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Liner Notes for July 2021

July 31, 2021

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July was kind of a busy month in a very good way – it’s where I really started to notice how much more free time I had once I stopped playing video games (specifically Marvel Strike Force), not just in terms of writing time but time for everything I wanted to do. I’d resisted quitting because I assumed I’d be more stressed without something fun to do, but honestly it wasn’t until I gave it up that I realized how much stress keeping up with the new releases and the constant upgrades and the daily grind had really become. But of course the stories we’re talking about today were all written over a year before I made that decision, so let’s get talking about those, shall we?

A Quick One, While He’s Away: I saw this title a few times before I finally wrote the story it was based on, and I kept coming back to it because I liked the quiet poetry behind it. There’s something ever so slightly melancholy about the phrasing, the sense that this is someone who doesn’t want to live this furtive and desperate life but can’t give up on the passions that drive them back to it. I think it translates well to a mind control story, where you can have a love triangle without the guilt of cheating on the part of the person in the middle. Shontelle thinks she’s being faithful, and it’s only Jerry who bears the burden of temptation. I think there’s something powerful about that, and I very consciously wanted to leave it unresolved because I don’t think life provides tidy resolutions to emotional conflicts like that.

Call the Police: I think this is one of those stories that suffers a bit from being written back around the end of 2019, before the riots of 2020 and the conversations we had as a society about the way police abuse their power. Not that I think it’s intolerably naive – it’s very clear that Shaylene realizes just how easily Madeline can use the victimhood of whiteness against her even when Shaylene is in the right and Madeline is in the wrong. But I think if I’d written it after George Floyd, I would have had Shaylene hesitate to make that call, because it was naive of me to imagine that a Black woman wouldn’t be aware of the potential risks of calling the cops on a white woman, and I feel like I need to apologize for writing something that doesn’t live up in hindsight to the lessons we learned.

That said, I always like writing a story where someone does the thing that characters in stories never do, and I like showing the unexpected consequences of unexpected actions. I don’t think it’s a bad story, I just think it’s one that could be better.

New Life: This one is something of a fantasy of mine – I freely admit that I picked up a fetish for consensual kidnapping scenarios from Lady Ru’etha, who’s done some amazing ones involving amnesia and post-hypnotic suggestions to various partners over the years. As I’ve explored my switchy side, I’ve kind of found myself interested in the dominant role as well as the submissive one, and this is one of the rare times when I imagined myself as the hypnotist in this scene rather than the quote-unquote “victim”. But of course, it’s absolutely loving and consensual and happy because in the end, I feel like that allows you to enjoy the tension of the brainwashing even more.

Beautiful Corruption: This, on the other hand, plays a little bit more with ambiguity. It’s all about transformation and degradation – not “degradation” as it’s commonly used, in the sense of humiliation and being made to feel less than fully in possession of your own dignity, but degradation in the form of being worn down to something smaller and downgraded in ability. The protagonist isn’t being humiliated or shamed, she’s literally being made into less of a person by her conditioning and she’s being made to enjoy it, and even though I recognize that this is very much Not Okay outside of the realm of fantasy, the degree of control that it implies is very hot.

And also I just want to toot my own horn and point out that “my Sovereign” is a very nice gender-neutral honorific that I freely offer to anyone non-binary or gender queer who wants to use it when topping.

Object of My Affection: And rounding out the month with the story from just a few moments ago, this is a return to some of the themes of the previous two stories in an explicitly loving and consensual way. Bianca is an enthusiastic participation in her literal objectification, which is separated from the connotations of shame and humiliation that often accompany it and allowed to shine as something that can exist within a healthy relationship between two people who are otherwise equals. If there’s one thing I really want to convey in my writing, it’s that rich people are terrible you don’t have to accept humiliation play as the price of getting the kinks you do want satisfied. You can enjoy being made into a slave, you can enjoy being made dumb, you can enjoy being turned into someone’s toy if you want and it doesn’t mean you’re any less as a result of it. It just means you like those things. And that’s okay.

And it’s also okay to come back here next week for another blog post, and next month for another edition of Liner Notes! See you then!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Vampire Money”!

July 28, 2021

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Object of My Affection”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Vampire Money” (MC FF)!

