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Is It Hypnosis? – Part Eleven

July 15, 2018

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As we go through my old stories that use hypnosis as a narrative device, in order to see how realistic (and usually how ethical) the hypnosis is, one of my personal takeaways is… wow, have I written a lot of stories. Even skipping all the ones that use mind control rays, drugs, telepathy, magic spells or items, and in one notable case good feng shui, we’re still not at the halfway point of my work. I mean, I obviously love mind control erotica, but I do sometimes look back on it all and go, “Was that all really me?”

But since the answer is ‘yes’, let’s keep going, shall we?

Black Velvet: This one is almost certainly feasible. Desdemona is using a few different techniques, some of them related to warm reading (an old standby of psychics, using previously-obtained information on a person to make that person think they have extrasensory perception) as well as hypnosis, but all she’s really doing is guiding Alma to a realization she probably would have had anyway – she’s a lesbian and she wants to get out of her shitty little town. Obviously in real life, this should be achieved through non-hypnotic ways, but since this is fiction and not real life, Alma doesn’t mind that she was manipulated since the ends were so benevolent. (Remember, fictional people are always enthusiastically consenting!)

Small Town: And on the other end of the scale… oh Good Lord is this neither possible nor in any way ethical. Honestly, it’s to the point where this is one of the few stories that I think I’ve written that would be better if you take out the mind control – Mabel is such an interesting character, and the idea of a tiny little town that’s sex-positive and kink-friendly and treats D/s as just another town service is kind of a happy one even if mind control is about the only way you could realistically achieve it. (Although if anyone wants to settle a small town of about 800 people based on the principles of egalitarian sex-positive kinkiness, please let me subscribe to your newsletter.)

But obviously, no. It does not work that way. You cannot convince someone to give up their entire life and move to Tennessee based on one session of sex and hypnosis, not even if the sex is really good. Mabel probably wouldn’t even be able to get Willow into any kind of meaningful trance state, because she wouldn’t be able to achieve the kind of necessary rapport and trust that’s needed for hypnosis. Remember, none of this is magic, and while the subconscious mind may be very literal and lack a lot of critical thinking skills, it’s not dumb, either. Willow would just keep snapping out of it no matter how much Mabel tried to lull her into an accepting state.

But since I didn’t want to have a story that ended with someone locked in the basement and brainwashed for two months, hypnosis it was!

The Final Countdown: Hmm. This is one of those stories where the answer is genuinely, “I don’t know,” not because I think it’s more likely or less likely but because there is no ethical way to find out how much hypnosis and brainwashing and gaslighting and psychological manipulation it would take to get someone to a point where they would go into a trance state against their will and stay there. (Along with everything else Ashley does in the story under Lyle’s influence.)

I’m inclined to think it’s probably impossible; Ashley clearly wants to leave or she wouldn’t be at the bus station, and at the very least there’s going to be a constant incongruence between her conscious and subconscious minds even if she is getting some need met by staying in trance all the time for Lyle. But there’s a strong implication that they’ve been playing together for a long time, and I don’t really know that you couldn’t induce that kind of psychological dependency if it was your only goal and you spent years on it using deep hypnosis and psychological conditioning. And I don’t want to know, because it’s not something anyone should be trying anyway. Let’s just file this one under “fantasy only” and not worry about the details.

Unforgettable: The hypnosis in this story is more or less realistic, although I did fudge on the hypnotic amnesia for dramatic purposes. In real life, amnesia isn’t nearly as easy to achieve for most people as it is in fiction, and that’s especially true of something they don’t want to forget. Ursula in the story knows there’s something she’s forgotten that she can’t remember, but a real person would simply refuse to accept the suggestion.

But it is worth noting that even in the story, the suggestion doesn’t work the way Chandra wants it to, because hypnosis is not a magic button that you can press to make someone forget that you took advantage of their diminished capacity to consent to have sex with them. You cannot fix your problems with hypnosis, and trying will only make it worse. In the story, it so happened that Ursula forgave Chandra (after a good smack on the shoulder), but in the real world this would be sexual assault and would probably leave Ursula pretty freaked out. Always do the consent talk before the hypnosis happens, OK?

Hot Blooded: And on a much happier note, we have Jack and Diane’s third story! Jack and Diane, in addition to being a very cute couple with a lot of imagination when it comes to hypnosis, also are models for realistic hypnosis and good consent practices. Diane has freely and enthusiastically consented to having triggers planted that she doesn’t consciously remember, and this story shows a very real and very hot way that you can use hypnotic conditioning on a skilled and consenting hypnotic subject to do some very interesting things. Like, say, make them think that their arousal trigger isn’t doing anything, when it’s actually turning them on more and more with every repetition.

