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Is It Hypnosis? – Part Seven

November 19, 2017

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As we continue our journey through my old stories to look at the ones where hypnosis is presented as plausible and give them a good hard squint to see just how likely they really are, it’s worth mentioning that I didn’t originally intend this to become a discussion of the ethics of the characters in the story. I’ve always stood by my strong belief that these are fantasies, and that one of the very nice things about a fantasy is that you can explore a desire you have that would be absolutely terrible to experience in real life. But I very quickly found that once you say, “Yes, this is probably doable,” you kind of have to qualify it with a quick “But oh God please don’t ever try,” in the cases where it’s wildly unethical. And yes, those are going to come up again today. Shall we?

Too Shy: There’s absolutely nothing going on in this story that isn’t totally achievable; Rebekah induces a trance, implants a trigger that Mei is clearly happy to accept because it removes from her the responsibility of admitting her sexual desires, and she uses it with Mei’s waking permission. Which brings up the next point, it’s all entirely consensual; Mei is not hypnotized by stealth, she accepts all her triggers and even asks for Rebekah to use them, and Rebekah makes sure that Mei is well looked after while she’s in her altered state. About the only thing I would say is that Rebekah is probably tip-toeing a little bit close to the line of non-hypnotherapists practicing therapeutic hypnosis–while she isn’t exactly making deep or permanent changes, she is trying to fix something she sees as wrong with her friend using hypnosis, which should be best left to the professionals.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Ooh, we’re back to Darla and Jane! Again, this is plausible if not particularly ethical as long as we make two assumptions. These assumptions are not directly evidenced in the two stories (I’ll admit, I’ve always wanted to come back to this couple) but as the author, I’m going to say that they were implicit as far as I was concerned. The first is that Darla has a very strong, unstated hypnosis kink, and that much of what Jane does to her is stuff she wants strongly on a subconscious level. Now, that doesn’t make it ethical to hypnotize someone without their knowledge or consent, to remove their memories of the trance, or to implant triggers they’re unaware of that make them too horny to think… but it does make those things easier to do, because the subject wants them to happen on some level. (And I do think Jane had more of a conversation with Darla about that than was shown, but negotiation with a hypnotized person is not good negotiation.)

The second is that Darla has a very mild humiliation kink that, again, she’s not consciously admitting to, and that trying to assert herself as a Domme only to be hypnotized into submitting is a huge turn-on for her. I think you have to make that assumption to believe any of the hypnosis in this story, because otherwise I don’t think Darla would accept the suggestions you see here to go to Darla’s hotel room and get her brain melted again. Again, that doesn’t make any of this ethical, and I would strongly discourage someone from doing this kind of play without a lot more pre-talk and negotiation before any trancing happened. But it’s doable. (And honestly, if you wanted to do something like this after enthusiastic consent for all the elements had been negotiated, that’s what amnesia suggestions are there for.)

Flesh for Fantasy: Hoo boy. This one is something of a can of worms, because it really is all about someone setting clear hard limits at the beginning of the story, and a hypnotist slowly and methodically blurring those boundaries until they erode away completely. When I wrote it, I probably would have told you that you couldn’t really do that and it would be a terrible idea to even try. I think my position now is that yes, you probably could do that, which makes it an even more terrible idea to try.

Because let’s face it, trust and intimacy and sex are a very potent cocktail, and it’s really clear from the beginning that Jessica needs Tom more than Tom needs Jessica in this equation. The blackmail rectifies some of that power imbalance, but as Tom demonstrates in the climax of the story, he understands full well that Jessica’s threats to turn him in are ultimately empty, and his threats to stop hypnotizing her are not. That’s a huge, huge advantage he has over her, and he uses it to very patiently push her past one limit after another until she’s doing things she would have said ‘no’ to at the beginning of their fucked-up relationship.

