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Top Five Comic-Book Mind Controllers

September 11, 2011

As I’ve mentioned on occasion, I’m a big fan of comic books and always have been. As I’ve also mentioned on occasion, I’m a firm believer in the notion that a big part of the reason I turned out with the specific fetish I did is because I’m a comic book fan and comics (and sci-fi in general) are absolutely steeped in mind control with sexual connotations. (The corollary to this, BTW, is that a lot more science fiction fans have this fetish than admit to it. This was at least somewhat borne out when my Lady gave a talk on the use of hypnosis to enhance your sex life at an ostensibly straightforward science fiction convention, and the room was absolutely packed.)

But the point is, comics have lotsa mind control. I love mind control. I love comic books. And comic books contain some particularly fine examples of evil mind controllers who do sinister things and plot evil plans…in a way that always seems to imply sex without showing it. So who are the best? Read on!

5. The Mad Hatter. Obviously, he has to make the list. He’s one of the better-known mind controllers, being a solid B-list Batman villain, and there’s something twistedly beautiful about watching someone slip a seemingly innocent hat on their heads and seeing their eyes go into a blank, obedient stare…even though the Mad Hatter never did anything particularly decadent with his victims (which is why he’s only number five; he’s too much a proper Victorian gentleman to ever take advantage of his thralls) he still gets mad props for inspiring that delightful thought, “What could I do with one of those hats?”

4. The Purple Man. For a long time, he could have been much higher on the list. He had mind control powers left, right and center; he appeared in a lot of good stories where blank-eyed people did blank-eyed things at his command; and eventually, he fathered a daughter who became one of the few mind-controlling good guys (the Purple Girl, natch.) But the Brian Michael Bendis decided to write the character’s sexual subtext as actual text, and turned him into a sadistic mind-rapist who deliberately let his victims (such as young superheroine Jessica Jones) know they were being controlled just so that he could enjoy their fear and panic at being helpless. There is a certain strain of MC fetishist who enjoys a controller who’s that sociopathic, but it’s not me. So he’s only Number Four.

3. Poison Ivy. Sure, she’s sexy. Sure, she’s seductive. Sure, she has pheromones that make her irresistible to men (and how come we never see women falling victim to the seductive spell of other women? After all, Everything’s Better With Lesbians!) But there’s this little thing about how everyone she so much as kisses keels over dead. It’s hard to really work up a truly exciting sexual fantasy about a character when all your kinky dreams start with, “And just before I die…” A lot of the mind controllers who didn’t make the list have that same problem (and all the mind controlling vampires, too, although there’s a strong vampkink contingent out there who would no doubt disagree.)

2. Mandrill. On the one hand, he can’t place at the absolute top on this list because I’m a submissive and tend to put myself in the victim’s place in mind control scenarios, and it’s really hard to get interested in the thought of losing my will to a big hairy guy with a blue nose. On the other hand, he’s clearly one of the most overtly sexual mind controllers out there; he always has a harem of beautiful women hanging off his arm, they all talk about how much they love him and want to obey him and are utterly devoted to him, and in recent years it’s been made pretty obvious that his whole “multiple attempts to conquer the world” thing is what he does when he runs out of lube and condoms and needs to kill a little time until he can get to the Walgreen’s. For this alone, he ranks very high on the list, and if I was a hetero top instead of a hetero bottom, he’d rank #1.

1. Enchantress. But I’m a hetero bottom. And the Enchantress is unquestionably the best of the comic book mind controllers. She uses mind control almost exclusively. She enthralls men with her seductive powers and makes them her thralls. And her end goal? Pretty much just to fuck Thor. Sure, she wouldn’t mind unbelievable mystic power and wealth and control of all that which she sees, but that would all be kind of secondary to getting Thor under her power so that she can have as much kinky sex with him as she wants. (Really, when you put it that way, why exactly is Thor working so hard to fight her? These are the kinds of questions that led me to a lifetime of writing mind control fetish porn.)