Kei is a professional adventurer, a monster hunter who fights not for right or justice but for that sweet sweet treasure table loot. But when she finds herself face to face with her old nemesis, the Dread Vampire Lilly of the Night’s Bloom, will she find other rewards besides gold hidden in the depths of the undead’s stare? Here’s a taste:

Perching on the window sill, though, Kei discovered that there wasn’t much in the way of cover inside. The interior was more a folly than a castle, opening up onto a single vast chamber with no furniture save a single wrought-iron throne at the far end. And seated in that throne… Kei’s eyes narrowed. She recognized that corpse-white skin and raven-dark hair all too well. To say nothing of that slinky black dress and that extremely memorable cleavage. Once again, she’d come face-to-face with her old nemesis, the Dread Vampire Lilly of the Night’s Bloom.

Well. One of her old nemeses, at any rate. The Night Bloom sprouted up new lairs and lieutenants and hordes of undead as quickly as the mushrooms that were their namesake, to the point where a graveyard full of ghouls and ghasts was as good as a signature that they’d infested an area again. Honestly, keeping their zombies at a manageable number for the city guard was enough to earn Kei her adventurer’s pay tonight, even if she didn’t know from long personal experience that Lilly kept a stash of gold and gems wherever she made her temporary home. A stash that a cunning, clever young woman might relieve her of, with a little stealth and a good distraction. Kei slipped a bottle of oil and a match out of her rucksack.

Hope you enjoy it!

Okay, So Let’s Talk About That New Trilby Else Adaptation….

July 25, 2021

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I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before I talked about that new big-budget trilby else adaptation they put out, because they made a lot of really weird marketing decisions with it that made it look more like one of those superhero movies we always got back in the days before COVID. Honestly, I suspect that only the people who already knew who trilby was even noticed the similarities, even though this is exactly the kind of sublimated, fetishistic popcorn flick that tends to make the next generation of mind controllers. So let’s put a little bit of a spoiler space in here and talk about “Worm” “Sleeper” “Fighting Words” “Black Widow”!

(As a brief aside – the recent “improvements” to WordPress have made it a lot harder to do things like insert a “Read More” break quickly and easily. I’m sure that it’s become a much more versatile tool for people who have the time and energy to learn how to make it all do what they want, but for those of us who don’t want to take up a second job as an expert in the WordPress blogging system, it’s kind of a hassle. I like simple, user-friendly systems. I also like knowing how to insert a “Read More” break without having to install a freaking plugin.)

Anyway. For those of you who haven’t seen it, “Black Widow” is the story of a diabolical conspiracy, as trilby used to put it, to brainwash women into becoming obedient slaves whose every thought and action is completely controlled by men who get off on the whole conditioning thing. Of course, because this is a big Hollywood movie (they even got Scarlett Johansson! Kaa, from “The Jungle Book”!) they can’t overtly say that the guy is using it to make a harem of sex slaves – instead, he’s making an army of sexy assassins in skin-tight, fetish outfit-style catsuits. I’ve talked in the past about how this is basically the way that kinks develop in the human brain, and I’m reasonably sure there’s going to be a whole generation of people who wind up with a little bit of a fantasy about either turning women into sexy assassins or being turned into one. So good job on that one, trilby! (God, I hope he got paid for this.)

The hero is a former slave who broke free from her conditioning (a very classic trope of trilby’s) and who discovers that a) the conspiracy is still out there, because it’s so big and powerful that an ordinary person is helpless to bring it down (another huge trope of trilby’s) and b) the brainwashing technology has gotten better over the years to the point where no human being could possibly resist it and if the former slave falls back into the clutches of the conspiracy, her free will is going to be destroyed forever (yet another huge trope of trilby’s). And of course she’s got a loved one who’s caught up in this (god, it’s like they just threw all his stories into a blender and grabbed their favorite bits of each) so she has to go back in despite the very real risk to her own freedom.

At this point, you may now check your trilby else bingo card, because I’m sure at least one of you has won.

Obviously, because this is a big-budget blockbuster action movie, they had to change the ending. I’m sure that originally, it ended with Scarlett Johansson’s character and Florence Pugh’s character (she’s the loved one who gets caught up in all this, Scarlett’s adopted sister who breaks free of the super-brainwashing tech thanks to a magic anti-mind control serum that’s the only possible threat to the villain’s schemes) both being recaptured and returning to the bliss of slavery with a mingled feeling of shame, despair, relief and arousal, because that’s kind of trilby’s thing… but instead, the heroes free all the sexy assassins, blow up the bad guy, and escape the crashing skyship because that’s how you end a studio movie like this. But we all know that AO3 is already full of “but what if the bad guy won, haha jk but seriously what if….?” fanfics, and part of me hopes that one of them is secretly by trilby. Because he had to be loving every second of “Black Widow”.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Xogenous”!