Patience and power imbalance make a lot of things possible that wouldn’t seem possible in terms of controlling someone, and that’s kind of a warning to submissives as much as a statement about the story. Never let yourself think that a particular Dominant is the only one who can fulfill your kink, and never let them break your hard limits. Because I wrote this as a very hot fantasy, but it’s a terrible reality if you’re in Jessica’s position and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that. Oh, and if you’re a hypnotist reading what Tom does and thinking, “Hmmm…” Just don’t, okay? Treat people like people. There are plenty of folks out there who would happily consent to most of what Jessica does, no awfulness required.

(Oh, and the stuff at the end with Cassie is really pretty cinematic. That part is just there for plot convenience.)

Wrapped Around Your Finger: There are a lot of facts not in evidence that you have to assume with this one, because it is written from the point of view of someone who is currently experiencing an altered state of perception and memory and consciousness due to a post-hypnotic suggestion and there is so much going on that Andrea is completely unaware of. (Hypnosis: Taking the “unreliable narrator” trope to new heights!) But, if we assume that Robyn and Andrea are in a consensual D/s relationship that involves hypnosis, and we assume that this is, as the young folk say, “their jam”, and we assume that all parties involved gave enthusiastic consent to this scene (and there’s no reason not to assume that all this is the case…)

Then sure, it’s totally doable. I know people who’ve been hypnotized to think they were superheroes. Being hypnotized to think you’re a dominatrix is relatively trivial. And the “Mistress wants” trigger is really just another “would-you-kindly” trigger, a disguised phrase that implants an irresistible compulsion. This is the sort of thing that could happen at any clothing-optional, sex-allowed hypno-play party, and probably Andrea would wake up at the end of the night absolutely thrilled that it worked so well.

Invisible Touch: I almost feel like it goes without saying that yes, anything Jack and Diane do in their stories is 100% plausible and achievable hypnotically (although Diane is a very good subject with a lot of practice–don’t expect to be able to have a hypno-tickle party the first time you go under). And yes, it’s all entirely ethical; the negotiation takes place “off-screen”, as it were, but Jack and Diane are in a long-term, consensual hypnosis-based D/s relationship and everything he does to her mind, he does with her enthusiastic consent. Right down to having triggers she doesn’t remember until he uses them on her.

(Fun fact: At the time I wrote this, I was working about a year in advance of the actual posting date of my stories. A full year to the day after I wrote this, the exact week that I posted it, the Ordway Theater staged a production of ‘The Barber of Seville’. This not only could have happened, it could have happened the exact day people were reading it for the first time.)

And that’s another five in the books–it’s a good thing not all of my stories feature realistic hypnosis, or we might never get through these! See you next time!


Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Evergreen”!

November 18, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Any Time Now”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Evergreen” (MC MF FD)!

Joe’s just made partner at his law firm, and his parents have thrown a surprise party with everyone he can remember in attendance! And one very special person that, for reasons soon to become apparent, he can’t. Here’s a taste:

She didn’t look forgettable, certainly. She looked to be about five years older than him, her face given beautiful character by the tiny laugh lines around her sparkling green eyes. Her red hair had faded a little under long hours of sunlight (did she work outdoors? Did she garden a lot? Was she one of his sister’s friends in a gardening club?) but still hung down in long, lazy curls that looked casual without appearing messy. Her skin had more of a dusting of freckles than a tan, and she wore an emerald green dress and necklace that matched her eyes perfectly.

Joe tried not to apply the same kind of detailed examination to her body, but she certainly had a very nice one. She had a curvy belly and heavy breasts, and wide swelling hips that seemed made to be held. It was the kind of a body that spoke to a life well-lived, and suggested that there was still plenty of life out there to be enjoyed. Joe was frankly astonished he didn’t remember her at all.

That was getting harder to hide. He finished swallowing, and tried not to widen his smile uncomfortably far. “Hi!” he said, making a vague gesture with his plate to excuse his inability to shake hands or hug or kiss or whatever it was she expected him to do. “It’s so good to see you? Enjoying the party?”

She gave him a Mona Lisa smile that barely touched the corners of her lips. “You don’t remember me, do you?” she asked, looking more than a little amused at the thought.

Hope you enjoy it!