(I should really go back to these two sometime. Just to see how they’re getting on.)

In any event, that’s another five down, and I’m sure I’ll come back to this again soon! See you next week!


Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Access Babylon”!

July 12, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Quiet Your Mind”, previously teased as an Early Bird Reward story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA (although due to Simon’s well-deserved vacation it will be popping up only on Literotica this week). But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Access Babylon” (MC MF FD)!

In the wars of the future, soldiers will be more integrated than ever with the technology we use to fight our battles. But with advanced AI/human integration comes a new kind of weapon – malware capable of infecting the human brain through that computer link. Carbine is a soldier of tomorrow… and the program that’s infected his brain has made him a danger to everyone he knows. Unless his systech Rio can stop him… here’s a taste.

“I…how did you know that?” Carbine remembered the battle; he remembered the metal sphere shooting up into the air from a concealed launcher five clicks east of Madrid, and he remembered putting up his firewalls just as the transmitter blasted out a wave of data designed to corrupt his computer-augmented brain into changing loyalties. He remembered blasting the databomb out of the sky and firing off an emergency shutdown beacon that prevented Delta from attacking their own flank–he even remembered hoping for a medal. But he didn’t remember the malware getting through.

Rio’s face suddenly resolved into focus as she said, “Because you told me. You sent me a message telling you that your self-diagnostics were lighting up all over the place, that you had a worm you couldn’t quarantine and it was corrupting your higher critical thinking subroutines.” It was amazing how crystal clear the image suddenly became as she spoke. Carbine didn’t know how he could possibly have had trouble seeing her before. The visuals were so sharp now that he could practically zoom right in on her vital areas. “You said you were going to report to me for debugging.”

Carbine furrowed his brow in confusion. “Did I?” Of course he did, he could access his memories with perfect clarity and see the moment in his own timeline, but…but it didn’t seem important. The entire sequence of events, everything from getting the self-diagnostic alert message to realizing his thought processes were affected to contacting Rio, it had all been flagged with such a low priority by his piggybrain that he couldn’t keep it in his head unless he was directly viewing it. None of the information he was seeing mattered, not next to the important things his augments were telling him to do; and his meatbrain had been wired to listen to his piggybrain. Hell, half the reason that a soldier got a computer piggybacked onto his neural cortex was to keep him from getting distracted with irrelevancies in the middle of a crisis. He didn’t need to know about everything he was doing. Piggy would keep track of it.

Hope you enjoy it!

The August Challenge (and What’s Going on in My Life)

July 11, 2018

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A few months back, I did a challenge where I asked people to step up and make sure that my donations stayed at an average of $150 per story for the entire month, and in return I promised to do an audio induction file. Everyone stepped up, everyone was patient while I worked through a cold, and everyone was (I think) happy with the file. I liked pretty much all of the parts of that, and I’m thinking I’d like to do it again.

This time, I thought I might make it a little more interesting, by offering to do an audio file of an induction I haven’t released yet. That does mean you’re going to have to take it kind of sight unseen, unlike “Um…”, but it also means that this is a file that you won’t otherwise get a chance at experiencing for several months even as an Early Bird Patron. I think that might be a fun enticement, and hey – if it’s not, that just means that I won’t record it and we’ll try something different next time.

There is one other caveat, which is that I’m up for a new position in my mundane vanilla pay-the-bills job. If I get it, which is not guaranteed, I’m going to be semi-incommunicado for the month of September. Not completely – I’ll be able to post my usual stuff (I hope) – but enough that in the fortunate event that folks want to give me enough money to make this happen, I will not be able to record it until mid-September at the earliest. It’s definitely something that’ll happen if folks put up the cash, but I know it will be delayed somewhat by circumstances.

So. We’ve got a few weeks for people to do any financial planning they need to, we’re already sitting pretty at $144, let’s see what happens in August!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Jacob’s Word”!

July 5, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Valentine’s Treatment”, teased previously as an Early Bird Reward story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting  “Jacob’s Word” (MC MF MD)!

