are already fetishizing the connection between hypnosis and sex to begin with, it’s not at all surprising that we would second-order fetishize the connection between spirally eyes and hypnosis. As a result, you can see a lot of videos of people with photoshopped spirals in their eyes to show that they’re blank and compliant.

(There’s an alternate take on this trope, again one that Kaa has helped to popularize; in the other version, it’s the hypnotist that has spirals in their eyes, rather than the victim, to symbolize their power to induce trance rather than their surrender to it. In this variant, often the victim’s eyes match the controller’s by the end, and in fact it’s very popular as a serial recruitment technique where the spirals are “contagious”.)

Not to toot my own horn, but I wrote a scene in “Criminal” where I wrote my idea of what it would be like to see out of literal spiral eyes that I think is pretty cool.

White Eyes – This is a dead giveaway that your first exposure to mind-control kink was through the movie ‘Big Trouble in Little China’–you have an intense and very particular fetish for a woman closing her eyes, being hypnotized, and re-opening them as blank white orbs. (Either for doing it or being it, depending.) Usually this has a very strong connotation of depersonalization, with the victim’s self being erased by the power of the controller and leaving them a tabula rasa for said controller to fill with whatever programming they like. It’s very much associated with slavery, submission, and mindwiping. And, um, yum to all of those things!

Black Eyes – This one feels like it was relatively recent–I think it was ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Babylon 5’ together that popularized the idea of eyes that are solid black orbs set into the victim’s face, but I’m not quite sure which of them did it first. It definitely carries more of the connotation that ‘X-Files’ had for the trope; usually, when a victim of mind control has solid black eyes, it means they have been corrupted beyond all recognition by the dark power of the hypnotist, and are now soulless in their devotion to carrying out their master’s will. It’s also very depersonalizing, but it carries with it a strong association of contagion and contamination. A black-eyed slave is a slave that wants to bring others into the Master’s thrall, and is willing to put in the work to make it happen. They may be evil in the sadistic and cruel sense, or in the sense of having their ethics hollowed out by the effect, but they’re definitely not just mindless drones. They’re willing slaves.

It should also be noted that (again, probably from ‘X-Files’) the black-eyed slaves tend to be able to corrupt others. It might not always be a literal ooze filling up their eyes like ‘X-Files’, but there’s always a sense that people with jet black eyes will make you like them if you hang around them for a minute or so too long. So again, great for serial recruitment kink. (And again, not to toot my own horn, but “Glycerine” has a great sequence where someone is turned into a slave with nothing but special effects wizardry and powerful drugs. At least, I think it’s great.)

There may be others that get a minor look-in here and there–a lot of “demonic possession” stories tend to have a scene where the victim’s irises change color to whatever the possessing ghost’s eyes were, but that tends to be the big three. Which is kind of a shame in some ways, because I certainly do wish we’d see some other solid-colored eyes; a solid crimson, for example, would be strikingly terrifying, and a solid emerald would be astonishingly beautiful. But I’ll just have to write those up if I want them. “Be the porn you wish to see in the world”, as they say, right?

Mind you, that assumes I’m going to get enough of spirally eyes staring into spirals and becoming even more hypnotized and spirally. And we all know that’s not going to happen any time soon.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Rationalizations

August 13, 2017

I’ve discussed in the past that while I write a lot of different kinks, not everything I write comes out of my personal turn-ons. But there are some tropes in the mind-control erotica subgenre that really do get me very hot, and when I include them it’s usually a sign that I’m writing something that turns me on personally rather than something I’m writing to accommodate someone else’s kink. (Although, dirty little secret, writing something invariably involves putting myself in the mindset of someone who is turned on by whatever I’m writing about, which can sometimes result in some weird mental states as my brain tries to ratchet back to default settings.)

In any event, this particular trope, which I’m calling “rationalization”, involves the person following hypnotic suggestion either without being aware that they’re doing it at all, or at the very least without being aware that what they’re doing is unusual or the result of hypnosis. It’s that point in the story where the character’s emotional narrative doesn’t match the accounts of their actions at all, and of course they think they’re still completely in charge of their own mind…but it’s hypnosis. Even when it’s not hypnosis, it’s always some form of mind control, and they’ve given in to it so deeply that they don’t even think about how hypnotized they are.