A Few Reflections on Recent News

November 12, 2017

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We’re seeing something of an apocalypse in the entertainment industry right now, and I mean that in the best possible sense. Not every apocalypse is bad. When the order of things is rooted to its very core in a belief that some people have to be treated like pieces of meat for the world to work the way it should, then it can’t be rebuilt until it shatters. We are seeing a liberating destruction of a structure that was so bad we couldn’t even talk about it. That’s not just good, it’s necessary. I don’t have much of a role in this, but what weight I can place, I place in supporting the people who are wielding the hammers.

There are people, though, who are uncomfortable with the way the world is changing. I will be honest, here; I think that if you are one of those people, and you drill far enough down into your feelings to strip away the surface layers of motivation from the way you’re thinking about these people coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape, you’re going to find that the true reason for this is that you empathize more with powerful men losing their power than with everyone else being victimized. I think that (again, if you are one of those people) you’re going to have to deal with reframing that in your own way, but here are a few thoughts that might help.

  1. This is not a “witch hunt”. This is not a “lynch mob”. When you use those terms, you are quite literally taking powerful symbols of literal oppression by violence of women and minorities and applying them to Harvey Weinstein being criticized for his behavior. When you use them to defend powerful white men from criticism, it carries the implicit message that you feel it just as strongly when white men are told they did a bad thing as you do when black men are hung by the neck until they are dead. You should probably ask yourself why this is.
  2. We do not give these people “credit for apologizing”. First, their apologies have been universally shitty, self-serving, and have attempted to reframe the narrative with the abuser as victim of their inability to treat people like human beings. But second and more importantly, any apology made to get out of trouble is not a sincere one. If they’re really sorry, they shouldn’t need credit for apologizing. They should be apologizing because it’s the right thing to do and they should offer no qualifications. A true apology does not obligate anyone to accept it. If you need to accept a false apology, and to demand others to do so, simply to put a painful situation behind you, you should probably ask yourself why this is.
  3. Believing the victims means believing the victims. Obviously that doesn’t mean turning your brain off, but false accusations are genuinely rare and usually unravel when investigated. The stories that are being reported right now are well-sourced, have corroborating evidence, and the people coming forward sure as hell aren’t enjoying the gauntlet of distrust and hatred they’re getting as their “reward” for speaking up. (And they’re coming in groups.) We should always start with believing the victim’s account, because the harasser always has the most to gain by lying. George Takei is not more deserving of our sympathy than Roy Moore. If you decide to disbelieve accusations based on who’s being accused, you should probably ask yourself why this is.
  4. Yes, this is a kink blog discussing this stuff. This is a kink blog with someone who does condone dehumanization and depersonalization as fetishes saying that you should always treat people like human beings and not your playthings, despite having very lovingly told someone that they were my plaything less than twenty-four hours ago. That is because of the magic of enthusiastic consent. If you want something done to you, and you tell someone that in no uncertain terms, it’s okay if they do it to you. Even if that seems weird to others. But you can’t tell me that Louis CK didn’t pick up on any of the signs, any of the times he did it, that the women he exposed himself to were not into it. (Especially because at least a few of those women said he didn’t wait for permission.) You can’t tell me that a powerful Hollywood producer doesn’t understand that inviting a woman whose livelihood depends on his goodwill into his hotel room and stripping naked for her is unaware that he’s coercing her into the act. And if you’re trying, if you want to invalidate these words with a claim that kinky people don’t have a right to opinions about consent, you should probably ask yourself why this is.
  5. For all those people saying, “Oh, I’m so worried, I don’t know what I might say or do that could get me accused of this stuff…” Good. That’s actually part of the intent. You are supposed to be mindful of how your words and actions might impact other people, and whether you might wind up hurting them if you are callous, unthinking, selfish or cruel. That is a good character trait to have. Does it sometimes result in a little bit of social anxiety? Sure, in a Dunning-Kruger sort of way. The people who think least about how their actions affect others are the ones who will do the most harm, and the people who do best will worry sometimes without cause. But if you’d rather hurt someone than care about their feelings, well…I think you know where I’m going with this, but you should probably ask yourself why this is.