Cheryl keeps trying to explain the effect that Jacob’s mysterious word has on her, but Doctor Beckham just doesn’t understand. Maybe that’s because what happens when she hears the word seems impossible. Or maybe it’s just that Cheryl has a lot of trouble thinking clearly ever since she heard it the first time. Here’s a taste:

Even though Cheryl came into the office expecting pretty much exactly that response, it nonetheless hurt to hear it. She didn’t even know anymore how many times she’d tried to explain the problem, only to be met with the same bemused condescension. And of course, if she got angry or upset or let any of her frustration show even a little, that only confirmed their snap diagnosis that they were dealing with an ‘irrational’ woman who needed therapy, and not…not…not whatever the fuck she did need. She tried to control her voice as she said, “No. It’s not something a couples counselor can help with. Jacob and I aren’t even a couple.”

Doctor Beckham blinked. He furrowed his brow in such obvious confusion that Cheryl could practically picture the gears grinding inside his skull. “I beg pardon,” he said at last, clearly picking his way through a verbal minefield. “But you said that you lived in this man Jacob’s home. That you were having regular sexual intercourse with him. Is that no longer ongoing, or…?” He trailed into silence, as if unsure which path would take him safely to the end of the sentence and not wanting to risk a misstep.

Cheryl squirmed in what she hoped Doctor Beckham would see as discomfort. Her hand twitched subliminally, a brief flicker of almost imperceptible motion as the words ‘sexual intercourse with him’ triggered a spasmodic urge to masturbate while picturing Jacob’s cock where her fingers were. She forced it aside. “N-no,” she said, staring at the floor so that her long chestnut hair waterfalled over her face and hid her blush. “He’s still fuh…I’m still his…” The heat in her pussy kept building as she struggled frantically to find a way to describe her sex life that didn’t set off any of the suggestions in her head. “It’s still ongoing,” she said at last. “But it’s not. Um. It’s not intentional. It’s the word again.”

Hope you enjoy it!

Liner Notes for June 2018

July 1, 2018

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It’s officially the first of July, and I’m sure you know what that means if you’re a regular reader of my blog – it’s time to look back at last month’s stories and talk a little bit about what made them all happen! Let’s get started, shall we?

Smells Like Teen Spirit: This one started out with a comment from Thrallflower, who mentioned that she had a perfume with an initial scent that she didn’t much care for but that it was amazing during drydown. Being something of a novice to the world of perfume, I asked what that meant, and she explained that perfumes have different components that volatilize at different rates, and some perfumers take advantage of this to create perfumes that actually change their aroma as they dry. I said that gave me an idea for a story, and she encouraged me in my madness.

It should be noted that the specific perfumerie she was talking about, which was used as the general inspiration for Sable Fire, is an outfit called Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Unlike the story, though, they seem to be run by some pretty damn amazing people and not Erik Midnight types at all. I will happily plug them here, although I’ll admit, I was just amused enough by the purple prose of their perfume descriptions to poke a little light fun at them in the finished story (although the best line, “this smells like the comfort of a woolen blanket settled over a litter of sleeping puppies, with a hint of warm oxygen,” was Thrallflower’s and was used with her express permission).

Resistance: This one wound up almost childishly simple – I saw the title, and of course I thought of hypnotic resistance, and then I thought that it had a dual meaning in the sense of electrical resistance, and then I remembered that resistors heat up, and oh my god I just had to do it. It wound up working very well, although I think I got as many compliments for doing a story featuring two women who worked in STEM positions that weren’t reduced to compliant housewives by the end as I did for the seduction scenes. I’m okay with that – I want my characters to feel like they’re taken from all walks of life, not just the stereotypical roles for people in porn. If you’re a woman who’s a scientist or an engineer, you should be able to see yourself in your kink without being made to be ashamed of who you are and what you do without being treated like an anomaly to be ‘fixed’.

And also you should be seduced by lesbians. NO WAIT

Looking Out My Window: This one was inspired by, um… me. No, seriously, I did a Tumblr caption a while back, which came to me when I saw a woman lounging half-nude directly in front of an electric fan and an open window, and it went a little something like this:

She only intended to look for a moment. She knew what had happened to the others; she had seen them, sleepwalking out of the dormitory, wandering into the forest. Caught. Enticed into the darkness. Lost. She swore it would never happen to her.

So at night, she left the windows shut, the curtains drawn. Even if it meant sleeping nude, relying on the electric fan to dry the sweat from her body, she refused to let herself catch even a glimpse of the outside. Every morning there were fewer of them. Every morning she saw the footprints in the mud leading past the broken-down truck that was their only way out, the footprints that she didn’t dare follow. But she would never let it happen to her.