Top Five Ostensibly Kid’s Stories That Seem Kinky Now (And Kind Of Did Then, Too, But You Were Too Young To Know What Those Feelings Meant)

February 1, 2011

Looking back, the roots of hypno-kink really do start early. Sometimes, it’s things that stuck out in your mind as a kid, absolutely fascinating you even though you didn’t know why they fascinated you and what it meant that you read it with a sort of strange excitement. Until, of course, you grow up and find all the mind-control porn and suddenly find yourself reacting in a way you understand a lot better now. 🙂 Some stand out more than others, but these seem to be the consensus five that every hypno-kinky grown-up recognizes from their dim and distant past:

5. A Wrinkle In Time. As if you need to be told, the relevant scenes here are on Camazotz, the world where everyone does everything in unison, even blinking, because they’re under the control of a giant telepathic brain named “IT”. The sequences where people are described as acting as a perfect synchronized group because they’re all in IT’s thrall, and particularly the scene where Meg struggles against IT’s control, fails, and has to be rescued because her mind is falling under IT’s dominion, well…they’re notable.

4. (tie) “The Masque of Mandragora”/”The Talons of Weng-Chiang”. No sexual context here, but both of these scenes stick out strongly in the minds of anyone hypno-kinky who saw them as kids. In one, the Doctor’s companion Sarah Jane Smith is mesmerized by a swaying pendant, and Lis Sladen did a very good job of acting hypnotized in an absolutely gorgeous way. In the other, a Sinister Hypnotist(tm) with Glowing Eyes(tm) ensnares a young woman and spirits her off to a Terrible Fate (all rights reserved.) Doctor Who loved the hypnosis in general (Roger Delgado spent years hypnotizing people left, right and center) but these two scenes are the champs.

3. The Dark Phoenix Saga. Oh, come on. Jean Grey gets brainwashed into thinking that she’s a debauched 17th century dominatrix as part of a plot to destroy the team? This wasn’t covertly kinky, it was out-and-out softcore porn starring the X-Men. With great art by John Byrne (who drew a very pretty redhead) and great writing by Chris Claremont (who was never afraid to let his MC kink flag fly), this was a defining moment for a generation of geeks. Runners-up, for the curious, involve the Purple Man (who later got a more overt MC kink story in ‘Alias’), the Mandrill and his pheromones that made women fall in love with him, and the Squadron Supreme Behavior Modifier.

2. The Jungle Book. Sure, in retrospect getting squirmy over a scene involving a giant snake and a little boy is deeply shameful. But the glowing, crazy-spiral eyes and the song, “Trust in me…” with all the sibilant esses…it’s hard to deny that this got to you, despite the fact that you have no interest in either of the principals of the sequence. (Although I suspect some wound up with a weird snake fetish and never could figure out exactly what it was that made them seem so sexy…)

1. The Silver Chair. This is really the archetypal “non-sexual but somehow sexual anyway” mind control scene in literature. The beautiful sorceress with her sweet, poisonous charms. The thick, sleepy fog that steals the protagonists’ will. The slow, enticing sapping of the will until the heroes can’t think of any reason why they need to ever disagree with the villainess. The vague, unspecified plans for the heroes that don’t seem to involve death…especially for Prince Rilian, who’s been under the Green Lady’s thrall for an awful long time. How many of us finished the chapter thinking to themselves, “Stupid Puddleglum”? And then thought for years that we were the only ones to think that? (And just think, we’re probably just a few years away from a big-budget screen version of it!)

Any on your list?

Formative Experiences: Lifeforce

May 20, 2010

I actually wasn’t sure what to write here yesterday, which is my usual day to post, but last night at work I was reading a book about science-fiction movies and it mentioned the film “Lifeforce”, directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Dan O’Bannon and Don Jakoby, and it reminded me of the film.