So there you go. Five excuses people use to avoid digging into how they feel, five answers. I’m not saying that if you read this post, then overnight you’re going to become “woke” and start instantly using your empathy to help marginalized people like it’s a super power. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that “woke” is a journey and not a destination. The moment you think you’re done learning how to listen and care about others is the moment you start going backwards. But I hope that if you’re reading this from the perspective of someone who’s genuinely dismayed by the way all these abusers are treated, then maybe this does help you examine yourself. Because that’s how we become better.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Choose to Be Me”!

November 10, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Bent 4 U”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA (although it will be delayed a week by Simon’s well-earned vacation). But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Choose to Be Me” (MC FF)!

Stung by rejection, high school senior Betty decides to accept the mysterious Francesca’s offer for a makeover. But it turns out that Francesca’s idea of a makeover is a bit more… comprehensive than most. Here’s a taste:

“I, um, I’m Betty–” She didn’t get the chance to say anything more. The look of stern disapproval on Francesca’s face sent her voice into hiding. Francesca hooked her arm around Betty’s, steering her into a walk that headed away from Betty’s house and in the direction of downtown. Betty noticed the delicate scent of perfume as Francesca pulled her close, a whiff of sandalwood and violet that gave the other woman a literal sophisticated air. But she was more focused on Francesca’s expression than her aroma.

“‘Betty’?” Francesca’s voice was filled with sweet scorn. “My darling girl, no wonder the boys can make you cry, if you tell them that you are as common as the stones around their feet! Your name should whisper the quiet delights of your beauty, the secret hints of impossible majesty in your soul. You should be an Elisa, or…no, a Lisette. Say it for me, dear, and feel how much more sensual, how much more attractive you feel about yourself.”

Betty squeaked out, “I’m–” She coughed, then tried again. “I’m, um, Lisette.” She didn’t feel more beautiful. She felt the name squirming away from her in embarrassment at being associated with a dumpy, dowdy girl who looked half her age and cried in public. “I…I don’t think it’s working, sorry.”

“Of course not, Lisette,” Francesca said, walking Betty briskly through the busy streets and crowded sidewalks of the downtown area, taking lefts and rights with such dizzying rapidity that Betty wasn’t entirely sure she could find her way home on her own anymore. “A name is nothing but a word. If you are to become a heartbreaker, my darling girl, you will need more help from your Francesca than that.”

Hope you enjoy it!

Delicious Feedback Loops

November 5, 2017

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There’s a particular aspect to the brainwashing kink (which is a sub-kink of hypnosis; not everyone really gets into the whole idea of having their thoughts altered, and that’s okay) that I think deserves to be singled out for special attention no matter which side of the watch you’re on. If you do brainwashing play on any level, you’ve probably encountered it, because it’s really one of the most fundamental pieces of brainwashing you do when you do this kind of play, and it’s the most effective, too. Simply put, it’s reminding the submissive that they derive pleasure from being told what to think.

I mean, that’s kind of a clinical way of putting it. I don’t think anyone does sexy hypnosis involving the word “derive”, unless they’ve found someone who really gets turned on by differential calculus. But “you love being told what to think”, “it feels good to think the thoughts I give you”, “being brainwashed turns you on”…those are phrases you might have heard or said. They all amount to the same basic idea, associating pleasure with the concept of having the submissive’s thoughts altered.

Now, one could argue that in any ethical brainwashing relationship, that’s not exactly brainwashing, because it’s only strengthening something that’s already there. If the submissive didn’t get turned on by being brainwashed, they wouldn’t have signed on for a brainwashing-based sexual relationship. (Note to self: Write a post on what the hell I mean by “ethical brainwashing”, and why it pretty much automatically implies a “relationship” and not casual play.) But that’s actually what makes it such powerful brainwashing; there’s no resistance to the idea, because it’s already there in the submissive’s head, and the dominant is reinforcing it with pleasure. It can become a lot stronger, is what I’m saying here. And I don’t think that’s just role-playing or pretense. I do think that a submissive who gets that suggestion reinforced becomes more susceptible to other suggestions. (So play responsibly!)