And then it was tonight. And the lights shone through the curtains, bright enough to pierce the thick fabric and dazzle her sleeping eyes. She felt like she couldn’t possibly keep them closed forever. She would look just for a moment. Just long enough to satisfy that tingling itch in the back of her brain, that maddening desire to see what it was that lured away the careless and the unwary in the night.

And now she’s looking. Staring. Caught. Helpless. The faerie lights beckoning her deeper into their beauty. And against her will, her legs are beginning to stir.

I liked the idea of it, the gradual whittling down of the numbers as one by one, they’re drawn out into the forest by the mesmerizing lights, and I found myself thinking back to it and expanding on the scenario with little details like the twisting of time and space to keep them constantly trapped in the one building. When I saw a title that perfectly fit the theme, I decided to expand on it a little. I hope it was enjoyed.

In and Out: One of my major hot buttons, both in fiction and in play, is the idea of sexual pleasure directly functioning as a deepener of trance and obedience. The idea of literally being fucked into trance is so hot to me that when I saw a song actually titled “In and Out”, I knew I was going to make it about someone using sex as a hypnotic induction. And I felt like that restricted me to a consensual encounter, because let’s face it, it is hard not to feel very weird about writing something where someone who is not willing to have sex is made to have sex anyway and then hypnotized to want it. I mean, mind control is a problematic enough fantasy as it is, y’know?

So it was going to be consensual sex, and I decided that consensual hypnosis would work well with that… and again, the fantasies we play around with are problematic enough that I like to do some purely consensual stories from time to time, just to model the idea that yes, you can have your fantasies met without resorting to things that are highly unethical if done in the real world. So I made up Bethany as my “person who wants to try hypnotic sex”, Miranda as my knowledgeable Domme, and just sort of wrote out what kinds of happy things would happen naturally between them.

Spiderwebs: Um, speaking of problematic… this was obviously inspired directly by the No Doubt song, which has all sorts of hot/creepy lyrics for the hypnofetishist like “your words walk right through my ears” and “Now I’m caught in the web you’re spinning” and “Now it’s gone too deep, you wake me in my sleep”. Also a direct inspiration is the element of screening her phone calls to avoid a guy who won’t take no for an answer. The inductionettes that Galen leave all use being tangled in his words as a metaphor primarily because otherwise the title wouldn’t make any sense, but they came pretty easily – there’s some overlap between bondage and hypnosis as fetishes, in terms of induced helplessness, and so the idea of having your thoughts tied and twisted and tangled up feels like a pretty natural start for an induction. For the right person.

And that’s June out of the way–next weekend is going to be very busy for me, so the blog post might be delayed a bit, but I should be back with another entry on Sunday or thereabouts!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Keep an Eye on Summer”!

June 29, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Spiderwebs”, teased moments ago, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting  “Keep an Eye on Summer” (MC FF)!

In the wake of the K’Zarim invasion, the human race has been scattered. Most have been brainwashed into becoming the eager slaves of the invaders, but a few survive based on their wits and cunning. But even for those few, time is running out. And for Summer, it may have run out already. Here’s a taste:

That’s the worst thing about the invasion. It’s not the constant fear of capture or the uncertainty of fleeing from one bolthole to the next, it’s the continual suspicion of everyone around you. Anyone you meet could have been subverted; even the tiniest act of trust could be the one that leads you right into a K’zarim slave camp. I know that some people say that you can tell who’s been brainwashed–we see the graffiti sometimes when we’re out scavenging, telling you to watch out for people with purple eyes or blank smiles or constant, um…arousal. (I don’t even know how you’d check that on another woman, at least not without really obviously giving away that you suspect something.)

But the truth is, you really can’t tell. Beverly didn’t act like an obvious zombie or a mindless slave. I’m not even sure she knew she was under control until she saw the telephone in the abandoned grocery store and realized it worked. I think the people making the graffiti just want to believe that there’s a way to tell ‘them’ from us, when ‘they’ seem just like us. But the only difference is, they’re working to undermine and enslave the human race. The only way to know who’s a traitor is by getting betrayed. It’s no wonder the K’zarim didn’t need an army; distrust and paranoia scattered the human race into easy pickings for them.

Hope you enjoy it!

Sneak Peek: “Spiderwebs”!