Does anyone else remember this movie? I know I don’t. I remember the fact that Mathilda May, the main villain, wanders around absolutely stark nude and gazes mesmerically into men’s eyes until they’re helplessly drawn to kiss her, at which point she drains out their life-force. Beyond that, I don’t think I could tell you a damn thing about it. It has Patrick freaking Stewart in it and I don’t even remember what part he played–that’s how naked Mathilda May is. She makes you forget Patrick Stewart.

I won’t say it’s a great film…after Mathilda May stops being naked, there’s a long lull before the apocalyptic conclusion (which, to be honest, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.) But seriously, this one gave my still-baking libido some serious twists that made me the kinky person I am today. Worth watching. (But, um…not the edited-for-television version. Trust me on this.)

Formative Experiences: Vampire At Midnight

April 30, 2010

Sometimes, it seems like my fascination with hypnosis and mind control was always there, and it was just waiting for someone to tell me why I was interested in it. Like the concept was a great big machine I’d been building my whole life, just waiting for the power supply to set it going…said power supply being, of course, “You know you can use this for sex, right?” (For the record, RC’s “Jewelry Store” was the story that first plugged me into the outlet, as it were.)

This is by way of introduction to the movie, “Vampire At Midnight”, which I saw on television (probably on the USA Network, back when they had Glibert Gottfried hosting endless weekend movie marathons) and have never forgotten. It’s a movie about a sinister hypnotherapist who slowly and methodically enthralls women, marking his possessions/victims-to-be by giving them ruby necklaces that serve (if I recall correctly) as hypnotic foci/anchors as well. Once he’s sufficiently eroded their resistance, he kills them and drinks their blood. (Because as in just about all mainstream movies featuring mind control, sex is frequently involved, but is never an end in and of itself. The hypnotist always has some sort of ulterior motive, either murder or money, because nobody would ever just want to have lots of sex with a willing slaveboy/slavegirl. That’d be weird.)

The plot centers around a police detective who suspects the hypnotist, and his efforts to determine whether the guy is just a crazy serial killer who likes to drink blood, or whether there’s a supernatural explanation behind it all. (I will not spoil, even though the movie’s not available on DVD, because there’s an off-chance you might see it someday and the “Is he really a vampire or isn’t he?” question is pretty much the center of the film.) Whether he is or isn’t, there’s a lot of long, lingering hypnosis in this, as the hero tries to save a young, beautiful concert pianist from slowly falling under the villain’s hypnotic spell. Very yummy, and worth tracking down if you can. Even at the time, before it had really clicked for me that this was sexy, this was sexy. 🙂

Formative Experiences: Chris Claremont and John Byrne

March 17, 2010

It’s actually something of a running gag of mine that Chris Claremont reads my stories and even follows my blog every week; he’s just afraid to admit how much of a mind-control fetishist he clearly is. 🙂 And he’s managed to pass the meme on quite effectively over his time as a comics writer and artist, as has his sometime-collaborator and sometime-very-much-not-so John Byrne. (For those of you very much into the hypnosis and not so much into the comics, Byrne has what seems to be an entirely one-sided feud with his former X-Men collaborator, based on differing opinions of how to handle the characters during their run together…and on the fact that Claremont stayed on the book for twelve years after Byrne left, ensuring that his vision wound up being the definitive one.)

To list the various hypnosis, brainwashing, and general mind-control storylines of these two authors would probably take ages. Name a female comics character, Marvel or DC, and if they’ve had the chance, they’ve had her brainwashed. Tigra wore a mind-control collar in Marvel Team-Up, the Invisible Woman was brainwashed into becoming Malice, Mistress of Hate (complete with leather fetish gear outfit), Colleen Wing got mindwiped into a harem girl, and as for the X-Men…sheesh, who hasn’t been brainwashed? Psylocke wound up being turned into a sexy assassin, Kitty Pryde was transformed into a sexy ninja, Rogue got enthralled by Brood pheromones, Storm got hypnotized by Dracula…

But of course, the most famous of all the X-MC storylines was the Dark Phoenix Saga, which pretty much tied up every single one of the duo’s kinks into one package. At the time, Jean Grey’s telekinesis had been ramped up to nigh-godly levels of power, making her one of the most powerful super-heroes on Earth. But over the course of several issues, she started having flashbacks to a past life in the 1800s, one where she was a decadent and wealthy wife to a powerful land-owner named Jason Wyngarde. The flashbacks grew more frequent and more intense as time went by, until eventually she lost herself to them completely.