So why is this a feedback loop? Because the suggestion to become more susceptible to suggestions is, itself, a suggestion. So it’s very easy to set up a cycle in the submissive’s head while they’re in trance to remind them that they feel pleasure from accepting suggestions, and that pleasure makes suggestions more powerful and harder to resist, and that by feeling it they accept the suggestion more deeply, and by accepting it more deeply they feel pleasure stronger, and… well, it really doesn’t take much to get that into a self-sustaining loop of programming that ends with a really intense orgasm. Which, of course, just seals in that programming even deeper.

If that sounds good to you, congratulations, you share the brainwashing sub-kink. 🙂 The nicest thing about it is that as it gets more ingrained in the submissive’s head, it takes less and less effort to steer them into that looped state, until really all the dominant needs to do is make a space where the submissive feels safe and comfortable entering that state and the submissive does the rest themselves. Which is hot for the dominant, because if they’re into the brainwashing kink as a top then they really get off on seeing how effective it is on the bottom, and is just as hot for the submissive, because they’re getting really intense orgasms and loving the powerful feeling of having their mind fucked. It’s the most basic piece of brainwashing there is, but it’s so much fun. Even if you’re not going to get into behavior modification on a serious level (which is a whole big topic for another time because wow are their pitfalls to that), you might want to experiment with this one a bit.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Stronger”!

November 2, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“I Just Want to See His Face”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Stronger” (MC FF)!

Sasha’s just finished a long, exhausting weightlifting session when a stranger shows up in her basement. She’s not worried, of course. She’s a professional weightlifter, and the other woman is petite and harmless. But as strong as the body is…the mind is always stronger. Here’s a taste:

Sasha tried to brush away the compliment as easily as she brushed away the confusion about the woman’s identity. “Well,” she said dismissively, gesturing half-heartedly at her naked body, “I am strong.” She didn’t feel the need to cover up–a lifetime of practically living at the gym had pretty much gotten rid of any body-shyness she’d ever had. Showering with just one other person in the room was practically a luxury by her standards.

“Oh, you’re definitely strong,” the other woman said, her dark brown eyes glittering with amusement. “But you’ve really been pushing your limits ever since you started doing your workouts online. You saved your biggest lift for the very end, when you were at your most fatigued. Weren’t you a little bit worried that you might not have anything left in the tank for that big clean and jerk?”

Sasha let out a dismissive snort that plumed out warm water from her lips. “I am strong,” she said, a trace of condescension in her voice. As if she needed to be told how to do her routine by a woman who looked like she’d be lucky to lift the bar by itself. She had a spotter every time, she was being safe. The woman from…from the thing…needed to just relax a little.

“Oh, of course you’re strong,” the woman said, coming close enough now that the spray began to dampen the front of her dress. “But the exhaustion is always stronger in the end. No matter how much energy you may have when you start your workout, by the end your muscles are quivering, straining even to hold your body upright after all that hard, tiring exercise.” She still wore that enigmatic smile the whole time she spoke, as if the idea of wearing Sasha out held nothing but delight for her.

Hope you enjoy it!

Liner Notes for October 2017

October 29, 2017

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Hey all! It’s still technically October, but the next update won’t be until November (the FUTURE!) so we can already begin looking at last month’s stories (the PAST!) and see what brought them into existence. Let’s get started, shall we?

Five Finger Discount: This one popped into my head when I was at the mall one day. I noticed the security scanners at the front, and had a thought about how much easier it would be for stores if they didn’t have to deal with RFID tags and loss prevention officers and all the mess and hassle because they just had a device at the front of the store that made shoplifters go turn themselves in. And naturally, that led to me picturing a shoplifter doing just that and getting taken advantage of in hot and kinky ways, and of course the phrase “five-finger discount” was pretty natural to associate with fisting (which I’ve never described before–one of the weird things about writing erotica is trying to get a vivid mental picture of particular sexual activities in my head well enough to describe them to others). And at that point, it was just a matter of verifying that there is in fact a song called “Five Finger Discount” and writing it all out. They’re not all that easy, but it’s nice when they are.