June 29, 2018

Over the last few months, I missed a few of my Early Bird Sneak Peeks. So to make up for that, here’s a sneak peek at this week’s story for the EMCSA, “Spiderwebs”! (MC MD MF)

Cynthia had a crazy night at the club last weekend. It got so wild that she doesn’t remember all the details, but she’s pretty sure she gave her number to someone she’s not interested in seeing. So she’s decided to screen all her calls for a little while.

It’s not going to help.

Here’s a taste:


“Hello, Cyndi. This is Galen, from the club. Don’t worry, I’m not hurt at all that you don’t remember me. All that means is that your thoughts got a little tangled up over the course of our conversation. You didn’t wind up getting drunk or embarrassing yourself; you and I just had a nice, long conversation, and over the course of that very pleasant chat, you may have found that you had a little trouble following the thread of that discussion. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“And I just wanted to call and explain what happened, because I thought you might have become just a little bit confused. The club was dark, and you were so tired from all that exhausting dancing, that it did occur to me that you might have just let the sound of my voice wrap you up like a warm, soft, silken blanket and allow yourself zone out for a little while. I didn’t want you to think that was rude, Cyndi. It’s okay that you felt so tired, so drowsy that you lost track of my words and just slipped away into a little mental vacation, a soft place in your mind where time didn’t matter so much. You can do that any time you want, Cyndi. You have my permission to zone out and relax to my voice whenever you hear me speak.

Hope you enjoy it!

A Bit of a Rant

June 27, 2018

(This post has been brought to you by the efforts of my 78 wise and wonderful Patrons! Visit my Patreon page to learn how to become one of them.)

I am, as you may know, a cis white guy. And there’s something I feel like I need to say to cis white guys everywhere. It applies to other groups to a lesser extent as well, but cis white guys (especially cishet white guys) need to hear this.

When you say anything–ANYTHING–about an “Internet witch hunt” or an “Internet lynch mob”, you instantly lose credibility. Depending on who’s speaking and what the topic is, you may lose a little credibility or a lot, but I and many if not most other people (especially non-cishet white guys) instantly write you off as kind of a whiny, entitled jerk. If you want to be taken seriously, you should never ever ever ever ever do this, directly or indirectly. And here’s why.

An actual witch hunt, in the historical sense of the word, was a bunch of cishet white guys making wild and unsubstantiated accusations against women who were gaining economic power in ways that they didn’t like so they would have an excuse to literally torture them to death. An actual lynch mob, in the historical sense of the word, was a bunch of cishet white guys making wild and unsubstantiated accusations against people of color that they didn’t like so they would have an excuse to literally murder them on the spot. (In both cases, accusations and excuses were not always necessary. Sometimes they just skipped straight to the murders.)

Cishet white guys should not be using these terms, or any of the images or ideas associated with them, to describe “many people are upset with a cishet white guy, usually for entirely fucking justifiable reasons directly related to that cishet white guy’s own deliberate conduct, and are expressing their frustrations through the medium of the Internet.” Because a) whoa brother are those not the same thing or even close to it, and b) acting like they are makes it seem like you privilege the hurt feelings of a white dude as equal to (if not more important than) the actual human lives of a woman or a person of color. Frequently when talking to a woman or a person of color.

This is not a good look for you.

It’s especially bad because there are such things that can be given credence as legitimate “Internet lynch mobs”, where large groups of people use social media for constant and brutal harassment of not just the victim, but the victim’s friends and family, frequently doxxing them and targeting them outside of the sphere of social media through threats of murder and rape. I will give you one hint as to the general demographic of these harassers, and one hint as to the demographics of their general targets. When you say that, say, Chris Hardwick is being targeted by an “Internet lynch mob” because some people say, “Gee, I think I believe Chloe Dykstra’s story about their relationship,” I can’t honestly stop you. But man, you don’t want to know how much fucking side-eye Leslie Jones is giving you right now.

Or Kelly Marie Tran. Or Daisy Ridley. Or Zoe Quinn. Or Brianna Wu. Or Anita Sarkeesian. Or…

So yeah. The next time you, as a cishet white dude (or, again, anyone else, but somehow it always seems to be cishet white dudes who reach for this particular analogy) think it might be a great idea to tell someone to “put down the torches” or whatever cutesy analogy you came up with for calming down the supposed angry mob, just put it on pause for a moment and ask yourself this:

Is this person actually advocating physical violence against another human being?

If the answer is “no”, set that analogy right the fuck aside.