Yum! Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to pull off for a whole story, because a story where the victim never ever ever realizes they’ve been hypnotized at all doesn’t look much like mind control. There’s usually either a revelation sequence where they finally realize just how much of their behavior is due to the hypnotist’s control, or a sequence showing the control taking hold so that the reader, at least, is aware of the depths of the power the hypnotist holds. But the finest moments in these stories tend to be the beautiful, seamless rationalizations the victim constructs for their entirely incongruous actions.

I’ve written a few like this (“Breathe It In”, “Eye for an Eye”, “The Quiet Type”) but this was really one of the things that trilby else did very well. His stories tend to go incredibly dark as they go on, so I usually stop at part one or two, but one of the things that usually happens in the early going in his stories that makes me want to keep going back to those parts is that the victim gradually enslaves herself deeper, while still perfectly convinced that she’s either resistant to hypnosis or that the hypnosis isn’t having nearly as strong of an effect as it actually is. Leasehold Part One has a wonderful scene where the main character comes out of hypnosis and has a long chat with her hypnotist about what she can and can’t be made to do, little knowing she’s already done all of it, and Taker Part Four has several very hot sequences where the evil hypnotist works on her latest victim’s resistance like bending a metal bar rapidly back and forth until it breaks. And of course, I’ve talked in the past about how the silly all-girl GI Joe fantasy-ness of Worm makes the enslaving seem less dark, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned how incredibly sexy it is to read the scene where someone is walked through the logic, step by step, of how their actions betrayed their comrades, even as they insist the entire time that they can’t possibly be hypnotized. It’s…memorable.

Which is ultimately what we all aim for with stories like this, so I’m pretty sure we’re all happy with the end result!

A Few of My Favorite Things: Waking Into Trance

October 17, 2015

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I’ve been talking a lot about the things I like to see in my smut, but this particular one of my favorite things is a favorite both in smut and in real life. It’s when a hypnotist (in this case, my hypnodomme Lady Ru’etha) wakes up a subject from sleep with a hypnotic induction, so they go from a sleep state to a state of incredibly deep hypnosis with no actual waking awareness in between. It is one of the most delicious sensations you could possibly imagine, and in this case I speak from personal experience; your first awareness is the awareness that you’re aware of having no awareness, and you move smoothly and easily into a pure, obedient, submissive trance without any resistance at all from either your conscious or subconscious mind. Your conscious mind doesn’t resist because you are literally not conscious, and your subconscious mind starts from such a vulnerable and open place that all the suggestions sink in perfectly. It is the sexiest feeling of pure, helpless submission you can imagine, and I love every time She does it to me so much.

I’ve used the motif of waking up with your hypnotist a lot, in stories like “Then the Morning Comes” and “Blank Space”, but the one that best encapsulates the sensation I’m describing in my stories is “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”. The protagonist falls asleep after a night of lesbian debauchery with what she thinks is her new sex slave, but wakes directly into a powerful brainwashing experience involving a light and sound machine and a slow, measured hypnotic monotone. It gives me shivers just thinking about it, and that’s coming from someone who has a hard time getting off to his own writing.

Another author who uses the idea to good effect is Pinky, whose old classic, “Panties on His Mind” has a delightful scene showing the protgaonist’s regular use of early morning hypnosis to wake her husband into trance using the scent of her pussy as an anchor. (Have I mentioned I also love sensory anchors and body worship? Maybe next time.) The slow, sensuous brainwashing of a completely open and defenseless subject remains, as always, one of my favorite things.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Pleasure Conditioning

September 13, 2015

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When I think about the things I love most about mind control erotica, the most immediate, direct and personal that comes to mind is pleasure conditioning. Pleasure conditioning is the easiest thing in the world–the controller puts someone in a suggestible state of mind where their critical thinking faculties are dulled or diminished (trance is the most obvious example, but the victim can be stoned or even just exhausted) and then proceeds to do very nice, very naughty things to them while repeating suggestions. Not only do they begin to associate pleasure with following the commands of the controller, but the pleasure itself usually distracts the victim from even noticing that they’re being conditioned. They just know that nice things are happening to them, and that those things get nicer when they obey. It can be done on its own, in fact, although you usually see it combined with another form of control.