Xenophilia: This was another one where I had the idea first and then went hunting for a title to put on it–I had the notion of a tentacled alien warlord meeting a hentai fan and being more than a little bit discommoded at how enthusiastically they took to the idea of being the concubine of the invading armies. (The “Rule 34” joke came in pretty early in the creative process.) I knew that “Xenophilia” would be the perfect title for it, and I was immensely gratified by the incredibly obscure sludgecore band that recorded it for giving me an excuse to use that title without breaking my weird, obsessive “song titles for story titles” rule.

Zero Dumb Game: This one started in my head as “Zero Sum Game”, and I knew it would be about a pair of twins that shared their willpower and intelligence. As one got smarter, the other got cumber, and so on. I had a lot of problems writing it out, though, because I really didn’t want to write a scene where Shanna got raped due to her inability to give meaningful consent, but that was pretty much the only way to get the sex into the story. I toyed with Shanna getting rescued by a guy or another woman, but that only deferred the sex to someone else who was taking advantage of Shanna’s diminished consent. In the end, I split the difference, and had Shanna recover her mind and take some well-earned revenge. (Oh, and I changed the story’s name when I saw that “Zero Dumb Game” was a real song title.)

Can’t Say No: This was a rarity for me, writing out one of my fantasies as a top (even though I still wrote it from a bottom’s point of view). One of the things I really love the idea of is restricting someone’s thought processes–not necessarily making them able to think less, but restricting them to thinking about the things I want them to think about. (Temporarily and with enthusiastic consent, in the context of real life play, of course.) And one of my favorite things within that favorite thing is to close off negativity by restricting them to positive responses (you can also see this in ‘Yes (Means It’s Hard to Say No)’) so that everything feels very affirmative and happy and oh by the way further brainwashing is facilitated by the fact that they have to agree to everything I say.

(Which is why the check-in is “What color is this suggestion?” rather than “Do you like this?” If you’re doing this kind of play, you don’t want them to have to fight the suggestion just to let you know that something’s not working. “Tell me something you need me to know” would also have worked. This story was an attempt to demonstrate ethical and consensual play, and not just a pure fantasy. I’m not sure I’m a good enough hypnotist to make someone not even think the word “no”, but that’s the part of it that’s imagination, not the ethics of the play.)

And that’s this month’s stories out of the way–join me next week for another blog post, and next month for another Liner Notes!

Early Bird Sneak Peeks: “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over” and “Girl Next Door”!

October 26, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–”Can’t Say No”, which apparently wasn’t teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over” (MC MF FD) and “Girl Next Door” (MC MF FF FD RB)!

In “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over”, Matt’s running himself ragged studying. Donna has a few choice mnemonics that can help him, but as it turns out, when you let someone give you ideas you won’t be able to forget, it’s probably a good idea to make sure it’s someone a little more trustworthy than Donna. Here’s a taste:

“The trick is to get a good mnemonic,” she went on, grabbing a piece of paper from his notes and his pen. “You need something that has a vivid mental image, so that the image always leads you to the mnemonic and the mnemonic always leads you to what you’re trying to remember. So for taxonomy, the order is ‘Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species’.” She wrote down on the paper a hasty D, K, P, C, O, F, G, and S.

“Now you take that and you turn it into a sentence,” she said, writing in a word for each letter. “Like, say, ‘Do Kindly Pull Clothes Off For Goodness Sakes.’ And you associate an image with that, like stripping naked in the middle of biochem class. And now you’re never going to forget that for the rest of your life, are you?”

Matt blushed. He hadn’t expected the conversation to go in exactly that direction, but he had to admit that Donna was right–he probably wasn’t going to forget Donna talking about him taking his clothes off in public. The incredible awkwardness of his biggest frenemy for the last six months suddenly cozying up to him and making up dirty mnemonics for him was acting to cement the lesson in a way that normal tutoring never could. He might want to forget, and he might very well spend the next week trying to forget, but as long as he didn’t actually forget until the test was over, he’d take it.