This is especially important in the kink community (who will, presumably, be the ones reading this post, unless Google starts doing some fucked up shit) because often, we do need to resort to some form of internal community policing. We can’t go to the cops about a charge of assault and explain that yes, the first time he hit her it was okay because she’d agreed to it, but the second and third times she’d safeworded. The judicial system is just not up to the task of sorting that shit out. (Which sucks, by the way, but I am only doing one rant a day.) So yes, someone who has violated community standards is going to have their situation adjudicated by a group of people who do not follow the same rules of evidence as the American judiciary system, and they will be punished in a way that the community sees fit with no right of appeal. And the calls for justice may be delivered with some degree of impatience (given the understandable frustration with the ways that predators manipulate the trust of community leaders in order to continue hurting others) and the punishments may seem extremely harsh relative to the severity of the offense.

But none of that stuff makes it a witch hunt. None of it makes it a lynch mob. If the only punishment someone gets is “you can never come to our parties ever again”, they are not being fucking lynched. And if you try to describe it in those terms, you are saying that you privilege the feelings of someone who can’t come to a party over the feelings of someone who’s been sexually assaulted. Again, I can’t stop you from doing that. I am not “silencing your free speech”, “suppressing your First Amendment rights”, or whatever the new term you use to describe how fucking oppressed you are for not being able to say whatever you want without fear of criticism. All I can tell you is, when you do say that? I kind of start to tune out everything you say after that. Because in all probability, it’s the same old bullshit I’ve heard before.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Young Gods”!

June 21, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“In and Out”, teased moments ago, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting  “Young Gods” (MC MF FF)!

Mindy’s just done something only a very few people are capable of–she’s willed a god into existence. Her brand-new god was summed by her sheer devotion to something life-changing, world-shattering, more important than anything else in her life prior to that moment. Did I mention Mindy just had her first orgasm? Here’s a taste:

Mindy made a few stammering mumbles about good attendance leading to good grades, and Tamika was kind enough to change the subject. But the thought never really left Mindy’s mind, and three days later when she woke to find Tamika already gone and the Hitachi lying on the bed next to a note that was just a hugely grinning smiley face…well, she couldn’t resist a little curiosity. Just a little. She took the device over to her bed, plugged it in, and flicked the switch to the lowest setting.

It was surprisingly loud, and Mindy immediately turned it off again and gave the door a nervous look. After a few moments passed and the RA failed to come and investigate, she buried herself under the blankets, shoved a pillow down there to muffle the sound even further, and wriggled the Hitachi into place between her thighs. With a deep breath, she switched it on a second time, unsure of what to expect.

It was a religious experience. Literally.

Hope you enjoy it!

Sneak Peek: “In and Out”!

June 21, 2018

Over the last few months, I missed a few of my Early Bird Sneak Peeks. So to make up for that, here’s a sneak peek at this week’s story for the EMCSA, “In and Out”! (MC FF)

Bethany and Miranda have been friends and roommates for a while. But when Miranda levels with Bethany about her kinky side, Bethany decides she wants to experiment a little. And Miranda is happy to indulge her request. Here’s a taste:

“You remember your safeword, don’t you?” Miranda asked, her fingers stroking up and down the shaft of the strap-on. She was lubing it up, Bethany knew, but something about the way her hand slowly, sensuously pumped the fake cock made Bethany’s whole body feel hot and shivery at the same time. She tried to respond, but her heart kept trying to leap out of her throat every time she opened her mouth and she needed to force her stare away from the dildo and onto the wall behind Miranda before she could talk.

“R-red,” she said, hoping that Miranda didn’t take her all-over flush for lack of consent. She wanted to try this; she actually wanted it with an intensity that frightened her a little, like Miranda was showing her something inside herself that she wouldn’t be able to unsee once she’d seen it. But at the same time, her body was kicking out so much adrenaline between the fear and the excitement that she couldn’t stop feeling jittery all over. Her pulse raced, her breath came in shuddering gasps, her stomach churned like she’d just swallowed a whole garden full of butterflies…and to think, Miranda was planning to try to hypnotize her through all this. Bethany almost didn’t believe it could happen.

Miranda certainly seemed confident enough, though. She gave the fake cock another dollop of lube, sliding her hand easily up and down the black plastic as she got it good and slippery. “That’s right,” she said, her voice a husky purr that made Bethany actively shudder. “And you’re going to remember that no matter what happens. No matter how deep you go, that word ‘red’ is always going to be there for you in the back of your head whenever you need to reach out for it, okay, Bethany?”

Hope you enjoy it!