This is pretty much my mind control “comfort food”; when I’m not sure exactly what I want out of my erotica, I look for something that involves heavy pleasure conditioning. For one thing, it’s usually associated with “romantic” controllers (the spectrum of controllers in mind control erotica range from the “romantic”, who may be influencing their victims but at least theoretically have scruples and retain a concern for their well-being, to the “sociopathic”, who view their victims as tools to be used and discarded at will). Someone who’s pleasure conditioning a victim is making the experience a pleasant and erotic one, and that’s often associated with a submission that’s fulfilling and happy for the victim.

Which may be why it does have such positive associations for me: I make no secret of the fact that Lady Ru’etha and I are in a hypnotic D/s relationship, and that She uses hypnosis and pleasure conditioning in our lovemaking sessions to deepen our control. This was something we negotiated a long time ago, so there’s no actual coercion or deprivation of consent going on, but I feel pleasure when I obey because I’ve been brainwashed into it through years of intense conditioning. It feels good, it makes me happy, and it deepens my submission to the woman I love. When that’s echoed in a story, that makes it sexier for me. It’s just that simple, really.

I’ve used pleasure conditioning in my own stories (“Back Where You Belong”, “Joy to the World”, and “Moment of Weakness”, for example) but one story I want to highlight that does it beautifully is “Thalia’s Harem”. In particular, the first chapter has some wonderful sequences of pleasure conditioning–the viewpoint character, Donna, is eaten out by her already-brainwashed friend (have I mentioned that I love serial recruitment as well?) while Thalia, the hypnotist, conditions her. By the end, Donna has pretty much entered a fugue state where she has no conscious awareness of anything at all–it’s just a blank haze of endless bliss in her memory, and she feels helpless to resist. The subsequent sequence, where she suckles helplessly at Thalia’s breast while Thalia fingers her to orgasm and programs her, feels almost like the platonic ideal of pleasure-induced brainwashing. Definitely one of my favorite things.

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Serial Recruitment

August 16, 2015

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I’ve been talking a bit lately about what I, personally, like in my erotic mind control fiction. It’s a sub-sub-sub-genre, perhaps, but it’s one that has a lot of special and unique (and really sexy tropes) that may not always get attention from the wider kink community. I figure that if I talk about them here, people who already love them will have nice happy thoughts about them and people who may not have thought that erotic mind control was for them will say to themselves, “Erotic mind control includes that? Wow, I always just thought it was the guy with the greasy hair and the pocket watch saying, ‘You are getting sleeeeeepy…'”

Which, admittedly, it’s that too. But it’s also serial recruitment! Serial recruitment is when a mind controller, having sufficiently dominated the will of their latest conquest, gives them the tools to mind control others. (The exact mechanism doesn’t matter–they can give them a spare mind-control ray, or teach them hypnosis, or hand over a copy of the subliminal-encoded DVD.) Whatever it is, the recruiter spreads the influence of the original controller virally; one victim becomes one controller who enslaves another victim, which makes for two controllers, who enslave two victims, and so on until the entire world becomes the original controller’s personal harem. Or not, because a common theme of these stories is the old programming term “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, and many of the plot twists involve dealing with unintended consequences of handing the means of control off to another party.

But plot aside, what I find sexy about it is that I virtually always sympathize with the victim in any mind control story. I am submissive, I like to be controlled, and so I’m naturally going to want to imagine myself in the role of the helplessly-ensnared thrall. But with serial recruitment, both parties are helplessly-ensnared thralls. The person ostensibly in control is also struggling to resist the commands that made them want to brainwash others. So you have not one but two parties struggling against irresistible control, and you have both parties slowly failing in their efforts to resist. That’s just yummy from both ends.

I’ve used this trope quite a few times, in stories like “Dare To Be Stupid”, “Good Morning Little School Girl”, and perhaps most notably “True Colors”, where serial recruitment is pretty much the central theme of the story. But I feel like one of the people to make serial recruitment sexiest is the extremely talented and incredibly dark Trilby Else, who pretty much defined a lot of the EMC subgenre back in the early days of the EMCSA. His work is not always to everyone’s tastes; it’s pretty much common knowledge among the people who read mind control erotica that he tends to take control to its ultimate extremes. Gorean domination enthusiasts imagine that they’re pushing the envelope, but Trilby has been known to turn his protagonists into smiling puppets…and one of the things he often makes those puppets do is brainwash others into mindless drones as well.