“Girl Next Door”, meanwhile, is a return to the universe of the Girls with a story about Jeremy and his new next door neighbor, Chandra. Chandra, as Jeremy finds out, has her very own Girl(tm). And she has a bedroom right across from his. And she has a habit of leaving her shades drawn. Jeremy’s finding all sorts of things out about Girls. And the Girl is finding out all sorts of things about Jeremy. Here’s a taste:

When Jeremy went into his bedroom, though, he found out a lot about his new neighbor before he even turned on the light. He learned that she had chosen an upstairs bedroom right across from Jeremy’s own room. He found out that she was blonde–a natural blonde, apparently, with long flowing hair that clung to her skin when wet and large, round breasts that seemed to be very sensitive judging by her reaction to having them touched. He discovered that she had the same habit he did of forgetting to draw the window shades, which was less important when you were out of town for three days than it was when you were having vigorous sex right in front of the window. And he also noticed that Chandra had a Girl(tm).

The Girl was bright orange, almost like she was candy-coated, and she stood behind Chandra cupping the young woman’s tits with fingers that buzzed so rapidly that Chandra’s breasts visibly quivered even from twenty feet away. She was thrusting forward, rocking her hips hard into Chandra’s body with a precise, mechanical rhythm. Chandra’s whole body shook with the force of her Girl’s fucking, and even though Jeremy couldn’t hear her, he could see the way her mouth moved every time the fake cock pumped into her and knew she was moaning.

Jeremy’s towel began to slowly rise up.

Hope you enjoy them!

Is It Hypnosis? – Part Six

October 22, 2017

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I don’t want to let this go quite as long as I did last time, so let’s take a look at another batch of my old stories and go over how realistic/plausible/ethical the hypnosis actually was. (Again, skipping all of the ones that use obviously fake things like mind-control rays or hypno-drugs or what have you. Also skipping the inductions, which are obviously realistic in that they are intended to be used to hypnotize people.)

Say It: This is honestly one of my least favorite of my own stories (I think I was too eager to get to the “sexy bit” and it shows), but the hypnosis involved is very believable. The couple being introduced to hypnosis is interested, they’re in a frame of mind that allows them to focus and relax (I don’t generally advocate drinking if you’re going to do hypnosis, because alcohol inhibits your ability to focus and impairs your judgment which is not great for kink, but mildly tipsy isn’t an issue) and they’re receptive to the ideas Judy is presenting. Judy should really have done more pre-talk, let’s be honest, but she’s far from my least ethical fictional hypnotist and she’s certainly reading correctly that Hal and Minnie are in the room for some mildly kinky swinging.

Sweetest Perfection: We’ve never actually played out this specific scenario in real life, but this is drawn very heavily from real D/s experiences between myself and Lady Ru’etha. Everything described in the story is entirely achievable with real hypnosis, and the couple in the story is modeled on our real life relationship in which good consent practices are pretty important. This one gets an A+ from the Realistic Hypnokink Board, and is both the sort of thing you’d want to read about if you’re a fan of romantic mind control stories and a pretty good idea for something fun to do with hypnosis if you’re in a D/s hypno-relationship.

Voices Carry: This one is probably a tiny bit dubious, but not as much as it seems. The exchanges between Thea and James are entirely plausible, and I know because I was James. (Goddess had a brief layover in the Twin Cities one day, back when we were still in a long-distance relationship, and the timing worked out perfectly to give us a couple of hours cuddling in a secluded spot in the airport lounge. It was a wonderful evening.) But that leaves the question, could a hypnotist inadvertently hypnotize an eavesdropper, and more importantly, could they do it to the point where said eavesdropper went back under on meeting the hypnotist later on?

The answer is a solid “Maybe”. It’s pretty strongly implied that Amber is finding out that she’s got a hot button she didn’t know existed, and Thea is accidentally hammering on it like a toddler who got their “My First Phone” and “My First Tools” playsets mixed together. In that light, yes, it’s possible that Amber could go under because Amber really wants to go under and her expectations regarding hypnosis are cheerfully convincing her that it really is totally irresistible and she has no choice but to become Thea’s obedient slave. But that’s not because of anything Thea’s doing, it’s because our brains are really good at convincing us to do stuff we want to do.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Well, obviously it’s set in a fairly implausible fictional universe, but MistressMind is stated as using a genuine hypnotic technique of physical motion to focus the conscious mind onto her body and induce a trance state. Could that be possible? Could it produce the effects indicated in the story? Could she hypnotize an unsuspecting or unwilling subject with it?