July 22, 2021

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Beautiful Corruption”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Xogenous” (MC SF)!

Doctor Joanna Harrington is a specialist in the entirely theoretical field of exobiology. Her name appears on a very short list of people to call in event of a very particular kind of emergency. Joanna never expected anyone to actually need her expertise… but that was before X began transforming people into monsters. Here’s a taste:

“So what is it?” Doctor Harrington stared through the thick plexiglass viewing panel, still unable to believe the evidence of her eyes as she stared at the… the creature on the other side of the clear plastic window. It looked human–well, humanish–but its skin had broken out in patches of unusual pigmentation that varied from a light, minty green to the deep, rich color of a pine forest. It looked almost translucent in places, as though the discoloration of the epidermis wasn’t so much a rash as it was a gradual attenuation of color to reveal the viridian flesh underneath. Its head was flung back, and thick green mist billowed up from its mouth up to the ceiling where a powerful fan carried it away.

“It was a forensic chemist,” Agent Rodriguez said, looking at the creature with a sad expression on his lean, rangy features. “We’re not sure what happened, some sort of slip-up in lab protocols, maybe… but this is all that’s left of them. We’ve tried communicating with them, but they don’t talk. They don’t seem to acknowledge our presence anymore. They don’t even move as far as we can tell. They just keep blowing out that green crap. We’re pretty sure it’s uncut X, but it’s hard to be sure. You can’t analyze the shit, and nobody here wants to try breathing it in. Not when we saw what it did to the other one.”

Hope you enjoy it!

A Singular Focus

July 17, 2021

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I don’t know if this is a thing for every hypnotist, or if it’s just my particular thing, but every once in a while I’m struck by the desire to have a signature hypnotic focus. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a number of absolutely lovely pendants and pocket watches (one in particular is a gift from one of my partners that’s almost too pretty to waste on swinging in front of someone who’ll just fall asleep looking at it) but every once in a while I kind of get a yen for finding a particular piece of jewelry that expresses my style and makes me feel like it’s the fascinator I want to use every single time.

If I could afford it, I’d probably buy a really nice opal ring – ever since I wrote about it in this particular pair of hypnosis stories, I’ve been taken by the way that opal gleams quite unlike anything else in the world, even diamonds. But really amazing, high quality opal gemstones of the kind I described are thousands of dollars, and I just don’t think I could justify the expense when I really don’t have a full-time job as an Evil Hypnotist. (I’m mostly just a glorified PR person for the concept of Evil Hypnosis, like the Beef Association but without the catchy slogan. Turns out that “Brainwashing! It’s What’s for Dinner” is a little too close to some people’s trademarks.)

Alternatively, I’d love to get a pocket watch… but I don’t just want to go on Amazon and scroll through a bunch of pictures. If I’m going to find a real hypnotic pocket watch, the kind I want to use as my signature tool for hypnotic inductions (which, again, I’m aware is really more of a daydream than anything else – honestly, you don’t need any kind of particular tools to hypnotize someone and I rarely do actual eye fixation inductions for any reason beyond the pure fetishistic thrill of watching a sub follow the swinging movement and drop) then I feel like it has to be a watch that has some age to it. I’ve got brand new pocket watches. They’re beautiful. They have personal significance to me. But I want a watch that feels like it’s passed through many hands and come to me because I know what it was really intended for.

It’s really just me wanting to write a story about myself, I suppose. All the best stories start with someone finding a secret that contains power and mystery, and I just kind of love the romance of imagining myself wandering through some flea market or swap meet and stumbling on the perfect watch for me and only me. I like to think that I’d instantly know that yes, this is the one that I can use to hypnotize absolutely anyone, even though I know that in practice a) I don’t really want to hypnotize absolutely anyone, and b) I’d probably find a watch that looked vaguely cool and spend the entire rest of the day wondering whether I like it enough to spend money on. And be pretty sure I made the wrong decision whichever way I go with it.

