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I Am Thankful

November 27, 2009

About nine years ago…almost exactly nine years ago, in fact…I bought a compilation CD of 80s hits. It was a sheer whim, an impulse purchase based on the fact that the CD had “Whip It” by Devo on there and I hadn’t heard that song in ages. The CD was a fun listen, and somewhere in my brain a connection clicked between the song “She Blinded Me With Science” (“…she’s poetry in motion/when she turns her eyes to me/as deep as any ocean/as sweet as any harmony…”) and my private fetish for erotic mind control. I decided, again on a whim, to try writing a few stories myself, using the songs on the CD as an inspiration. I justified it as a writing exercise, and almost a private joke.


My first story was posted December 2nd, 2000. A few weeks later, as I kept up with the exercise (aided by a local radio station that switched for a while to an all-80s format), I got a piece of fanmail from a woman who seemed friendly, funny, and deeply apprciative of my writing. She mentioned having a boyfriend, but I decided I wanted to get to know Her as a friend because smart, funny people who accept your weird kinks don’t come along every day. Then, a few days later, She mentioned that She also had a girlfriend, and I thought, “Does that mean what I hope it means?”


A couple of months after that, She hypnotized me for the first time, and I couldn’t help myself. I blurted out that She turned me on so bad I couldn’t think of anything else. And She accepted that, too. We met for the first time, a few months later (after what turned into daily phone calls) and it was genuinely love at first sight. (Technically, I suppose, it was genuinely love before first sight.) We had our first date at DragonCon 2001, dancing together to “One Night In Bangkok”, watching “The Lost Boys” while snuggling, and trance-playing in the hallways when nobody was watching.


Last June, She clicked a collar around my wrist for the first time. This February, we exchanged whispered vows to each other in bed at Dark Odyssey. It won’t ever be recognized in a court of law, but as far as we’re concerned, I am one of Her husbands as well as one of Her pets.


My relationship with Lady Ru’etha is a source of constant joy and happiness, and today, when we’re talking about giving thanks, I just want to thank whatever providence steered me to that tiny, silly whim nine years ago. Because so much of the bliss in my life stems from that.

Yet More Memories of DragonCon

September 24, 2009

My apologies for the slight delay in posting; I really do try to put something up every Wednesday, but yesterday just seemed to sort of get away from me. I’m sure Lady Ru’etha will make it up to you all at some point by commanding me to post. 🙂

This is the final entry in the epic trilogy that is my recollections of DragonCon 2009; by now, we’re up to Sunday night, the final evening of the convention. Lady Ru’etha once again hosted a little hypnosis symposium for anyone who had questions or just wanted to experience trance; this one wasn’t as well-attended as Saturday’s, but I don’t think any of the people there minded. Fewer people meant more trance time for the people who wanted it, and a more intimate experience…and no, I don’t mean that sort of “intimate”, although there were a couple of people from Saturday night who got up the nerve to confess that they’d been enjoying hypnosis in a little bit more than a purely relaxing sense.

For myself, I didn’t actually trance that much. For the early part of the night (and I use “early” advisably, we started at 11:30 PM) most of the hypnosis revolved around one person taking center-stage while Lady Ru’etha put them under and everyone else watched. This was just close enough to one of my general squicks, humiliation, that I didn’t feel totally comfortable volunteering. It wasn’t actually humiliating, you understand. Nobody was having anything mean done to them. But something about everyone in the room staring at me while I got hypnotized made me just slightly twitchy. Luckily, Lady Ru’etha made it very clear to everyone, in a polite but firm way, that nobody had to come up who didn’t want to and nobody should pressure anyone.

So for me, a lot of the evening was sitting, chatting, and watching. I answered some questions from people while Lady Ru’etha was trancing other people out (I’m not a formally-trained hypnotist, but as Lady Ru’etha will mention, I’ve picked up a lot from Her over the years.) I watched a little bit of hypnotic fun, as one person was allowed to be a cat for a good fifteen minutes or so (one of their personal fantasies) while another spent some time in Robot Mode (from Lady Ru’etha’s “Robotic Initialization” series, also one of their personal fantasies.) I did have a little time spent in trance, of course. Lady Ru’etha demonstrated Her Voice trigger a few times, and the people who had it installed (all of Her pets, and one or two close friends) dropped like a rock the moment She said, “Voice commands deep trance now.” (She’s putting out a CD of that particular induction very soon. I wonder how many people will drop for Her next year when She says that.)

Once again, it was a very late evening, only this time we had to get up bright and early for the last day of the con. It was emotional, as last days tend to be; we’d all spent almost a full week in each other’s company, but it wasn’t enough. It never is. Lady Ru’etha got to formally place a new collar one of Her pets, who is also one of Her husbands (and he is, whatever the law might say) and She and I tranced each other for about an hour before I had to leave for my flight. (First I tranced Her, then She tranced me. This is where the biting came in, for those of you who remember a few posts back.)

I’m already looking forward to next year.