The answers are, in order, “Yes, no, and FUCK no but then again she found that out the hard way, didn’t she?” I’m not an expert on dance, being only barely physically coordinated enough to walk and chew gum at the same time, but a focus is a focus is a focus. Anything that keeps the conscious mind paying close and careful attention to it to the exclusion of all else can be used to hypnotize people, up to and including a ham sandwich. (It’s a long story. I wasn’t there for it personally, but there are multiple witnesses.) You could absolutely use dance as the focus for an induction.

However, you certainly couldn’t use it to subvert someone’s will to the comic-booky degree that this comic-booky story indicates, and you couldn’t get them to do things like ignore their job requirements to masturbate in public or allow themselves to be handcuffed to a pillar. In the story, WildRose is presented as having uniquely indomitable willpower, but in real life this would just get you kicked in the head. That’s the only realistic part about it–people snap out of trance when asked to do sketchy stuff. (As their subconscious defines it, which is why you should NOT just assume that you can give any command you feel like and if it’s sketchy, they’ll just say no.)

True: Um…yeahno, sorry. There’s absolutely nothing about this that’s remotely believable, plausible, or ethical, and this falls purely into the realm of “it’s a hot fantasy if you have this particular sub-kink, but no more”. And there’s nothing wrong with that fantasy–a lot of people daydream about being in Julie’s place, so uniquely susceptible to the charms of a Sinister Hypnotist that after one trance, they’re instantly ready to accept every suggestion and turn themselves into a willing, pliant hypnotic plaything. In the realm of fantasy, it’s incredibly sexy.

But in the realm of reality, it’s both not achievable and not desirable. In the context of the story, Julie is obviously not someone whose subconscious is yearning to accept all of Dave’s suggestions, so there’s no question of incongruence making it easier for her to go under for him. A single trance is not enough to achieve the kind of deep rapport that makes changes to a person’s personality without their knowledge or consent possible. Those changes, should they even be possible (and I don’t know if they are because I’ve never tried because that would be incredibly unethical) would be incredibly unethical. This one should stay in the realm of fantasy where it belongs. (But I gotta say, as a fantasy, it’s a pretty good one.)

And there’s our five for now, but don’t worry, our journey will continue!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Juicy Jungle”!

October 19, 2017

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Zero Dumb Game”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Juicy Jungle” (MC FF)!

One of the nice ways that people maintain intimacy in long-distance D/s relationships is to give the submissives rituals to perform to show their obedience. Emily has a very special ritual just like that, one she performs every Saturday for her Mistress Janelle. And every time she performs in, she thinks of the time they spent together and the love they shared. Here’s a taste:

Finally, her knees a little bit wobbly from pleasure, Emily finished cleaning herself off and stepped out of the shower. The room was thick with steamy, humid air, and not for the first time Emily was grateful that her apartment had a tankless water heater. It meant that she could spend as long as she wanted in the shower, pushing her fingers in and out of her slippery cunt and whimpering out Janelle’s name as she came, and still have time for the ritual. Her favorite ritual, now.

She went to the sink and turned on the hot water, letting it get as warm as she could stand before she slid the washcloth out from under the razor and scissors and got it soaking wet. She moved the tools to the corner of the sink, next to the toilet, and turned the faucet off. Only then did she sit down on the toilet with her legs spread wide.

She looked down at her pubic mound, thinking back to the way Janelle had teased it with her fingers as they lay together on Janelle’s old mattress. Janelle was lying on her side, her head down near Emily’s waist, her eyes glittering with excitement as she ran her thumb across the smooth skin and massaged the slick fluids glistening on Emily’s labia all over until Emily’s vulva practically gleamed.

Hope you enjoy it!