That said, he makes it so sexy that it’s frequently worth reading just for the enslavement sequences. His original serial recruitment story, “Watering Hole”, is both beautiful and tragic in equal measures, combining the kind of heartfelt and sensuous erotic that comes from writing about two people in love with scenes where one of them is helpless to resist betraying and brainwashing the other. It’s like nothing else, and while it does hurt to read, it’s also amazing.

If you’re looking for something just a little bit less about defeat and despair mixed in with your hot brainwashing sexytimes, you can go with “Worm”, which is a little lighter in that the victims are a cartoonish bunch of GI Joe-in-lingerie heroines called FreedomForce, and their insidious infiltration by sinister mind controllers is made just unrealistic enough that you can enjoy it guilt-free. (Or at least I could.) There’s a sequence in there that perfectly encapsulates serial recruitment to me–the team psychologist has her programming reinforced through the communications link, and covers her tracks by brainwashing the tech assigned to monitor the link. The moment where the tech realizes that she’s being hypnotized and her resistance collapses (which is also an amnesia trap, by the way) is definitely one of my favorite things.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Amnesia Traps

August 1, 2015

It occurred to me recently that while I sure as hell write a lot of smut, it’s not like I exclusively write about the things that turn me on. A lot of the time, I write things for the challenge of representing a fetish well even when it’s one that I don’t have, or because the idea got stuck in my head and I can’t get it out even though I know it’s not going to turn me on. (“I Alone” is a perfect example of an idea I wrote just to get it out of my head and onto the paper.) The point is, I don’t talk a lot about my actual turn-ons regarding hypnosis. And it might be interesting to talk about them here, because a lot of people don’t talk about what they like about their kinks and we should all do that more often so that they get indulged.

Long story short, I’m going to tell you about the things that make me hot when I read them and when I write them. Today, it’s amnesia traps!

I don’t know if that’s the term anyone else uses for this particular trope, but it’s when a character is unaware that they’re participating in a scenario that they’ve actually encountered before, perhaps even on multiple occasions. The hypnotist knows, of course; they planted post-hypnotic suggestions not just to forget, but to return for programming at a predetermined time without any idea that they’re responding to programming.

But it’s more than that–the key part of what makes an amnesia trap sexy for me is the specific idea that the hypnotist (and it obviously doesn’t have to be hypnosis, any form of brainwashing will do) is doing this as a means of reducing subconscious resistance to their commands. Each time the victim goes through the scenario, their conscious mind believes it to be the first time, but their subconscious mind knows that they’ve already tried and failed to resist, and that they’re responding to the hypnotist’s commands. Each repetition of the scenario reinforces the commands that have been implanted during the first encounter with the hypnotist, strengthens the part of the subconscious that wants to obey, and weakens the will to resist. The victim believes that they are a normal, strong-willed individual encountering an unusual situation for the first time, and they’re confused by their inability to resist the hypnotist’s power. Without the ability to remember that they’re fighting deeply ingrained programming, they attribute their lack of resistance to weakness of will, which makes them easier to brainwash. A story that uses this trope almost functions as its own sequel, because every time through the loop is perceived as the first for the subject.

I’ve written a few stories like this (“Always Something There To Remind Me”, “The End Is the Beginning Is the End”, and the recent “Back Where You Belong”) but to me, it’s always going to be “Madame Zoe” by RC (who was not just one of my inspirations but the person who really made me realize I was a hypnofetishist and that I wasn’t the only one out there, so if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!) that perfectly encapsulates this trope. There’s a long, sexy induction at the beginning of the story that’s hot in and of itself, but what’s unbelievably sexy about it is that it’s just the introductory sequence–Madame Zoe wakes up the amnesiac police officer and walks her through an entire seduction that’s utterly irresistible to Cindy for reasons she can’t even understand, let alone explain. Cindy has no hope in hell of resisting Madame Zoe’s power, because she’s already been conditioned to obedience. Thinking about that being done to me gives me happy shivers. In terms of what I look for in a story, it’s definitely one of my favorite things.