But in fact, the “past life” never existed. The illusion-caster known as Mastermind, with the help of the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, was projecting his thoughts into her mind. When she thought she was indulging in a kinky, debauched lifestyle with her collection of slaves, she was actually beating the crap out of her fellow X-Men…while wearing a black leather bustier, to boot. The number of young minds warped by this story have to measure in the tens of thousands. 🙂

Eventually, of course, the X-Men broke her free, but she went berserk as the dark side of her personality was unleashed by the temptations Jason had offered her. Lots of stuff happened, but most of it has been retconned, so even if I wanted to offer spoilers, it wouldn’t make much sense to anyone who doesn’t have a yen for the bizarre convolutions that comic-book history can take. Suffice to say that it turned out never to have really been Jean Grey to begin with. Oh, and that she wound up getting cloned and the clone got corrupted by demonic magic into becoming the Goblyn Queen, who wore a skin-tight body-stocking with lots of bits missing. Not that Claremont has a fetish or anything.

The two of them have also done some work in prose; John Byrne’s “Whipping Boy”, though out of print, is pretty easy to find and is one long, almost-non-stop mind control fetish fest. I remember reading it during puberty…remember it quite vividly, actually.

So if you’re reading this, Chris and John…thanks for making me the writer I am today. And don’t worry, you don’t need to leave a comment. 🙂

Formative Experiences: Jack Chalker

January 13, 2010

I might have used this opening line before, but it’s pretty common when mind-control fetishists get together to have the question come up (I almost feel like I should call it “The Question”…but then you’d think I was talking about Renee Montoya…) “How did you get into this kink?”

There are a lot of answers, almost as many as there are sci-fi and fantasy series. I do think the two go hand in hand; explicit sexuality in the “cult” genre (SF, fantasy, comics, et cetera) is usually sublimated into “control”. You never actually say that Dark Phoenix is much better in the sack than Marvel Girl ever was, you just imply it through having her mind-controlled into wearing skimpy outfits and behaving more generally “outrageously”. And so people who grow up reading this stuff pick up the subtext, and wind up associating sex with control, particularly mind control.

One of the big sci-fi authors to go ahead and make this implicit link explicit was Jack Chalker, author of sci-fi series like ‘Rings of the Master’, the ‘Well World’ saga, and ‘Four Lords of the Diamond’. His series featured plenty of sex (a lot more than I realized when I bought my first Chalker book as a 7th grader, and almost certainly a lot more than my parents realized as well.) But the sex was linked with mind control…or rather, the mind control was linked with sex. Chalker openly had his characters do things with their mind-controlled slaves that other writers only hinted at.

And wow, did he ever. One character in ‘The Rings of the Master’ was physically altered so that her hormone balance would only stabilize during pregnancy…she’d become a sex-crazed nymphomaniac until she got pregnant, and then come to her senses for nine months or so until the kid came along. Another, in ‘Four Lords of the Diamond’, was captured and turned into a sex slave by the villain of the piece…with, of course, a little twist that I won’t reveal, just in case anyone reads these on my recommendation. 🙂 And in the ‘Well World’ saga, as the villain remakes himself as the perfect physical specimen, he takes extra time to make sure that his new body is capable of unlimited orgasms. Because honestly, who wouldn’t?

Chalker’s stories were never “high literature”, but they were always consistently entertaining, even the bits that didn’t involve sex. And there’s no question that reading his books right around the time I hit puberty is one of the reasons I wound up the way I did. On any map of “The Way to the MC Fetish”, he’s got to be a prominent waypost.