(Maybe that’s the fantasy – being unconditionally thrilled with a purchase for once.)

I don’t really think I’ll ever do it. It’s a fun idea, but I don’t really know how much I need another pocket watch or pendant or sparkly ring to hypnotize someone with. But I’ve gone ahead and bookmarked an article on the best flea markets in my area. Just in case.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Feign Amnesia”!

July 14, 2021

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“New Life”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Feign Amnesia” (MC MF FF MD)

Quisha’s just discovered the most shocking information about her personal trainer Raymond – he’s hypnotized her best friends into becoming his mindlessly obedient sex slaves! And worse, he seems to think the same conditioning has worked on her. Quisha has no choice but to play along… but how can she keep a skilled and devious mind controller from suspecting that her will is still her own? Here’s a taste:

I stand there, swaying just like the other women, praying that any hesitation I had was too brief for Raymond to notice. He doesn’t act like he saw anything out of the ordinary. He purrs out, “That’s my drowsy girls, that’s my obedient good girls,” as though he’s very used to us suddenly falling asleep on our feet like this. He comes closer, stroking his ruddy pink fingers gently down the tawny brown skin of Kiri’s cheeks, and I can see out of the corner of my half-closed eyes that she lets out a tiny shudder before relaxing even more.

Knowing what’s expected of me makes it easier to pretend when he does the same thing to me. “That’s right, Quisha,” he murmurs softly, and I feel his fingers skimming along my umber skin like the brush of a butterfly’s wing. I give the same little shiver Kiri gave, and try as hard as I can to make my arms hang even looser at my sides. Inside, though, my mind is racing. It’s not hard to figure out what Raymond thinks he’s done to us; the pose the other two are standing in is familiar from dozens of old movies and TV shows. He’s hypnotized them. He’s hypnotized them and they’re both in a deep trance.

Obviously I can’t let him know that it hasn’t affected me, I realize. He thinks I’m hypnotized right now–maybe he got confused about who he’d already pulled this stunt on before, lumped me in with two of his existing victims–but if he figures out that I’m still awake, then he’s going to devote his full attention to putting me under just like Kiri and Vanessa. And I know I’m strong-willed, but I’m not sure what would happen if he got a chance to really go to work on my brain without any interruptions. Kiri and Vanessa are both smart, self-possessed women with successful businesses and families, but he got to them. I can’t let him get to me.

Hope you enjoy it!

How Could I Forget to Mention ‘Loki’?

July 11, 2021

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I do spend a not inconsiderable number of these blog posts mentioning recent movies, TV shows, et cetera that feature mind control prominently, because I figure the people who read my stuff have something of an interest in that area and probably got their fix from pseudo-genre entertainment before they graduated to the genuinely kinky shit. And yet, somehow I haven’t mentioned the last few episodes of the new ‘Loki’ series running on Disney+. It’s kind of a significant omission, so let’s get to remedying it, shall we? (With spoiler tags, because the show hasn’t technically finished yet.)


Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Name It After Me”!

July 8, 2021

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Call the Police”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA (although it will be delayed there by a week due to Simon’s well-deserved vacation). But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Name It After Me” (MC MF MD)!

Tess has just hooked up with the most interesting man. He’s sexy, he’s good in bed, and he’s got the most fascinating life story. She loves listening almost as much as she loves everything else he’s doing to her, even if she doesn’t quite realize yet just how relevant his tale is going to be to her future. Here’s a taste:

He rolled over, resting on his side and putting his hand on his head to look at her. “I mean, Mom and Dad pretty much split the day I was born, right? Only they didn’t, because I was in the picture and Dad knew he couldn’t just abandon me. Not after all he and Mom did to have me. Mom really wanted a kid, but she didn’t want this particular kid, if you know what I mean. She resented him so much, but they stayed together for ages. Physically, at least.”

He reached out and traced little patterns onto Tess’s belly, inscribing random swirls and squiggles against her bare skin with his fingernails. “But just because Dad wasn’t going anywhere doesn’t mean he really raised me, you know? I was born in ’66, and guys didn’t change a lot of diapers back then.” Tess was a little surprised to hear that Guy was in his fifties; apart from a touch of gray in his dark beard stubble and a few laugh lines at the corner of his eyes, he looked like he could be a man in his early forties. Even knocking ten years off his actual age left a pretty big difference between them, but Tess didn’t care. She was discovering she liked older men.

“He left most of the child-rearing to Mom–lots of business trips out to the West Coast, plenty of location filming abroad… I think I saw my dad more on television than I did at home.” Tess reached out sleepily and put her hand against his chest in sympathy. She hadn’t realized that Guy’s father was someone famous, but she’d read all about what it was like to be the child of a celebrity. No wonder he was messed up. (No wonder he was so handsome and charismatic, a little voice whispered inside her head. Tess felt a little tingle between her legs.)

Hope you enjoy it!

Mind Control Alert: “Shadow and Bone”!

July 4, 2021

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Having recently finished The Magicians, I’ve been casting about for a new fantasy series to watch, and I picked “Shadow and Bone” on Netflix pretty much on a whim. It turns out to have a pretty good pedigree behind it; the showrunner is Eric Heisserer, who’s the screenwriter on movies like ‘The Arrival’ and ‘Bird Box’ but who I’m mostly familiar with from his viral Internet creepypasta “The Dionaea House”, which was so good that it got him a career as a Hollywood screenwriter.

The show has quite a bit to recommend it so far; it’s visually sumptuous, with a lot of interesting worldbuilding taken from the books by Leigh Bardugo that the series was adapted from. And notably, it’s got some mind control that’s worth mentioning, although not a ton in the first three episodes (which is as far as I’ve gotten). The series revolves around a war where Grisha, magic-users who each cast a different kind of magic, are coveted as living weapons of mass destruction (although the march of technology is making them increasingly irrelevant as the story begins). There are your typical element-wielders, like the Squallers who can control the wind, and then there are also Healers who can knit back together wounded flesh (and Tailors, who can sculpt it and who would presumably see a lot of action in body modification fics).

And then there are the Heartrenders, who can manipulate minds to make people more disposed to be kind to them and give them what they want. There are two Heartrenders who get dialogue in the first three episodes (all the ones we’ve seen so far have been women, even in passing, which gets a little side-eye from me but it’s early days yet) and their powers do seem to be very explicitly used for mind control, although their influence doesn’t seem to last very long. And they can’t use it subtly – it requires a particular kind of gesture to control minds, so it’s not the sort of thing you could do without other people knowing it. On the whole, a bit of a double-edged sword, especially since Grisha aren’t particularly well-liked in this fictional universe.

I suspect we’ll get at least a little more Heartrender-centric material – the last episode ended with one of them captured, which you’d assume would lead to a rescue of some sort. I’m sure I’ll find out – and if there’s anything especially interesting, I promise I’ll let you know.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Quickie”!

June 30, 2021

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“A Quick One, While He’s Away”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting (by sheerest coincidence) “Quickie” (MC FF)!

Mel’s the owner of the local lesbian bar, and she knows just about everyone. And sometimes that means knowing which of the delivery drivers isn’t averse to a quick session of hypnosis and sex in the back room when business is light. Today is one of those days. Here’s a taste:

It’s the jumpsuit that always makes me wet. Not just anything about the jumpsuit, although it’s so much fun to imagine Linda’s firm, toned stomach muscles rippling away under the tan fabric–no, what always gets to me is the way she rolls up her sleeves to do her daily deliveries and shows off those big butch guns of hers. She’s got the kind of thick, powerful biceps that make me imagine her lifting me right up off the floor and hauling me away on her back just like I weighed no more than one of the beer kegs she delivers every Tuesday afternoon. I love that kind of strength. I love to trace her tattoos with my eyes, the bright green of the dragon on her left arm and the vivid orange of the phoenix on her right, and picture my fingers following where my gaze has already gone. It’s enough to make my pussy fucking drool with anticipation. My panties are damp within seconds.

She looks over at me, and there’s a twinkle in her eyes that tells me she’s been waiting all damn day for this stop in particular. “Hey, Mel,” she says, her voice husky with that delicious working-class Philly accent of hers, still audible even after two years of living in the Midwest, “you got a few minutes to help me check in this week’s shipment?” She gives me a crooked little smile, just the tiniest little quirk at the corner of her mouth, and I know that she’s down to fuck. I know what I’m going to find when I unzip that jumpsuit and reach down between her legs to that sloppy mess she’s already made of her cunt. God, I can’t fucking wait.

Hope you enjoy it!